How Long Do You Have To Declare Points For Insurance

How Long Do You Have To Declare Points For Insurance

How long do you have to declare points for insurance? According to the Road Traffic Act 1998, when applying for car insurance, you must pass on any penalty points on your driver’s license to your insurance company. Both current and future insurers should be aware of any traffic violations as they could affect your quote.

How does the penalty point system work in the UK?

Penalties or driver’s licenses are awarded when drivers are caught committing a traffic offence.

In most cases, if you are caught committing a crime, you will be awarded points on your license. The type of crime you commit affects how many points you get on your license, as well as how long they stay on your license. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, you may also need to go to court.

If you are caught speeding, you may be allowed to take a speed awareness course to avoid penalty points. Speeding is the only crime that has this option. However, if you are caught speeding again within three years of the first offence, you must accept the penalty points.

What Counts As A Driving Conviction?

Various driving violations can get you in trouble. Some of the most common car violations include:

  • Driving too fast
  • Driving without insurance
  • Dangerous driving
  • Careless driving (for example, using a mobile phone)
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How Long Do You Have To Declare Points For Insurance?

How long do you have to declare points for insurance? You are required by law to inform insurance companies if you have points on your license before receiving a quote. Points are usually listed on your license for four years. However, this depends on driving beliefs. Some driver’s licenses, such as some alcohol and drug-related offences, will not expire for 11 years.

You can refer to our article on driver’s licenses and conviction codes to understand exactly how long points for a specific driving offence will remain on your driver’s license.

If you try to make a claim but have not declared your points to the insurer, the insurer may deny you the right to compensation for your loss.

You don’t have to declare points after you’ve spent them, even if you’re prompted to do so.

How do penalty points affect my insurance quote?

Since insurance companies set their premiums based on risk, i.e. how likely you are to make a claim, having points on your license can affect your quote. Driving notes will increase your perceived risk. The same can be true if you have criminal convictions.

It can even be difficult to get car insurance with points on your driver’s license or certain non-driving convictions, as some companies won’t provide them to you.

How Many Points For Speed And Other Violations?

The number of points you get depends on your specific offence. Speeding can result in 3 to 6 penalty points. You can get up to 10 points on your driver’s license if you don’t stop after an accident. And if you drive ‘carelessly’, for example with a mobile phone, you can get up to nine points on your driver’s license.

You will find a comprehensive guide to various offences and their associated penalties on the Gov.UK site.

Is the declaration of penalty points automatic?

Some insurance companies will ask you if you have points on your driver’s license or how many points you have. It is your responsibility to give them an honest answer. If you don’t know how many driver’s licenses you’ve had or aren’t sure how many points you’ve accumulated, the DVLA can check the points on your driver’s license upon request. You can also use an online tool on the government website to verify your enrollment. For this, you need your driver’s license number, BSN number and the zip code on your driver’s license.

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However, some insurers automatically verify your points with the DVLA, meaning you don’t have to declare your points manually.

Insurers need to know your approvals before offering you a quote so they know how to set the price.

What Happens If You Do Not Tell Your Insurer About The Points On Your Licence?

If you do not notify your insurance company of the points on your license, they may cancel your policy. After this, you will struggle to find someone to insure you. When you purchase a new insurance policy, you will probably be asked if you have ever cancelled a policy. This is a huge red flag for insurers. Don’t make it harder for yourself to get the insurance you need!

And don’t be tempted to give your insurer false or misleading information. This is fraudulent behaviour that can get you in a lot of trouble, including cancelling your insurance and all the trouble that comes with it.

The risks of not reporting points to your insurer are too great. It is in your best interest to notify your insurer within days of receiving your ticket and to be open and honest.

The price you pay is a higher insurance premium. Think of it as an extra incentive to drive more safely in the future!

What Are The Consequences Of Not Declaring Points?

Failure to report your points to your insurance company may void your coverage. If you make a claim, your insurer may choose not to pay, incurring some very expensive charges. In addition, if you drive without valid insurance, you can get extra points on your driver’s license and be prosecuted.

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Note: once you have spent your points, you no longer need to declare them.

What happens if I declare a completed conviction to my insurer?

Under the Offenders Rehabilitation Act, while some convictions will remain on your license for 11 years, transfer offence approvals wear out after five years. After five years, you no longer need to report these points to your insurer, because the rehabilitation period is over.

Will issued convictions affect my insurance policy?

New. While insurers may ask for points spent, it is illegal for points spent to influence the price of your coverage from a company.

Do I have to declare points for a temporary car insurance policy?

Yes, you have to declare points for a term life insurance policy, just like when taking out a continuous car insurance policy. Policy providers will evaluate your risk factors, including driving recommendations when offering coverage for a longer period.

How Many Penalties For Suspending A License?

You cannot collect unlimited penalty points. If you get 12 penalty points or more on your driver’s license within three years, you can be banned from driving for at least six months. You will probably have to apply for a permit and also take another test.

And that’s what penalty points are all about. They indicate how safe and reliable you are as a driver. The more points you have on your driver’s license, the more responsibility you have for yourself and other road users. That is why drivers who accumulate too many points may be disqualified from driving. Taking these drivers off the road and requiring them to undergo further training is safer for everyone.

If you are a high-risk driver, you should expect to pay more for auto insurance. That’s why you should inform your auto insurers about the points you earn on your driver’s license.


Sometimes points remain on your license from the day of the violation. But sometimes they remain on your driver’s license from the day of your conviction. There can be quite a distance between these two days.

When reporting your license points to your insurer, make sure you know what day to release them. At the end of the term, your insurer will reconsider your premium. So if you tell them the wrong day, you may end up paying a higher premium for longer than necessary!

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