Turning Your Android Device On Without Pressing Any Buttons

Would not it be fascinating if your phone’s screen changes when you pick it up? Believe it or not, there are a number of applications that do just that!

Android Auto On and Off

These applications are designed to ensure that the Android phone’s display lights up without pressing any button. Although this feature is a small addition to your smartphone, it is very exciting. It can not only be used for simple good but can also be a lifesaver when the switch does not work. See how:

The Gravity Screen Off App

This application detects body movements using phone sensors to give the application the position and proximity information. So, this feature will automatically block the minute you display it you put it in your pocket and lit up on your own when the phone is in your hands. So good, right?

Pocket Sensor

This app can recognize that the phone is in your pocket. The first option you see is fickfösten and also allows you to tilt it. If you move the phone during the set angle, the screen will be erased. There is an option to set an angle as high as 90 degrees and as low as zero. Once you have chosen your favored angle, check the “all directions” box. If you change your mind, all you have to do to clear this option.

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Table Sensor

With this option, turn your phone off the screen when you put it on a flat surface facing up. There is also an option to change the angle of the sensor table if you want. Even if you have to uncheck “All senses” before changing this.

Proximity Sensor

In this section of the Settings application gives the user two options. Or “Turn off screen” or “In the vicinity”. All that is required to activate your hand infiltration screen on the phone to stimulate the proximity sensor.

Turn Screen On By Motion

You will find a variety of options to choose from, for example, turning on the device when it moves, or even when it is facing up. This option may not be supported on all Android devices and the application provides the user with a popup message if the phone is not compatible with it. But do not worry because you can always use the proximity switch to turn the display unit on.

Keep Screen On by Motion

This feature extends the display time of the screen, detecting even the smallest movements you make it, even without you having to touch the phone. It allows you to set the sensitivity level ranging from 0 to 100. There is also a booster option available that, when enabled, provides you with a faster response.

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This application also offers other features such as vibration, notification settings, disable your lock screen and more. Screen Gravity Off application has it all. Have you seen this yet?!


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