Does Woolworths Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage – Woolworths Car Insurance Review

Woolworths gives a multiple choice because, depending on your need, you can insure your car for either its agreed value or market value. But does Woolworths car insurance cover hail damage?

Does Woolworths Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Because hailstorms can occur at any time of year, it’s critical to know if your auto insurance covers any damage from these storms. The Insurance Council of Australia estimated that claims from the hailstorms in January 2020 in the ACT, Victoria, and NSW totaled close to $700 million, demonstrating the extent of the harm that a significant hailstorm can do to property, including vehicles.

Contrary to popular belief, not all auto insurance policies include coverage for hail damage. Products like Third Party Property Damage are made to protect other cars or third-party property if your vehicle inadvertently damages them. We’ve outlined each Woolworths Car Insurance package to demonstrate which ones cover hail damage so you can better understand the many coverage alternatives that might be appropriate for how you drive your car:

  • Comprehensive: Yes
  • Drive Less Pay Less: Yes
  • Third Party Fire & Theft: No
  • Third Party Property Damage: No

What distinguishes Drive Less, Pay Less, and Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Drive Less Pay Less is a comprehensive insurance policy with a reduced cost that lets you pay for the miles you drive. Therefore, if you meet the coverage requirements and don’t drive frequently, this may be the option for you.

It would help if you chose a “start odometer reading” at the start of your Drive Less Pay Less policy. The number of kilometres you intend to drive over the insurance period will determine your “end odometer reading.” Your “end odometer reading” is always up to date.

It’s crucial to be aware that if you alter the “end odometer reading,” your premium may vary. We’ll adjust your premium as necessary. Please be aware that you will be required to pay an additional Outside Odometer Reading over $1,000 if you file a claim outside the “end odometer reading” or under the “start odometer reading” indicated on your Certificate of Insurance. You get unlimited miles of coverage with Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance.

What Happens If Your Car Has Hail Damage When You Have Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance?

If hail strikes your car during a storm, Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance will help. Check for hail damage after the storm has gone, and it is safe to inspect your vehicle. You can file a claim with Woolworths Car Insurance if your car has been damaged by hail by visiting their website or calling 1300 10 1234.

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After you’ve filed your claim, an authorized repairer must inspect your car. We may set up assessment centres in several neighbourhoods with widespread hail damage so that you can schedule an appointment to check your vehicle.

What Does Woolworths Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

What does Woolworths comprehensive insurance cover? Woolworths Insurance offers several types of auto insurance at the time of writing, including comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, and third-party property damage.

Here is our guide to the many types of auto insurance in case you need clarification about whether one is best for you or would need more details on the distinctions between the various levels of protection.

Here is more information on Woolworths Insurance’s comprehensive auto insurance options.

Comprehensive Car Insurance From Woolworths Insurance

According to information provided by Woolworths Insurance, its comprehensive car insurance product is intended for customers who want to protect their vehicles from accidental loss or damage brought on by a collision, a natural disaster, fire, theft, attempted theft, or malicious damage by others, as well as liability for loss or damage to other people’s property if the driver is at fault.

For eligible policyholders, Woolworths Insurance promises to supply a new replacement car if yours is written off as long as it is two years or less after the registration date. Along with covering you against theft and vandalism, they also offer coverage for damage to another person’s automobile or property up to $20 million.

Other characteristics include:

  • The harm caused by extreme weather conditions
  • Valuables presented in your vehicle when an event occurred
  • Towing
  • Replacement of car keys and locks
  • Caravans or trailers
  • Emergency transportation and lodging
  • Necessary corrections
  • Transit accidents
  • Other drivers’ or passengers’ fault for the damage

Additionally, clients have the opportunity to add on the following extra features for a fee:

  • Free-standing windscreen cover
  • Hire car insurance
  • Roadside assistance

Woolworths Insurance also provides a comprehensive coverage option called Drive Less Pay Less, where the premium (cost) is determined by the number of kilometres you intend to travel. If you drive 15,000 km or fewer in a year, the provider states that you may also be eligible for a premium discount.

Excesses, conditions, and value limitations all apply. Before enrolling, reviewing the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provided by Woolworths Insurance is a good idea.

What advantages does Woolworths automobile insurance provide?

The built-in features listed below are protected if a car owner purchases Comprehensive Car Insurance. Woolworths will fund these benefits.

