Games Get Stuck At ‘Queued For Download As Bug Hit Sony PS5

Games Get Stuck At ‘Queued For Download As Bug Hit Sony PS5

Sony’s recently released game console, PlayStation 5, has been affected by a bug that prevents the smooth download of games and applications. This download error is reflected in the message “Waiting to download” or the error status every time a user tries to download. For now, the only solution is to reset the console to factory settings.

The error has occurred by multiple console users and is reported when the console is configured for the first download. It reports an error downloading or that the game or application the user wants to download shows the message: Queue to download. Both notifications provide a message to check the Downloads menu, which remains empty.

As a result of this download error, the console freezes and is temporarily demobilized during the download. A checkmark in the PS5 library will show that the user owns the game/app, while the PS5 Store will still say that the user has not purchased the app/game yet.

Some of the popular games affected by these download errors include Godfall, Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (the previous version of PS4 downloaded without any issues), and the Disney + app.

According to reports so far, the download errors only related to games and apps specific to the PS5.

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Sony has not yet released a statement on the matter. But the Activision publisher from Call of Duty recommends a factory reset for any user who encounters this error. This solved the problem for many of the users. Of course, doing a factory reset will erase the console, meaning you’ll have to download the games again and play all over again. For now, however, this seems like the only way to fix the problem.