How To Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Renewal?

How To Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Renewal in UK?

How to cancel admiral car insurance renewal? To cancel your car insurance policy with Admiral, you must call them. You will also have to pay a £55 cancellation fee or £155 if you have a black box installed.

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel during the cooling-off period you will have to pay a £25 cancellation fee

If you cancel after the cooling-off period has passed you will be charged a £55 cancellation fee

How refunds work

As we mentioned, you usually have to pay a fee when you cancel your insurance. The rate depends on the insurer.

If you have paid in advance for the entire year, you will get the remainder of the policy back.

If you are still in the cooling-off period, Admiral will withdraw some of your refunds to cover the insurance you already had.

Black box Cover

Admiral also offers black box (or “telematics”) insurance.

  • If you have a black box policy, you will have to pay even more to cancel.
  • If you cancel during the 14-day cooling-off period you will be charged a £125 cancellation fee
  • If you cancel after the 14-day cooling-off period you will be charged a £155 cancellation fee

Plug & Drive

You will also have to pay an additional cancellation fee for Admiral’s Plug & Drive policies. But you can get the extra part back if you return the Plug & Drive unit within 30 days.

It is £75 if you cancel during the cooling-off period and £105 if you cancel after the cooling-off period.

Breakdown coverage

You can cancel your breakdown assistance separately from your car insurance.

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Unlike many insurers, Admiral will not charge a separate cancellation fee when you cancel your breakdown, but they will keep a portion of your refunds to cover the number of days you were covered.

The same goes for most of Admiral’s other additional auto insurance policies, such as rental car coverage and motor vehicle legal protection.

Cancel after making a claim

Like most car insurance companies, Admiral will not give you a refund on your car insurance if you make a claim. But then you have to pay cancellation costs.

And if you pay monthly for your auto insurance, you’ll have to pay the rest of the policy when you cancel.

This also applies to many Admiral add-ons for car insurance, such as roadside assistance, rental car coverage and legal engine protection. This is the same with most insurers.

Cooling-off period

By law, every auto insurance policy has a cooling-off period during which you can cancel your policy and get a full refund. This is usually 14 days from the date your policy takes effect or when you receive your policy documents by post.

Check your policy documents to see when the cooling-off period starts and ends.

It’s usually cheaper to cancel during the cooling-off period – most insurance companies charge a higher cancellation fee if you cancel after 14 days.

How To Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Renewal?

Cancellation after 14 days

  • Contact. Email or call Admiral to explain that you want to cancel your policy early. Let us know if you want to leave immediately or at a later time.
  • Refund. If you paid your premium in an advance, you will receive a partial refund. You will then be reimbursed for the time that you were not insured.
  • Administration costs. Admiral will deduct an administration fee from the money it returns to you to cover the costs of creating and terminating your policy.
  • Exceptional price. If you still have outstanding premiums, you must pay them within 10 days.
  • Filed a claim. Bad news if you have filed or had a complaint against you. You will not get a cent back if you cancel early.
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Cancellation within 14 days of coverage

We’ve all done it, run out of buying something and then think twice. Fortunately, if you act quickly, it doesn’t have to cost much to cancel your Admiral car insurance. Here are the steps.

  • Contact. Call or email Admiral within 14 days of receiving your welcome letter or email.
  • Refund. Admiral will refund you the full amount fewer administration costs. As long as you have not filed a complaint (or filed against you) during your short time with the Admiral.
  • Ask. This administration fee can be up to £100 if you have a black box installed.

Phone numbers

If your cancellation is related to standard car insurance, please contact Admiral customer service on 0333 220 2000.

If your cancellation is related to telematics car insurance, please call Admiral Customer Service on 0333 220 2010.

Opening hours are:

  • Mon to Fri: 08:00 – 18:00
  • Sat: 10:00 – 17:00
  • Sun: 09:30 – 16:00

For more information about cancellations, please visit this page.

Cancellation Fees

If you decide to cancel after the cooling-off period, but before your coverage ends, Admiral will charge you for all days of coverage used and a fee to process your cancellation. These charges will vary depending on your policy, as shown in the table below. You will also be charged £5 if you originally selected policy updates.

Monthly insurance without cancellation costs

We do not think the cancellation costs are fair. That is why we have created a new type of flexible monthly insurance where you can cancel free of charge. to know more

Automatic Renewals

After you have been insured with them for a year, Admiral will automatically renew your car insurance unless you indicate that you do not want this.

Your price often increases significantly when you auto-renew – this is known as dual pricing, and many insurers do (but we don’t think it’s very fair).

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Admiral will contact you 21 days before the expiry of your policy to inform you that your insurance is automatically renewing and to provide you with your new price.

If you don’t want to auto-renew, now’s your chance to let them know you want to change.

Things to consider before cancelling your policy with Admiral

  • Change the existing policy. You can amend your current agreement instead of cancelling your Admiral policy. If you are looking for cheaper auto insurance or a different level of coverage, call Admiral and see how much it will cost to change your insurance policy.
  • Prices. If you depart within the first 14 days or later, you will have to pay an exit fee. How much depends on the type of policy you have and whether you are within the cooling-off period? You may decide to remain seated if the cost of departure exceeds the refund.
  • Have you filed a claim? Admiral will not give you a refund if you are involved in a claimable incident. That’s why it’s worth considering whether it’s worth quitting your business.
  • Best time to change. In general, about three weeks before your current contract expires is the best time to look for a new quote. People who take out insurance at the last minute are statistically seen as having greater risks by insurers. Therefore, extending your contract with the Admiral can be cheaper.
  • The disadvantage of multiple car policies. If you received a discount for insuring several cars on your policy, this will expire and the premium will therefore be adjusted for every other car that is still in the insurance.
  • No claims. Admiral may refuse to allow you to take your no claims bonus with you, which could cost you money if you switch early.

How To Cancel Admiral Car Insurance Conclusion?

Cancelling car insurance with Admiral is relatively easy and can be done online or by phone. The point is, whether you’re in or out of the cooling-off period, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee, which can be a real hit, especially if you have a telematics policy.

The lesson here for next time is to make sure the next policy you choose fits your needs and budget before taking the risk and buying it.

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