  1. New in place of the outdated. Woolworths will replace the old car with a new one if it is declared a total loss within two years of registration if you are the original registered owner. Depending on the car’s market worth, this replacement would be of the same or a similar make and model.
  2. Pay Less and Drive Less. You can reduce the cost of your comprehensive insurance by paying less if you drive no more than 15,000 kilometres annually. Provide Woolies with your car’s odometer reading once a year.
  3. Towing. The cost of towing the damaged car to the nearest secure or safe location is covered by insurance.
  4. Cover for trailers and RVs. For loss or damage to a caravan or trailer connected to the vehicle at the time of the accident, Woolworths will pay up to $1,000. If another insurance company insures the trailer or caravan, it will not be protected.
  5. Necessary repairs. The insurance covers up to $500 for any necessary repairs that could be required following an accident. Certain repairs need to be completed to make the car safe and suitable for the road.
  6. Private property. The insurance policy will pay for any personal property damaged in the accident up to a maximum of $500. Mobile phones, iPods, game consoles, cameras, musical instruments, laptops, tools, equipment, checks, cash, documents, and items within the caravan or trailer are all excluded from coverage.
  7. Prams and child safety seats. Compensation of up to $500 will be provided if child seats, strollers, and baby capsules are damaged following an accident.
  8. Costs of emergency travel and lodging. The insurance will cover up to $500 in travel or hotel expenses if the car cannot be driven and the owner is more than 200 kilometres from home.
  9. Keys and locks. If the car keys are stolen, Woolworths will cover the cost of new locks and replacement keys up to a maximum of $1,000. Only if the car owner reports the theft to the police and the key thief is not a family member or someone who resides with the car owner is this sum owed.
  10. Transit insurance. Any loss or damage incurred by the vehicle during loading or unloading within Australia is covered by Woolworths auto insurance. Rail, ship, air, or road transportation are all viable options.
  11. Extension benefits for uninsured drivers. Suppose a car owner carries third-party property damage insurance, and their vehicle is involved in an accident brought on by an uninsured driver. In that case, their insurance will cover up to $3,000 in repair and towing expenses. The car owner must meet specific requirements to receive this advantage.
  12. Replace with automobile benefit. Woolworths car insurance will provide Third Party Property Damage coverage for the substitute automobile. In contrast, the owner’s car is being repaired if the vehicle cannot be driven and the owner has an accident while driving an uninsured but registered replacement car. information button
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Woolworths Car Insurance Underwriter?

Woolworths is mostly recognized as a chain of grocers for everyday needs in Australia. Following the establishment of Woolworths Money in 2008, Woolworths Insurance was established in 2011.

One of the biggest insurers in Australia, The Hollard Insurance Company, underwrites the products of Woolworths Insurance.

How Do I Make A Woolworths Auto Insurance Application?

  • Choose the cover that best suits your needs by comparing the various alternatives.
  • You must be 25 years old to qualify for the Price Beat promotion. In addition, you must switch to similar comprehensive auto insurance from a different company within one month of your policy’s renewal date.
  • To maximize your rewards, enter your Woolworths Rewards membership information if applicable.

Get a quote online when you’ve selected the coverage you want, and double-check that you understand all the pertinent terms and conditions. You’ll need these things to get a quote:

  • With a commencement date for the policy. Choose today’s date in the supplied box if you want to switch immediately.
  • Information on driver’s licenses and vehicle registration
  • Information about your driving habits so woolworths may tailor your policy and determine whether you qualify for the drive less, pay less perk.
  • Information on the brand and model of your car
  • Pertinent personal data, including name and address
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What Distinguishes Woolworths Auto Insurance?

There are a variety of reasons to think about purchasing Woolworths Car Insurance;

  • Pay Less and Drive Less. If you drive less than the average person in your age and postcode, you can benefit from choosing the Drive Less Pay Less option. With this option, drivers may decide how many kilometres they will travel annually and can increase this number if necessary, which results in excellent savings.
  • Reduced cost. Woollies promised to “price beat against any current equivalent comprehensive renewal notice,” according to Finder.
  • Savings for online applications. Want to buy your car cover for even less money? Occasionally, Woolworths will give customers discounts on newly purchased online auto insurance coverage.
  • Product selection. The organization provides all-inclusive auto insurance, which ensures coverage for various risks like fire, theft, and unintentional damage. If you are the first registered owner, comprehensive insurance includes a new or old range for up to 24 months as one of the additional policy options. Any person driving the car with your permission will be covered by Woolworths Third Party Property Insurance, which covers damage to other people’s property.

Common Questions Regarding Woolworths Auto Insurance

Who is the underwriter for Woolworths auto insurance?

The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd underwrites Woolworths (AR No. 24 54 76). (AFSL 24 14 36).

What about Woolworths auto insurance?

There are two features in particular with Woolworths that can make their auto insurance stand out:

  • If you drive a little, this can be an extremely useful alternative to search for. Drive less, pay less comprehensive cover.
  • Price matching offers – Price matching offers often have a hard-to-beat value for the money.
  • If the cover fits your demands, it could be worthwhile to seek a quote or request that Woolworths match the price.

How do I establish a claim?

Call 1300 10 1234 to speak with the Woolworths claims team.

Obtain the other driver’s: If you were in an accident, make sure you received their:

  • Name and address in full
  • The registration number for a car
  • the number on a driver’s license

How can I get rid of my Woolworths auto insurance policy?

Anytime you choose, you can revoke your cover.

You will only be a refund if you’re making monthly premium payments.

If you pay premiums annually, you are entitled to a refund of any unused portion, less any applicable taxes and the cancellation fee.

Who Owns Woolworths Car Insurance

Who owns Woolworths car insurance? Hollard,the AFSL number is 241436. Hollard provides customers with various insurance policy options, some of which are branded with the “Woolworths Insurance” name. Hollard specifically provides Home and Contents Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Pet Insurance under the Woolworths Insurance brand.

Conclusion – Is Woolworths Insurance Any Good?

Is Woolworths Insurance Any Good? With a creative underwriter, Woolworths may provide inventive deals you would have trouble finding elsewhere, including price matching comparable comprehensive auto insurance renewal. Woolworths offers a wide range of insurance, from basic to comprehensive, so most drivers can get the protection they require.

The claims staff at Woolworths is accessible around-the-clock to help you in case of a claim. Even if you don’t drive very much, you can benefit from Drive Less Pay Less coverage for the peace of mind of comprehensive auto insurance. You could be entitled to a discount if you drive less than the typical Australian.

Thanks to optional extras and flexible protection options, you can customize Woolworths car insurance coverage to better suit your needs.


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