How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online in 2024?

Looking for how to change my Zenith bank alert number online? Look no further as I have the answer to what you are looking for the best way to change your mobile number associated with your zenith bank account without going to the bank.

I love that Zenith Bank has made a good provision for their customers to update their KYC bank details without visiting the bank, and you can do this with Zenith Bank’s mobile app and internet banking.

To change my zenith bank alert number online you need to use the bank’s mobile app or internet banking. So if you haven’t already signed up for the Zenith Bank mobile app or Internet banking, it’s best to do so now before proceeding to change your mobile number online. Learn how to register for the Zenith Bank mobile app here.

How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online?

If you have not registered with Zenith Bank Mobile banking, see how to register your zenith bank mobile banking account using the app.

If you prefer to use Zenith Bank Internet Banking for this guide, no problem, check out how to sign up for Zenith Bank Internet Banking. Remember you need to complete the process at the bank and get your token.

Requirements to change my online zenith bank alert number

Following are the requirements to change your zenith bank alert number:

  • An active bank account
  • Your new mobile number
  • Bank mobile app or an Internet bank account
  • A hardware token to generate a token

Let me clarify, you cannot change your zenith bank phone number without using a token as this requires both the token and a PIN code. To generate a token you need to have a hardware token, it cost N3500 the last time I checked and you get this within the bank.

Now that you have these requirements ready, let’s move on to how to change my zenith bank alert number online.

1. How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online With A Mobile App

  • Log in to the app with your username and password
  • Tap MENU and tap Settings
  • Scroll down and you will see “Update Account Information”
  • Enter your email address and your new phone number and tap the confirm button.
  • Generate a token from your hardware token and enter it along with your mobile app transaction PIN.
  • Enter your transaction PIN and then the token PIN
  • You would have successfully changed your zenith bank phone number
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2. How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online with ATM

  1. Visit a zenith bank ATM
  2. Insert your ATM card
  3. Enter your secret PIN to access your profile
  4. Enter your account information, including your new phone number
  5. Confirm your action by entering your PIN again.

With the above, you would have successfully changed your Zenith bank account phone number.

How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number At The Bank

Find a Zenith Bank branch around you and go to the bank. Upon entering, go to customer service and speak to one of the representatives.

Request that you change the phone number associated with your bank account to a new one. If the customer service representative asks why, you can provide a reason, such as not using the old phone number anymore.

Now the customer service representative will give you a form to fill out, you need to calm down and fill out the form. Make sure the phone number you entered is very correct, if you make a single mistake in your phone number, the bank will not detect it.

So fill out the form, check what you’ve written and make sure everything is correct, and finally send the form back to customer service.

It will take up to 24 hours for the changes to appear in your account, although you should also contact the bank to see if they have updated your KYC with your new phone number.

So all this is how I can change my zenith bank alert number online and offline. You can also change your phone number through the ATM.

With both methods posted here, you will have no problem updating your Zenith bank account with your new phone number.

What Is Zenith Bank Whatsapp Number?

Does Zenith Bank have a Whatsapp number? Yes, ZiVa is the name of Zenith Bank’s Whatsapp number and you can reach it via +234-7040004422.

Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Just save Zenith Bank’s WhatsApp number +234-7040004422 on your phone line (where you receive Zenith Bank alerts) and say “hi” to Zenith Bank on WhatsApp.

You may want to contact the bank to learn how to change my zenith bank alert number online. Use the contact details to contact the bank and you will receive a quick response.

  • Email:
  • Call 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK

FAQs about Changing Your Alert Phone Number

How can I change my alert phone number in Zenith Bank?

Ah, the age-old question of changing your alert phone number in Zenith Bank! Fear not, my friend, for it’s a straightforward process. Let me walk you through the steps:
Log In to Your Zenith Bank Account: The first thing you need to do is log in to your Zenith Bank internet banking portal or mobile app. Make sure you remember your username and password!
Find “Profile Settings”: Once you’re inside, look around for the “Profile Settings” section. It’s like finding a hidden treasure on a digital map!
Click “Change Alert Phone Number”: You’re almost there! Inside the “Profile Settings,” keep an eye out for the option that reads “Change Alert Phone Number.” Give it a gentle click.
Verify Your Identity: Ah, security measures! Zenith Bank wants to make sure it’s really you making this change. Expect to receive a One-Time Password (OTP) on your current alert phone number or be prepared to answer some security questions.
Input Your New Phone Number: Here comes the exciting part! Type in your brand-new, shiny phone number into the provided field. Don’t let those slippery digits escape!
Confirm and Save: Take a deep breath, check that the new number is correct, and hit “Save” or “Confirm.” Congratulations, you’ve just leveled up in banking!
Done and Dusted!: That’s it! You’ve successfully changed your alert phone number with Zenith Bank. Now, all the essential updates and alerts will find their way to your new number.

