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MTN 200 For 2gb Code For 7 Days
MTN data plan

MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days?

MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days: For a few months now, MTN 200 for 2GB code has been the most sought solution by MTN heavy data users.

And if you are one of those who are having trouble subscribing to the MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days, I am happy to welcome you to this page where I am going to explain everything you need to know about MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days in just a few minutes.

That’s not all, I’ll also explain how to qualify for the data plan, tell you how long it takes, and also answers some frequently asked questions about this data plan.

Let’s get started without wasting any time!

About MTN 200 for a 2GB data plan

Congratulations to all heavy data users on the MTN network as MTN has once again brought you another cheap data plan that gives you unlimited access to the internet.

However, this 200 for 2GB data plan is specifically designed for MTN users who have migrated to the Pulse Rate plan.

MTN Pulse is currently one of the best tariff plans in the MTN network as users can enjoy many benefits that other MTN users in other tariff plans may not have access to.

Of course, the MTN 200 for 2GB is not the only benefit you enjoy in the Pulse plan, there are much more such as E.g. cheap data tariffs from N25, cheap call tariffs, and other bonus advantages when charging.

While this plan may be cheap, I have to tell you that it is a night-only plan that gives you a larger volume of data for less money you’re spending on airtime on the MTN network. This means that the MTN 200 for 2GB code can only be activated overnight. In other words, it’s a night schedule.

Night plan or no night plan, how to activate it?

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I know you would like this data so let’s see how to activate the MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days.

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How to activate MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days.

As mentioned, this 200 for 2GB is an overnight subscription. But there is no option for the 200 in the Nightlife feature. Instead, you will only find two (2) big plans on the list, namely;

  • Nightlife @ N25 – 250MB
  • Nightlife @ N50 – 500MB

MTN 200 for 2GB

Now to activate 200 for 2 GB on MTN you need to subscribe eight times (8x) to the Twenty-five Naira (NightLife @25) for 250 MB. Or buy the Fifty Naira (50) which is four times 500MB (4X).

You can do it all at once, or set the 25 or 50 nairas to auto-renew so that when your first subscription expires, another one will automatically activate. In this case, make sure your call credit is no more than N200.

Now that you know how to activate it, what is the MTN 200 subscription code for a 2GB data plan?

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MTN 200 For 2gb Code For 7 Days

MTN 200 for 2GB code is *406*3*2#. If you choose this code you will get 500 MB for N50, repeat the process three more times and you will get 2 GB for 200 Naira.

MTN 200 for 2GB code for 7 days

This is the fastest and easiest way to subscribe to MTN 2GB for a 200 bundle.

If you wish, you can even dial one of the N25 eight times (8X) by dialing *406*3*1#. Then you get 2GB for 200.

Code for my 2GB for 200

This is the shortcode for MTN 2GB for the 200 data plan. However, if you want to follow the step-by-step or lengthy process of activating this data pack, you can find it below.

Just dial *406#

Reply “4” in the options field

Now answer 1 or 2 to choose the option for the N25 or N50 data package.

Then repeat the process until it reaches 2GB.

Once this has been done correctly, you will receive a notification message confirming your subscription. Then you can enjoy your 2GB for 200 MTN package.

In case I forget, you can also activate the MTN 200 for a 2GB code via SMS. The following is how it can be done.

SMS “Nt1” to 131 for the 250MB for N25 (8 times = 2GB)


“Nt2” to 131 for the 500 MB for N50 (4 times = 2 GB)

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Who is eligible for MTN 200 For 2gb Code For 7 Days?

When it comes to cheap activation codes for data packages, e.g. For example, the MTN 200 for 2GB code for 7 days, people often think, “Am I eligible?” or “is it available on all SIM cards?”

Well, as mentioned earlier in this post, only MTN users on the Pulse Rate plan can access the MTN 200 with a 2GB data plan.

So if you are currently using the Pulse Rate plan, you can access and enjoy this data plan. However, if you do not have the Pulse plan, you will need to migrate or switch from your current plan to MTN Pulse.

Once this is done, you have met the first and most important eligibility criteria. Now for the next requirement.

Yes, changing or switching tariff plans is not everything as there is one more requirement for you to be fully qualified to use MTN 200 for the 2GB code.

This is the requirement.

Make sure you have sufficient credit of at least N200 on your MTN line.

just right?

That’s all you need to enjoy this exclusive data package from the MTN network.

Yes, all you need Because of no matter what type of SIM card you use, whether 2G, 3G, or 4G, you are automatically eligible for the subscription.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or existing MTN customer. Both new and old MTN SIM cards can subscribe to the MTN 200 for a 2GB data package.

How long does MTN 200 For 2GB Code For 7 Days?

Unlike the MTN 1GB for 200 which lasts for 7 days, the MTN 200 for 2GB plan lasts just one night, two nights, or longer depending on the subscription method and the amount you subscribe to per night.

For example, if you use a subscription’s auto-renewal method and only use 1GB the first night, your data will stop during the day and renew at night. That means you use 2 GB for two nights.

However, if you activated the data plan at once and cannot use the entire data plan you purchased on the first night, you will not be able to use it on the second night as the term has expired.

If this plan isn’t close to midnight I would have called it the MTN 200 for a 2GB weekly plan.

Note: MTN data plan 200 for 2GB night plan starts at 11 pm and ends at 6 am. That means enjoying your dates at 7 am every night.

So you have all the time to enjoy the MTN night plan compared to the Airtel night plan which only lasts 5 hours of usage.

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How do I check the MTN Data Plan 200 for 2GB Bonus?

After subscribing to this data plan, one of the things you should do is confirm that you are indeed receiving the data. You can do this by checking your balance.

To check your MTN 200 Naira for 2GB balance, dial *406#, choose the option “Nightlife Bundle” and reply with the option “Balance” to see the remaining data balance.

You can also dial the short code *406*3*3# to check your MTN N200 for 2GB of data credit, which will appear on your screen immediately after dialing the code.

MTN 200 For 2gb Code For 7 Days – FAQ

Which MTN plan offers 2GB for 200 nairas?

The MTN Pulse Rate Plan is the plan that allows you to subscribe to the MTN 200 data plan for a bundle of 2GB. This is simply because this data plan is hosted by MTN Pulse.

What is the MTN 200 for 2GB code for days?

Currently, the MTN 2 GB for the 200 naira bundle is not a seven-day data plan. Instead, it’s a night schedule that only lasts 7 hours at night. That’s why you can check out the MTN 300 for 1.5GB if you want the data bundle that works day and night and lasts 7 days.

What is MTN cheat code 200 for 2GB?

The MTN 200 cheat code for the 2GB data plan is *406*3*2#. Repeat this three times to activate the MTN cheat code 200 for the 2GB plan on your SIM card.

How to get 2GB for 200 on MTN?

On MTN you get 2GB for 200 by just dialing *406*3*2# and you get a 500MB data allowance. Then use the accumulation method by repeating this process three more times to get 2GB of data for just 200 nairas.

How to activate 2GB on MTN?

You can activate 2GB on MTN for N200 by simply migrating to the MTN Heart Rate plan and dialing *406*3*1# to subscribe to N25 for a 250MB data package. Then use the accumulation method by repeating this process seven more times (7x) to get 2GB of data for only 200 nairas.


MTN is without a doubt one of the best network providers in the country. There are many reasons for this, including cheap data plans like the MTN N200 for 2GB that we just discussed in this post.

I believe you will now have no problem activating the MTN 200 for 2GB code for 7 days. Also should you have known how to extend its lifespan by using the auto-renew method?

Please leave a comment below if you found this post helpful so we can pass it on to others who may need it.

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