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DStv Yanga Channels List 2023 and Price(Updated List)

Are you ready to dive into the world of entertainment with the DStv Yanga Package for 2023? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the DStv Yanga Channels List 2023, subscription prices, and much more. Whether you’re a movie buff, a sports enthusiast, or a news junkie, this package has something for everyone. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

What is DStv Yanga?

DStv Yanga is one of the popular DStv packages designed to cater to the diverse entertainment needs of viewers in Nigeria. With an extensive range of channels, it offers a delightful mix of local and international content, making it an ideal choice for households looking for a well-rounded TV experience.

DStv Yanga Channels List 2023

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the DStv Yanga Channels List for 2023. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the channels available with this package:

Nigerian Channels

  1. Africa Magic Epic (Channel 152)
  2. Africa Magic Family (Channel 154)
  3. Africa Magic Hausa (Channel 156)
  4. Africa Magic Yoruba (Channel 157)
  5. Africa Magic Igbo (Channel 159)
  6. ROK 3 (Channel 164)
  7. ROK 2 (Channel 169)
  8. POP Central (Channel 189)
  9. Spice TV (Channel 190)
  10. Televista (Channel 194)
  11. Trybe (Channel 195)
  12. ONMAX (Channel 257)
  13. HIP TV (Channel 324)
  14. Sound City (Channel 327)
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General Entertainment

  1. E! Entertainment (Channel 124)
  2. FOX Life (Channel 126)
  3. Africa Magic Family (Channel 154)
  4. Africa Magic Hausa (Channel 156)
  5. Africa Magic Yoruba (Channel 157)
  6. Africa Magic Igbo (Channel 159)
  7. ROK 3 (Channel 164)
  8. ROK 2 (Channel 169)
  9. Televista (Channel 194)
  10. Trybe (Channel 195)


  1. TeleMundo (Channel 118)
  2. EVA + (Channel 142)
  3. Zee World (Channel 166)

Movie Channels

  1. Africa Magic Epic (Channel 152)
  2. B4U Movies (Channel 451)

Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education Channels

  1. Discovery Family HD (Channel 136)
  2. Real Time (Channel 155)
  3. Fashion One (Channel 178)
  4. NatGeo Wild (Channel 182)
  5. Spice TV (Channel 190)

Sports Channels

  1. SuperSport Blitz (Channel 200)
  2. SuperSport Football (Channel 205)

News and Commerce Channels

  1. BBC World News (Channel 400)
  2. Al Jazeera (Channel 406)
  3. CGTN News (Channel 409)
  4. EuroNews (Channel 414)
  5. CNC World (Channel 415)
  6. Arise News (Channel 416)

Kids and Teens Channels

  1. Nickelodeon (Channel 305)
  2. Disney Junior (Channel 309)
  3. Jim Jam (Channel 310)
  4. PBS Kids (Channel 313)
  5. Mindset (Channel 319)

Music Channels

  1. POP Central (Channel 189)
  2. MTV Base (Channel 322)
  3. HIP TV (Channel 324)
  4. AFRO Music English (Channel 326)
  5. Sound City (Channel 327)
  6. URBAN TV (Channel 328)

Local Channels

  1. Ebony Life TV (Channel 165)
  2. NTA I (Channel 251)
  3. SILVERBIRD (Channel 252)
  4. AIT (Channel 253)
  5. CHANNELS (Channel 254)
  6. MiTV (Channel 255)
  7. LAGOS TV (Channel 256)
  8. ONMAX (Channel 257)
  9. Wazobia Max (Channel 259)
  10. OGTV (Channel 260)
  11. Arewa 24 (Channel 261)
  12. WAP TV (Channel 262)
  13. NTA 2 (Channel 369)
  14. NTA Parliament (Channel 370)
  15. TVC News Nigeria (Channel 418)

HD Channels

  1. Discovery Family HD (Channel 136)
  2. Maisha Magic East HD (Channel 158)
  3. Newzroom Afrika HD (Channel 405)

African Channels

  1. Maisha Magic East HD (Channel 158)
  2. Maisha Magic Bongo (Channel 160)
  3. eTV Africa (Channel 250)
  4. K24 (Channel 275)
  5. Adom TV (Channel 280)
  6. Cloud Plus (Channel 294)
  7. Wasafi TV (Channel 296)
  8. Fiesta TV (Channel 329)
  9. Trace Jama (Channel 333)
  10. SABC News (Channel 404)
  11. Newzroom Afrika HD (Channel 405)
  12. Africa News (Channel 417)
  13. Joy News (Channel 421)

