MTN Data Plan 200 for 1gb for 7 days - MTN 200 For 1 GB Code 2021

MTN 200 for 1GB Code for 7 days 2024?

What is MTN 200 for 1GB code for 7 days 2024? How to get 1GB for 200 on MTN for 1 week? Have you heard about mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days? Is there any mtn code for 200 for 1GB 7days? Would you like to know how to activate this mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days? This post will show you MTN 200 for 1GB code for 7 days and how to get 1GB for 200 on MTN for 1 week.

The mtn data plan 200 for 1GB has been around for a while and unfortunately, most mtn users don’t know about it or how to enable this plan. Around 2019 mtn announced this mtn data plan 200 for 1 GB promo. This is primarily a welcome promotion for users who have just made a “welcome back” for their lost Sim.

However, this mtn 200 for 1gb code 2023/2024 is not limited only to users who have retrieved their Sim. You can also enjoy this promo with your MTN SIM without doing a welcome back. Do you want to know how to activate this mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days? Just stick with this post as I’ll explain how to get 1GB for 200 on MTN for 1 week, how to qualify, and how to activate this MTN 200 for 1GB code for 7 days promo.

Not only is this promotion limited to MTN 1 GB for 200, but you can also get a whooping cough monthly plan of 4 GB for only 1000 and other smaller plans like 250 MB for 100 for 3 days and a 2-week plan of 2 GB for only 500.

How to Get 1GB for 200 on MTN for 1 week

As I mentioned before, this mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days is marked as a “Welcome Back” promotion, meaning it is only for those who have likely lost their MTN Sim and have done a welcome simulation for that Sim. This promotion will be used as an encouragement to users who will welcome them again and should enjoy this promotion for 3 months.

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I know what you are thinking now. Do I have to retrieve all my already active MTN Sims back? This is not a good idea as you know the implications of losing all your contacts.

So I wouldn’t recommend this to you. Instead, keep your Sim inactive for at least 30 days and use them again.

What do I mean? If you keep your MTN SIM inactive, you don’t need to recharge, subscribe, or make call with your MTN SIM for 30 days or more. After 30 days, then recharge it and use it again.

I know this sounds ridiculous to those of you who have an active official line that you have used for so many years. So it is better to do this on the other MTN lines that you don’t always use. Leave them inactive for 30 days and more and reactivate them by charging and talking to them on the phone.

However, this isn’t really a guarantee as this offering can be selective at times, but most of the time it works. I followed this exact procedure on my other MTN line and was eligible for this promo. And I have been relocating for over 5 months now and enjoying this promo even though they gave me 3 months’ validity.

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So you can try but after declining MTN 200 data plan for 1GB promo for my main running simulation. After trying again a few months later, I got permission to do that too. (Mind you, Sim is my official Sim and has been active for 10 years with no welcome back).

So if you keep trying MTN Sims, who knows, you might be lucky. If you are lucky enough to qualify below, you can activate the mtn data plan 200 for 1gb for 7 days.

MTN Code for 200 for 1GB 7days 2022

For people who qualify for this promotion, you can activate it now with this MTN code for 200 for 1 GB and enjoy this wonderful plan.

Dial the MTN 200 for 1gb code for 7 days 2021/2022 * 131 * 65 # to see if you are authorized and activated. If you are authorized, a list of data plans will be displayed and you will be asked to choose your preferred plan. The list of data plans displayed includes:

  • 250 MB three-day subscription: costs N100
  • 1 GB weekly plan: costs N200
  • 4 GB monthly plan: cost N1000
  • Two-week subscription of 2 GB: costs N500

If you are not eligible for the mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days, you will see a message like this: We are sorry that you are not eligible for this promo.

If you have received any of these messages, please know that your MTN Sim is not eligible for this promo. All you can do now is follow the aforementioned procedure and keep trying. You may be lucky someday. You can also make use of MyMTN app to activate this mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days.

How To Check MTN Data Plan 200 For 1Gb For 7 Days Balance?

To check your credit for this MTN 200 for 1GB code for 7 days promo watch face; * 131 * 4 # and send, your data credit and expiration date will be displayed.

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The MTN data plan 200 for 1 GB that we talked about above is a 7-day plan. It expires after 7 days regardless of whether you use it up or not. You can always renew this plan when it expires.

However, there is a similar plan which is the MTN 1 GB for the 200 days plan. It’s also available as an official plan, meaning no authorization is required. Any MTN user can choose this plan, but this plan is labeled an “Instabinge” plan. (I think it’s just for Instagram)

So if you are active on Instagram, you can only use this plan for 24 hours. Then it expires. Just dial * 131 * 1 #, select the day schedule and select the option with N200 for 1 GB (for example).

Check out how to activate MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days.

Conclusion – MTN 200 for 1GB Code for 7 days 2024

This is how to Get the mtn data plan 200 for 1GB for 7 days. If It Works for Your Congratulations! and welcome to the club! LOL. You can keep the automatic renewal and stream unlimited videos and favorite songs for up to six months from now. Hey! Even if you can’t share this data, you’re not stingy about posts. Share them with your friends using the “Share” button.

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