16 Legal Online Jobs In Nigeria That Pays Daily

16 Legal Online Jobs In Nigeria That Pays Daily

There are many real work-from-home jobs in Nigeria and free online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily that job seekers can do and still earn a tangible income. There are jobs on the internet that are paid by the hour, by the day, or by the week.

They are also suitable for online jobs for Nigerian students who want to earn money while studying. The best part is that some of these jobs require little or no capital to get started.

All you need is a smartphone and internet, but it’s much better if you have a laptop to support it.

Working from home makes it easy to choose how much work a person or job seeker likes to do or how much time they want to delegate to that work. True home working also gives you the flexibility to work from home without having to travel.

This has become even more important due to the high unemployment rate in the country, which has forced Nigerians to find ways to earn a living without relying on white-collar workers.

Some people choose to start a small business while others work from home.

There are other specific requirements for other online jobs, so you need to know what you need for the homework you want to go to.

To answer the question “What kind of work can I do at home with a computer and get a good salary in Nigeria? In Nigeria, there are many legal jobs available for different people at home.

These business ideas are suitable for different groups of people, including students, housewives, pregnant women or mothers with children, men or women seeking employment, and so on.

16 Legal Online Jobs In Nigeria That Pays Daily

This post contains business ideas for housewives, legal online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily for housewives, and great home business ideas for those who want to try something different from the usual 9-5 jobs.

Are you interested in finding hot online jobs in Nigeria that would pay every day and what you can do? Browse our selection of homework assignments that are trendy right now that will help you earn an income without leaving your home.


It is one of the free paid daily tasks that are great for the creative thinker that can produce interesting video content that people can interact with, reach many people, and spread in a short time.


Create video content on various topics, topics, products, companies, collect and present content in video format.

How to start:

You can sign up for YouTube accounts and share unique, engaging, and engaging content on your YouTube channel.

Examples of content you can create and share include sketches, comedies, jokes, music video reviews, movies, products, gadgets, blogs, and more.

The YouTube channel is monetized through Google Adsense and the YouTube Partner Program can be applied to your channel after reaching 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views.


Another legal online job in Nigeria that pays daily for students or anyone with administrative, creative, and technical skills to perform various tasks and activities simultaneously and via computer or mobile phone.


Provide a variety of online services and certain types of activities, such as creative, administrative, and technical tasks for businesses, organizations, government, health centers, legal and financial companies.

How to start:

You can start this job from home and get a daily paid job by searching for virtual assistant jobs in Nigeria through Jiji, Jobberman, and Fiverr, Upwork Google for international virtual assistant jobs.

You can also contact Nigerian companies to find out if they require the services of your virtual assistant.

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People who want to create interesting and engaging texts and content.


Freelancing is one of the daily paid web jobs. Freelance writing involves creating content or writing articles that can be used for money for magazines, websites, and blog posts.

How to start:

Check out sites like Fiverr and Upwork to find a job as a web writer in Nigeria. You can also check out sites like Jobberman, Jobs in Nigeria, Gigajobs, and the like. There are so many.

Use the keyword “work in Nigeria to write” or “work online and get paid in Nigeria” and get free online jobs related to freelance writing.


People with programming skills who write code or use WordPress to design various websites.


A website designer is one of the legit online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily. Use of programming and coding skills or other web tools to develop websites for both business and personal use.

The skills of a website designer or developer can also be used for consulting, publishing, and advertising matters related to website development.

How to start:

Search forums like Nairaland to find users who need website developers, or you can create a topic and let forum members know the types of services you offer and they will contact you if they are interested.

Make sure to educate people around you about developing your website and show them your portfolio so they understand that you are not new to the field.


Job seekers can help clients obtain travel documents, information, or travel plans. It is also preferable that a person is interested and specialized in a travel niche, which makes it easier for a person to earn more money from this type of work.


Help customers get the best travel deals to the destinations they want to travel to. You can also help them reduce travel hassles by saving time and money.

It is one of the high-paying online jobs available in Nigeria as many people in this country like to travel.

How to start:

For this, you need a smartphone and an internet connection. Much better if you can afford a laptop or computer as it makes working from home much easier. Contact the Nigerian host agencies and let them know that you want to become their agent or consultant. If they agree, they will pay you commissions per customer. They also offer you better deals than the regular market.


Someone with the ability to communicate with people, help people with a lot of patience, great language skills, and empathy.


Customer Service is a free online company that pays every day in Nigeria. A customer service representative helps customers solve their problems by answering their questions, providing information about the company’s products and services, making reservations, accepting orders, and processing returns.

How to start:

Make sure you have the skills to become a good customer service representative as it is essential to the success of your business. You can search for these jobs on Jobberman, Hotnigerianjobs, Myjobmag, and more.

You can also use your social media account to advertise your services and get people interested in your customer service.


Someone who can pass on knowledge to other people through teaching.


An online teacher is one of the jobs that is paid cash online every day. Teach people online about any topic you have extensive knowledge of. Provide in-depth information about them, create PDF, PowerPoint, or Word documents to help students.

How to start:

Offer Udemy courses and tutorials and get paid for your services. The easiest way is to find people in your area who need the services of a home teacher.

Other online tutoring services may be offered via Skype and other available messengers. Find parents looking for tutoring for their children, or students looking for someone to guide them through their school courses.

This is another cost-effective free web task that you can do every day if you have the necessary skills.


Someone with talent in marketing, communication, problem-solving, productivity, decision making.


We help customers get customers to buy a product or service or visit a customer’s website and earn commissions or profits.

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It also includes marketing other people’s products for a commission. Keep in mind that you will only receive a commission if a visitor has taken an action, such as visiting a customer’s site or purchasing their product.

