6 Personal Loan in UAE for Non-Listed Companies

Are you an entrepreneur or a professional working for a non-listed company in the UAE? Do you need financial support to realize your dreams, cover unexpected expenses, or invest in opportunities? You’re in luck! Financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates are now offering personal loans tailored specifically for individuals like you, even if your company isn’t listed. Say goodbye to past rejections and hello to a world of possibilities with personal loans designed to empower non-listed company employees.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the world of personal loans for non-listed companies in the UAE. We’ll explore the available options, interest rates, eligibility criteria, and the documents you need to get started on your journey towards financial stability. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, where your financial dreams can become a reality!

Before we delve into the details, let’s get a clear understanding of what personal loans for non-listed companies in the UAE are all about.

What Are Personal Loans for Non-Listed Companies?

Personal loans for non-listed companies are financial products designed to provide individuals working in organizations that aren’t publicly listed with access to funds. These loans are ideal for self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and employees of non-listed companies who may have faced difficulties in obtaining financing through traditional means.

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The Key Benefits of Personal Loans for Non-Listed Companies

When considering a personal loan for non-listed companies, you’ll discover a range of benefits that can significantly impact your financial journey.

  1. Access to Substantial Funds: These loans can provide you with access to substantial amounts of money, with some banks offering up to AED 5 million.
  2. Flexible Repayment Terms: You can enjoy a flexible repayment period of up to 4 years, allowing you to tailor your loan to your financial capacity.
  3. Low Minimum Monthly Income: The minimum monthly income requirement is typically AED 5,000, making these loans accessible to a wide range of individuals.
  4. Competitive Interest Rates: Interest rates vary but can be as low as 5%, helping you save money over the life of your loan.
  5. Additional Benefits: Many banks offer enticing perks such as complimentary debit cards, bank accounts, a 7-day return option, and double insurance coverage.

Now that you understand the advantages, let’s explore the available options and the banks that are making these personal loans for non-listed companies a reality.

Your Loan Options: Top Banks in the UAE

Several prominent banks in the UAE are committed to helping non-listed company employees secure personal loans. Each of these banks offers unique terms, interest rates, and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at your options:

1. ADCB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals

ADCB takes the lead with its impressive offer, allowing you to borrow up to 20 times your salary. With a competitive interest rate of just 5%, this loan can be a game-changer for your financial goals.

  • Maximum Loan Amount: 20 times your salary
  • Loan Tenure: 4 years
  • Interest Rate: 5%
  • Key Benefits: Competitive interest rates, substantial loan amounts, overdraft, and credit life insurance.

2. Emirates NBD Personal Cash Loan

Emirates NBD is another prominent player in the personal loan arena, offering a substantial loan amount of AED 500,000 at an attractive interest rate of 8.99%. This loan is an excellent choice for non-listed company employees looking for financial support.

  • Maximum Loan Amount: AED 500,000
  • Loan Tenure: 4 years
  • Interest Rate: 8.99%
  • Key Benefits: Accessible to non-listed company employees, attractive loan amounts, and competitive interest rates.
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3. Emirates NBD Self-Employed Personal Loan

  • Minimum Salary Requirement: AED 20,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: AED 300,000
  • Loan Tenure: 4 years
  • Interest Rate: 18.99%
  • Key Benefits: Designed for self-employed professionals, offering substantial loan amounts.

4. FAB Islamic Personal Finance

FAB Islamic stands out by providing loans to both UAE Nationals and expats, with a maximum loan amount of AED 5,000,000. Moreover, it offers a unique 90-day grace period for the first installment, providing borrowers with some breathing room.

  • Minimum Salary Requirement: AED 10,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: AED 5,000,000
  • Grace Period: 90 days for the first installment
  • Key Benefits: Generous loan amounts, a grace period for the first installment, and minimal paperwork.

5. Mashreq Bank Personal Loan for Expats

Mashreq Bank caters to expatriates in the UAE with its Personal Loan for Expats. Whether you work for a non-listed or listed company, you can access loans of up to AED 1,000,000. The competitive interest rates and quick approval process make this loan a popular choice.

  • Minimum Salary Requirement: AED 10,000 for non-listed company employees
  • Maximum Loan Amount: AED 1,000,000
  • Key Benefits: Quick approval, competitive interest rates, and accessible to salaried expats in the UAE.

6. Mashreq Bank Employer/New to UAE Loan

Mashreq Bank recognizes the unique needs of self-employed professionals and offers a tailored loan with a maximum amount of AED 300,000. While the interest rate is slightly higher at 18.99%, it can still be a viable option for those who meet the income requirements.

  • Minimum Salary Requirement: AED 10,000 for non-listed company employees
  • Maximum Loan Amount: AED 150,000
  • Key Benefits: Ideal for individuals who have recently moved to the UAE or changed jobs, with flexible repayment options.

Eligibility Criteria: Are You Eligible for a Personal Loan in the UAE?

Now that you know your options, let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for securing a personal loan for non-listed companies in the UAE. Meeting these criteria is crucial for a successful loan application:

Age Considerations

  • Applicants are typically required to be between 21 and 60 years old, although some exceptions exist for Emirati expats up to 65 years old.
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Income Requirements

  • The minimum monthly income requirement is usually AED 5,000, but this can vary from bank to bank. Non-listed company employees may have slightly higher income requirements.

Work Experience

  • Your work experience plays a significant role in eligibility. More extended work experience enhances your chances of approval.

Credit History and Score

  • A positive credit history and a high credit score are crucial for securing a personal loan in the UAE. Banks use this information to assess your creditworthiness.

Required Documents: What You Need to Apply

To streamline your personal loan application process, you’ll need to prepare a set of essential documents. These documents help banks verify your identity and financial capacity. While the specific requirements may vary, here’s a general list of documents you should have ready:

  1. Completed Application Form: Start by filling out the bank’s application form accurately.
  2. Identification and Address Proofs: Provide valid identification documents such as your passport, Emirates ID, and proof of address (like a utility bill or tenancy contract).
  3. Bank Statements: Typically, banks require your recent bank statements to assess your financial health.
  4. Salary Transfer Certificate: Some banks may request a salary transfer certificate from your employer, confirming your income.

Remember that document requirements may change over time, so it’s essential to check with your chosen bank for the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a personal loan in the UAE if my company isn’t listed?

Absolutely! Many UAE banks now offer personal loans tailored for non-listed company employees.

What is the maximum loan amount I can get?

The maximum loan amount varies from bank to bank but can go as high as AED 5 million.

Are there any perks associated with these loans?

Yes, many personal loans for non-listed companies come with perks like complimentary debit cards, bank accounts, and travel insurance.

How do I calculate my personal loan EMI?

Calculating your personal loan EMI is easy using online tools provided by most banks. Simply enter your loan amount, interest rate, and tenure to get an estimate.

Can my company become listed to improve my loan eligibility?

Companies can become listed by meeting specific lender criteria like establishment years, revenue, and employee count. However, it’s not necessary to become listed to secure a personal loan.

Conclusion: Unlocking Financial Freedom

In the vibrant landscape of the UAE, personal loans for non-listed companies have emerged as a powerful tool for individuals seeking financial support. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a self-employed professional, or an employee of a non-listed company, the doors to financial freedom are wide open.

With a range of banks offering competitive terms, substantial loan amounts, and flexible repayment options, you have the opportunity to achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and secure your financial future. Don’t let your company’s listing status hold you back. Explore the options, meet the eligibility criteria, gather the required documents, and take that exciting step towards securing your personal loan in the UAE for non-listed companies. Your financial journey begins now!


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