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Stanbic Internet Banking – How to Register, Login & Use Stanbic Bank Nigeria Online Banking

Stanbic Internet Banking – How to Register, Login & Use Stanbic Bank Nigeria Online Banking

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You have come to the right place if you want to know how to register for a Stanbic IBTC internet banking account in Nigeria. As we always do, we will give you all the details about what to request for the service.

Stanbic IBTC Internet Banking allows you to seamlessly use your Stanbic IBTC account on all devices. Gives you the freedom to bank on the go.

Stanbic Internet Banking is available for all Stanbic account holders, old and new.

The term Internet banking is often used to refer to banking activities or services that take place over the Internet. Internet banking is also synonymous with Internet banking, electronic banking, and virtual banking.

For new users, who register with the Stanbic Internet Bank and receive their login details, it will take no more than 5 minutes.

How to register for Stanbic Internet Banking

If you have a StanbicIBTC account and want to register for the first time. Follow the steps below. If you have already registered, you can skip these steps and find out how to activate your Stanbic online banking.

  • Visit the Stanbic IBTC website at ( and click the Register for Internet Banking link.
  • Enter your StanbicIBTC account number and agree to the terms and conditions. Click the Next button.
  • Choose 3 security questions of your choice whose answers you will remember and answer. These security answers are used to reset your password in case you forget it. Click next.
  • A 5-digit OTP code will be sent to your phone number associated with your Stanbic account. Enter the code in the space provided and click the verify button.
  • Create your password and confirm by entering the password again. Click the Finish button.
  • You should see a message that your online banking profile has been successfully created and linked to your StanbicIBTC account.
  • Call 999 999 9999 now to activate your account.
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Your StanbicIBTC internet banking login details (password and user ID) will be sent to your email address.

How to activate StanbicIBTC online banking

If you are already registered with StanbicIBTC Internet banking, you just need to activate:

Note: If you are using the StanbicIBTC mobile app, just use the same login credentials you use for the mobile app.

If you do not remember your StanbicIBTC password, you can retrieve it by going to the Stanbic website at (, click Forgot Password? Pair and follow the on-screen instructions.


These are the steps to follow to log in to your Stanbic IBTC online bank account:

  • Visit the Stanbic IBTC online banking website here.
  • Enter your user ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct bank login details.
  • Now click the “Login” button to log in to your online bank account at Stanbic Bank Nigeria.
  • Your Internet banking account will open for you immediately.

Now let’s see how you can check your account balance when you log in.


Following are the steps to check your Stanbic Bank Nigeria account balance online:

  • Open your browser on your phone or computer and go to
  • Enter your Stanbic IBTC user ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click the “Login” button to log in and view your account balance.
  • When your account is open, go to Accounts.
  • Finally, click on your bank account to see your current balance.
  • The account balance is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Do you know that sometimes you can forget your password?
  • Yes, that’s why they have a password recovery option.
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You can use this if you have lost your password. Read more below to find out how to reset your password.

How To Reset Your Stanbic Bank Nigeria Account Password?

Follow the procedures to reset your Stanbic IBTC Nigeria Online Banking Password if you have forgotten it.

  • Go to the Stanbic online banking login page here.
  • Click on the “Forgot password” button.
  • Enter your Stanbic Bank Nigeria Online Banking User ID.
  • Enter your Stanbic IBTC account number.
  • Now click ok, “Next” and proceed with the Internet banking password recovery process.
  • Enter the answers you configured for the security questions.
  • Click the “Next” button again.
  • Enter a new password.
  • You will receive a unique internet banking (OTP) PIN code by text message or email.
  • Enter the one-time (OTP) PIN in the field provided.
  • Confirm to complete the internet banking password recovery process.

Your Stanbic internet banking password will be reset to a new password.

This way you can recover your password if you forget it.

Stanbic Internet Banking Features.

These are the features you can expect when using Stanbic internet banking.

  • Local bank transfer (Inter and Intra)
  • International transfers (FX Transfer).
  • Western Union.
  • To deliver.
  • Pay bills and top up airtime
  • Manage beneficiaries.
  • View, download, and print account statements
  • Manage checks: request and stop.
  • Manage all your StanbicIBTC accounts.
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You can also register with Stanbic Internet Bank at any of its branches in Nigeria. That’s all you need to know about Stanbic internet banking.

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