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How can I change my Zenith alert number online?

Ah, the convenience of changing your Zenith alert number online! You’ll be delighted to know that updating your alert phone number can be easily accomplished through the Zenith Bank internet banking portal. Here’s how to do it:
Log In to Your Zenith Bank Account: First things first, log in to your Zenith Bank internet banking portal using your username and password. If you haven’t registered for internet banking yet, you might need to do that before proceeding.
Access “Profile Settings”: Once you’re in, navigate to the “Profile Settings” section. This is where you’ll find various personalization options for your account, including the option to change your alert phone number.
Choose “Change Alert Phone Number”: Inside the “Profile Settings” section, you’ll spot the golden option saying “Change Alert Phone Number.” Click on it to set the wheels in motion!
Identity Verification: Zenith Bank values your security, so they’ll want to verify your identity before proceeding with the change. Be prepared to receive a One-Time Password (OTP) on your current alert phone number or answer some security questions to prove it’s really you.
Input Your New Phone Number: Time to enter your new phone number! Carefully type in the fresh set of digits into the designated field. Double-check to avoid any mix-ups!
Confirm and Save: Take a moment to review the new number you’ve entered. If everything looks shipshape, hit the “Save” or “Confirm” button to finalize the change.
You’re All Set!: Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed your Zenith alert number online! From now on, all your account updates and alerts will be delivered to your new phone number.

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How do I link my Zenith account to my phone number?

Linking your Zenith account to your phone number is a crucial step to receive alerts, notifications, and stay updated about your account activities. It’s a seamless process, and I’m here to guide you through it! Here’s how you can do it:
Visit the Nearest Zenith Bank Branch: To link your Zenith account to your phone number, head over to the nearest Zenith Bank branch. You’ll need to visit in person to initiate the process.
Speak to a Customer Service Representative: Once you’re at the branch, kindly approach a customer service representative and let them know you want to link your account to your phone number. They’ll be more than happy to assist you!
Provide Necessary Identification: To ensure the security of your account, the bank will require some identification documents from you. Make sure to bring along a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
Fill Out a Form: The bank will likely have a form for you to fill out, indicating your request to link your phone number to your Zenith account. Fill it out accurately and thoroughly.
Verify Your Phone Number: The bank will take the necessary steps to verify the phone number you want to link to your account. This could involve sending a verification code to the number or other security measures.
Confirm and Save: Once everything checks out, the bank will update your account information, linking it to your phone number. Double-check with the customer service representative to ensure all the details are accurate.
Wait for Confirmation: After completing the process, you may receive a confirmation message or alert on your newly linked phone number. This is the bank’s way of letting you know that everything is set up correctly.
And that’s it! You’ve successfully linked your Zenith account to your phone number. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving timely alerts and staying updated on your account activities right on your mobile device.

Can I change my Zenith Bank phone number using the mobile app?

Yes! Zenith Bank offers mobile apps that allow you to update your phone number conveniently. Simply navigate to “My Profile” or “Profile Settings” in the app, and you’ll find the option to change your phone number.

Are there any charges for changing my phone number online?

As of now, Zenith Bank has not imposed any charges for changing your phone number online. However, it’s always best to check with the bank directly for the most up-to-date information.

How long does it take for the new phone number to become effective?

Usually, the update is almost instantaneous. Once you’ve successfully changed your phone number online, you should start receiving alerts and notifications on your new number right away.

Can I set multiple alert phone numbers for one account?

As of my last update, Zenith Bank allows only one alert phone number per account. Choose wisely!

Conclusion – How To Change My Zenith Bank Alert Number Online?

If you have any problems or issues with changing your zenith bank’s phone number, please contact your bank. I can help you with some answers in case you are confused somewhere in this post. With that, I close this post on how to change my zenith bank alert number online. You can leave your comments or contact your bank.