How to start:

Some so many people get paid every day to work on online work related to online programs that you can join both national and international programs.

Examples of affiliate programs you can join in Nigeria include Jumia Affiliates, Jiji Affiliate, Congo Affiliate, Payporte, and Whogohost.

For international affiliates, we have a branch of Aliexpress, Amazon, Viglink, Grammarly, and more. The list is so long that we cannot name them all.


A person with creativity, analytical, IT, interpersonal, organizational, written communication and oral skills, and a penchant for creative imagination.


An information marketer creates, sells, and promotes problem-solving digital products, which can take the form of videos, instructional and training programs, e-books, software, and audio.

How to start:

Determine a topic that you have extensive knowledge of and the method you will use to provide solutions in audio, video, or eBook format. Then get to work on it and make sure the content is well done and comprehensive.

When you’re done, go to your social media accounts to advertise to people.

Note that to make money, you need to pick a very current topic that many people are interested in and don’t want to pay for.


Someone with excellent accuracy, typing, computer, math, and basic skills. Knowing the different software packages is a big plus, which is almost as important as the other skills mentioned above. Must have computer skills.


The Data Entry Officer is another legal online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily and anyone can do at home. Data entry involves collecting, comparing, and entering data into databases such as Excel and then ensuring that all information and data entered is correct and accurate.

How to start:

Find organizations interested in moving from paper to digital documentation or offline to online. Search sites like Linkedin, Nairaland, NgCareers, and CareerJets to find data entry jobs you can do at home.


Those with very fast fingers write documents quickly.


This includes working with handwritten or scanned images, converting audio content to printed content, and using databases and spreadsheets on your computer. The freelance type can help you get paid every day from your cell phone.

How to start:

You can find these web-based data entry jobs in Nigeria by posting your talent to Facebook groups or Jiji so that those who need your services can contact you.

These free, online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily are still hard to find online, so you can get more results with the offline search method. This can be done verbally, through networking, or by printing flyers to distribute in a specific area.


Someone who can create interesting content on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook that can promote the social growth and awareness of a company or brand.


Increases brand awareness for customers, increases traffic to their websites, and boosts brand or company image online through the use of social media.

How to start:

You can connect with people on popular social media to discuss whether they need a social media consultant and analyst and how you can help them improve their brand and social media pages.


Designers with a creative talent for designing images and who can work from home on a computer.


Creation of logos, images, typographies, motion graphics for websites, nylon materials, packaging, branding, corporate, electronic, and publishing media. Graphic designers can work from home today and get paid today.

How to start:

Advertise your graphic designer services on Facebook and Instagram. It must get a large number of customers. Join Facebook groups and talk to the people there. Experience shows that so many people are looking for these services, but you just have to make sure that your prices are very affordable.


An aware and enthusiastic English-speaking person notices errors and mistakes in articles or publications. Someone with pedantic details and very precise.

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Ensures that the content provided is error-free, well worded, and contains the correct sentences. Reviewing, rewriting, and reviewing documents and articles.

How to start:

You can dip your feet in the water by reading the work of your friends and family to confirm your abilities. Then request the proofreading of Jooble, Jobrapido, and Jobzilla. Again, keep in mind that social media is your friend and you should always make sure that you use it for job searches, for example.

Many people need proofreaders and editors to make it one of the most popular free web jobs.

15. BLOG

A writer with excellent writing skills can write an interesting article.


It is one of the simple homework assignments involved in writing, editing, promoting unique web content, generating, presenting, and composing ideas, marketing published articles to readers, and intensive research. This is one of the top 10 free web jobs that get paid every day.

How to start:

Find a website developer who can help you design a website where you can post your content. If you can’t afford the money to build a website, go to the subdomain website in Blogspot or WordPress and set up your new website.

If you’re the quick learner type, you might be able to easily set up the sites yourself, but if not, you might have to pay someone to help you set it up, but it wouldn’t be as expensive as the first choice.

You can find people who love blogs like ours and contact them to write and get paid to create unique content for your site.

Some blog sites even allow you to write under your name, so when you share a post, your friends and family will see it as your post.


Coding for programming talent and creativity.


Use programming languages ​​to write software and applications that can be used to perform the functions for which they were designed. Improve existing applications for customers and add new features. Mobile application development is also one of the best free web-based jobs that pay off every day.

How to start:

Find interesting ideas to create mobile apps and then sell them to people. Another option is to talk to companies and try to come up with a mobile application that would increase their customer base. Give it to them and let them know about the benefits of developing a mobile app.

Search the Jiji, Jobberman, and Nairaland forums for available mobile application development job opportunities.

And here we are at the bottom of the list because there is still so much real homework and free online work in Nigeria that pays off every day that if you have the right skills you can do it.

Much of this homework is also online jobs for Nigerian students. Over time, we’ll keep the list updated as we find more work from home and paid options.

Conclusion – Why Should You Consider Online Jobs In Nigeria That Pays Daily?

Nigeria’s economy is very tense. Apart from the wealthy few, most people struggle to make ends meet. Once they provide food, rent, and fees, they continue to sell to businessmen until the next payday or reasonable. Online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily can help you increase your income so you can live a better life. If you earn N100,000 per month and earn an additional N100,000 per month from networking, that’s N200,000. It helps your finances immensely.

Internet jobs have a lot of potentials. With so many people online, more than anywhere else in the world, the possibilities on the internet are vast.

Online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily can help you save better. When you work online, you don’t have to pay for transportation, office clothes, lunch at work, and all expenses. You just stay in your house, turn on your computer and work.

There is little stress in networking compared to regular jobs. You will not get stuck in daily traffic. You don’t have too much stress like in normal jobs and you have control over your time. You can also wake up when you want and sleep when you want.

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