Religious Channels

  1. FAITH (Channel 341)
  2. Day Star (Channel 342)
  3. TBN (Channel 343)
  4. SBN (Channel 345)
  5. IQRAA (Channel 346)
  6. ISLAM CHANNEL (Channel 347)
  7. Eternal Word Television Network (Channel 348)
  8. Dove TV (Channel 349)
  9. Lumen Christi (Channel 350)
  10. Emmanuel TV (Channel 390)
  11. TV Mundial (P) (Channel 680)
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European and Asian Channels

  1. NHK (Channel 431)
  2. TV5 Monde Afrique (Channel 437)
  3. Deutsche Welle (Channel 446)
  4. CCTV 4 (Channel 447)
  5. CGTN Documentary (Channel 448)
  6. CGTN French (Channel 449)
  7. CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (Channel 480)
  8. China Movie Channel (Channel 481)
  9. Shanghai Dragon TV (Channel 482)
  10. Hunan TV (Channel 483)
  11. Zhejiang TV (Channel 484)
  12. Phoenix News and Entertainment (Channel 485)
  13. RTPi (P) (Channel 525)

Indian Channels

  1. NDTV 24×7 (Channel 413)

Audio Channels

  1. BBC World Service English (Channel 850)
  2. BBC World Radio 2 (Channel 851)
  3. BBC African Languages (Channel 852)
  4. Voice of America (Channel 853)
  5. World Radio Network (Channel 854)
  6. Channel Islam Internationale (Channel 865)
  7. Radio France Internationale (Channel 866)
  8. RAYFM (Channel 868)
  9. Star (Channel 869)
  10. Rhythm (Channel 870)
  11. TransAfrica Radio (Channel 872)

Subscription Price

DStv Yanga offers flexible subscription plans to cater to your preferences. For just N4,200 Naira per month, you can access the entire bouquet of channels and enjoy a world of entertainment. But there’s more! If you opt for the annual subscription at N38,500 Naira (equivalent to paying for 11 months and getting one month free), you not only save money but also enjoy uninterrupted entertainment for an entire year.


What sets DStv Yanga apart from other packages?

DStv Yanga is known for its extensive lineup of Nigerian and international channels, making it an excellent choice for those who want a diverse TV experience.

Can I customize my channel selection with DStv Yanga?

While DStv Yanga offers a predefined channel list, you can explore other DStv packages if you’re looking for more customization options.

Are HD channels included in the DStv Yanga Package?

Yes, the DStv Yanga Package includes HD channels for an enhanced viewing experience.

Can I Watch World Cup on DStv Yanga?

Absolutely! DStv Yanga offers an exciting range of sports channels, and you can definitely catch the thrill of the World Cup on this package. With channels like SuperSport Blitz (Channel 200) and SuperSport Football (Channel 205), you’ll have access to live coverage, analysis, and all the action-packed moments of the World Cup.

Which DStv Package is N2,500?

The DStv package priced at N2,500 was the DStv Padi Package which is now N2,950. It offers a selection of channels at an affordable rate, making it a great choice for budget-conscious viewers.

What Channel is American Movies on DStv?

American movies are often found on a variety of channels across different DStv packages. Channels like FOX Life (Channel 126), Africa Magic (various channels), and M-Net Movies (various channels) frequently feature American movies. The availability of these channels may vary depending on your specific DStv package.

Does DStv Yanga Show Premier League?

Yes, DStv Yanga includes sports channels like SuperSport Blitz (Channel 200) and SuperSport Football (Channel 205), which regularly broadcast Premier League matches. You can enjoy live coverage of Premier League games, post-match analysis, and all the excitement of one of the world’s most popular football leagues.

Where Can I Watch the FIFA World Cup on DStv?

You can catch all the FIFA World Cup action on various DStv channels, especially during the tournament’s broadcast. Channels like SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Football, and other sports-specific channels are known for providing comprehensive coverage of the FIFA World Cup. Keep an eye on the DStv TV guide for scheduling details and specific channels.

Which DStv Packages Show the World Cup?

DStv typically broadcasts major international sports events like the FIFA World Cup on various sports channels across multiple packages. While DStv Yanga does include sports channels, you may find even more extensive coverage in higher-tier packages like DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus, and DStv Premium. The availability of World Cup coverage may vary depending on the specific tournament and broadcasting rights.

Can I Watch Soccer on DStv?

Absolutely! DStv offers an array of sports channels dedicated to soccer and other sports. Whether you’re a fan of local leagues, international tournaments, or European football, DStv provides extensive soccer coverage. Channels like SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Football, and more bring you live matches, analyses, and highlights to satisfy your soccer cravings.


With the DStv Yanga Channels List 2023, you have a world of entertainment at your fingertips. From blockbuster movies to thrilling sports events and informative news broadcasts, this package has it all. Don’t miss out on the excitement – subscribe to DStv Yanga today and elevate your TV viewing experience to new heights! Enjoy a diverse array of channels and stay entertained year-round. It’s time to make the most of your TV moments with DStv Yanga!


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