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Empowering Financial Inclusion: Exploring Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank plays a vital role in fostering financial inclusion and providing accessible financial solutions to individuals and small businesses in Nigeria. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the operations, services, and key aspects of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank. From its branch network and loan offerings to the meaning of mutual trust and the dedicated team behind the bank, we will explore the various facets of this institution. Whether you’re seeking information about the bank’s branches, loan facilities, customer care, or recruitment opportunities, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank.

Unpacking the Meaning of Mutual Trust

The term “mutual trust” holds significant importance in the context of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank. At its core, mutual trust refers to the establishment of a strong bond and reliance between the bank and its customers. It signifies the belief that the bank will operate with transparency, integrity, and a genuine commitment to the financial welfare of its customers. The mutual trust serves as the foundation of the bank’s relationship with its customers, fostering an environment of trustworthiness, dependability, and mutual benefit.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank: A Customer-Centric Institution

At the heart of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank lies its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Founded in 2012, the bank has since carved a niche for itself in the Nigerian microfinance landscape, providing fast and flexible loans with attractive interest rates. With a specialization in catering to salary earners, microcredit seekers, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the bank has positioned itself as a reliable partner for those seeking financial support and growth opportunities.

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An Expanding Branch Network

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank has been expanding its branch network to ensure convenient access to its services for customers across Nigeria. Although the exact number of branches is not readily available from the provided search results, the bank has established a strong presence in key locations, including Abuja and Lagos. These branches serve as physical touchpoints where customers can access a range of financial services, seek assistance, and conduct their banking transactions. The bank’s commitment to establishing branches in strategic locations reflects its dedication to enhancing financial accessibility for individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

Loan Facilities for Salary Earners

One of the key offerings of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank is its loan facilities targeted specifically at salary earners. The bank understands the financial needs and challenges faced by this group and has designed loan products to cater to their requirements. Through easy loan application processes, fast approvals, and flexible repayment plans, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank aims to provide convenient and timely access to funds for salary earners. This commitment to supporting individuals’ financial aspirations sets the bank apart as a reliable partner in their journey toward financial stability and growth.

The Managing Director

Syed Mahbubur Rahman is the Managing Director & CEO of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB). The managing director plays a crucial role in leading the bank and shaping its strategic direction. With their expertise and leadership, they guide the bank’s operations, ensure adherence to regulatory standards, and foster an environment of trust and excellence. The managing director is responsible for driving the bank’s growth, maintaining customer satisfaction, and upholding its commitment to financial inclusion and innovation.

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Mutual Trust Microfinance Ownership Structure

Syed Mahbubur Rahman is the Managing Director & CEO of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB). A mutual bank is a financial institution that is owned by its members or customers rather than by shareholders. The primary focus of a mutual bank is to serve the interests of its customers and contribute to their financial well-being. This ownership structure fosters a sense of mutual trust between the bank and its customers, creating a symbiotic relationship that prioritizes the customers’ needs and aspirations.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Customer Care and Contact Information

For customers seeking assistance or information, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank provides dedicated customer care services. The customer care number is

  • Office Phone: 070068882587878 (0700MUTUALTRUST)
  • WhatsApp:( +234) 807 189 5576, (+234) 706 732 1724.

However, customers can typically reach out to the bank through phone calls, emails, or in-person visits to the bank’s branches. These communication channels enable customers to address their queries, seek support, or provide feedback regarding their banking experiences. Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank strives to deliver exceptional customer service and values customer feedback as a means of continuous improvement.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Recruitment Opportunities

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in the banking sector, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank may offer recruitment opportunities. Interested candidates can monitor the bank’s official website, and social media platforms, or reach out to the bank directly for updates on available positions. Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank values a motivated and skilled workforce and provides opportunities for career growth and professional development within the banking industry.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Salary Structure

Details regarding the salary structure of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank could not be determined. However, it is important to note that salary structures can vary based on job roles, experience, and industry standards. Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank, like other reputable financial institutions, strives to offer competitive and fair remuneration packages to attract and retain qualified professionals. The bank’s commitment to employee satisfaction and welfare is crucial in fostering a motivated and dedicated workforce.

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Mutual Trust Microfinance Loan Calculators and Financial Tools

While information about a loan calculator specifically for Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank could not be determined from the provided search results, it is common for banks to offer online loan calculators and financial tools. These tools allow customers to estimate their loan repayment amounts, compare different loan options, and make informed financial decisions. As an advocate for financial empowerment, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank may provide similar resources to help individuals and businesses understand the financial implications of their borrowing decisions.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Head Office Location – Mutual trust microfinance bank head office

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank’s head office is situated at Plot 797, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, as indicated in the search results. The head office serves as the central administrative hub where key decisions are made, strategies are formulated, and overall operations are managed. This location showcases the bank’s commitment to being centrally accessible for customers in Abuja, ensuring efficient coordination and delivery of financial services.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Branches in Lagos and Beyond

While specific information about Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank’s branches in Lagos is not available in the provided search results, the bank is committed to expanding its branch network to serve customers in key locations. Branches play a crucial role in providing personalized services, facilitating cash transactions, and fostering a strong relationship between the bank and its customers. By establishing branches in Lagos and beyond, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank aims to reach a broader customer base, catering to the diverse financial needs of individuals and businesses in different regions.


Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank stands as a reliable financial institution committed to empowering individuals and businesses in Nigeria through accessible financial solutions. This article has provided a comprehensive overview of Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank based on the available information. From its loan facilities for salary earners and expanding branch network to the meaning of mutual trust and recruitment opportunities, the bank showcases its dedication to fostering financial inclusion and providing exceptional services to its customers.

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