How To Apply For OPay Debit Card In Easily?

How to get Opay Card? If you want to know how to apply for OPay debit card, this post is for you. I will explain everything you need to know about how to get Opay card and show you how to apply for opay debit card. In early March this year, OPay will reveal plans to launch its debit card this year, an important product of the company aimed at increasing transactions on the Opay platform.

OPay cards are directly linked to OPay wallets and it is expected that when the product is launched, people with Opay wallets will have the luxury of using their cards at ATMs, merchant outlets, and e-commerce sites.

OPay debit card – Does OPay Have A Credit Card?

The good news is that the OPay debit card is now available and you can apply if you have an OPay wallet. The OPay ATM card allows you to earn thousands of money back every year. As long as you continue trading with your card, you will collect a huge amount of money back.

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Exclusive features of the OPay Debit Visa card

  • Shop via POS, WEB, and ATMs anywhere in Nigeria and other supported countries
  • Available in naira denominations. Instant account access to OPay
  • Acceptable anywhere in Nigeria
  • Zero lost responsibility for the card
  • Cardholder inquiry service
  • Lost/stolen reporting
  • Over 15% of Owealth interest
  • Repayment every year depending on what you have for your money
  • There is no maintenance fee
  • Free transfer to any bank account 90 times a month

How To Get OPay Card – How To Apply For OPay Debit Card

  1. Log in to your OPay application.
  2. Click on “Me”.
  3. Click “Apply for an OPay Debit Card”.
  4. Enter your invitation code in the suggestion column, or you can skip it
  5. Choose the type of your identification (national identity card, international passport, driving license)
  6. Choose your pick-up location or select Express to have the card delivered to your home or office address for a flat fee of N1000 (delivery fee N700 + N300)
  7. Fill in the required information.
  8. Then make a payment on the N700, which is an ATM fee.

Confirm and you’re good to go.

How To Activate My OPay Debit Card

Once you have received the card, activate the debit card through the Opay application or visit a nearby Zenith ATM to complete the activation. Learn more on how to activate an Opay debit card here.

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Using an OPay debit card

After knowing how to apply for OPay debit card, you might like to know how to use OPay debit card. Here is how to use Opay debit card. Like all other bank cards, you can use an ATM to make transactions with your new OPay debit card. It can be used for shopping or withdrawing from any ATM or POS outlet like that Opay POS.

However, unlike the bank cards you use, an OPay bank card allows you to earn thousands of money back every year. As long as you continue trading with your card, you will collect a huge amount of money back.

OPay ATM Debit Visa card fee rate and benefits

We have also contacted OPay several times to provide us with information on these card fees, but there seems to be no answer yet. However, so far below are the formal application requirements for OPay ATM debit card fees;

Apply For OPay ATM Debit Visa Card applicationN700
Withdrawing from any Zenith Bank ATMFree
Maintenance FeeFree for Ever
Fund transfer feeFree transfer (90 times monthly)

Cashback is one of the benefits to start reading. Other benefits include interest accrued during savings (which is more than Opay’s Owealth interest rate).

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How to create a free OPay Wallet account

If you want to become an accredited agent for Opay in your location or state, use OPay to complete the new account registration process by following these steps.)

There are two ways to create an Opay wallet account; Through the OPay Mobile app and the official Opay website.

OPay account registration requirements remain the same regardless of the channels from which you create the account.

Register for an OPay account at

Visit the official OPay website

  1. Click ‘Create Account.’
  2. Fill in the details and send your application.

In addition, you will be asked to confirm your registration. You can verify with your phone number and/or email address. You have completed the registration process once it has been completed.

Register an OPay account through your mobile app

First, download the mobile app from your mobile app store, then click Create Account to continue. The steps and requirements are similar.

Use the comments box below if you have any questions or help you need about how to apply for OPay debit card.


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