Tax Topic 152 2024 – Everything you need to know

IRS tax topic 152 2022 what does it mean on tax transcript? Tax topics are a system the IRS uses to organize tax returns and share information with taxpayers. This is what it means to receive a message on Tax Topic 152.

When checking the status of your income tax return via the “Where is my refund?” tool on the IRS website, you will see a message that reads “Refer to Tax Topic 152.” In that case, you’ll want to know why you’re seeing this code and what to do about it.

Let’s take a look at what this problem is and what it means for your tax refund.

What Is Tax Topic 152 2024?

Topic 152 is a generic reference code that some taxpayers may see when they open the IRS Refund, Status Tool. Unlike other codes that a taxpayer may encounter, Tax Topic 152 requires no additional steps from the taxpayer.

According to the IRS, 9 out of 10 tax refunds are processed in their normal period of fewer than 21 days. However, if you find a reference to Tax Topic 152, your return may require further analysis and may take longer than the normal 21 days.

Please note that this topic on taxes does not mean that you made a mistake or did anything wrong when submitting your claim. It simply means that your return is pending and has not yet been approved or rejected.

What Does The Tax Topic 152 2024 On Refund Information On The Transcript Mean?

The IRS tax topic 152 2022 means a refund notice on the taxpayer’s tax statement, who has access to where my refund is and also requested a refund on a tax return.

The person gets information about the tax refund on their tax statement.

Because it’s a generic term and good news too, it’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t have a headache trying to figure out what it just means, and while the tax Topic is trying to let you know how long it will take to get a refund that you have applied for and sometimes situations that complicate the process.

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If you see tax item 152 on your tax statement, you should be happy because that means you will get your tax refund very close, which is why I said that those who have requested a refund on your tax return will get it too. Tax refund information message item 152 on your tax statement.

The IRS Tax Topic 152 refund information that appears on a user’s tax statement also confirms that a user has a place to send a refund for direct deposit, check, mail, etc.

Keep in mind that just seeing a refund on your tax software doesn’t necessarily mean you’re certain or guaranteed to get a refund; That’s not how it works, especially if you’re a debtor.

A creditor can charge or embellish your account with a writ and you will not receive a refund on your account. This is nothing new and has happened countless times.

In general, if you see tax topic 152 on your tax statement, you should be happy to get a refund on your down payment or check-in account for that particular year.

But remember that the situation can make payment difficult or late, or if a creditor issues a court order to seize or debit your account.

What does IRS tax topic 152 2024 Mean?

It’s a generic term that simply tries to tell a user who has requested a refund that a refund is on its way, although it’s not entirely specific when the refund will be made.

In general, Tax Topic 152 refund information simply means the refund of a tax statement.

Why Can The Processing Of My Tax Return Take Longer?

There are several reasons why your tax return may take a little longer to process and lead you to Topic 152. The following situations are some of the reasons:

  • Claiming an injured spouse
  • Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) attached
  • Refunds for corrected returns (refund usually received within 16 weeks of deposit)
  • Request a refund of withheld tax on Form 1042-S by completing a Form 1040-NR (refunds are generally received within six months of filing)

How can I make sure there are no delays?

Before completing your tax return, make sure you have all the necessary information to hand. This can be:

  • Forms related to the income you received, such as W-2’s or 1099’s
  • All forms needed to report your health insurance, such as Form 1095
  • Last year’s income tax return and taxpayer identification number
  • Personally identifiable information such as full names, social security numbers, and birth dates of you, your spouse, and any dependents

Tax Topic 152 Good Or Bad

Tax Topic 152 2022 is very good because it tries to notify a taxpayer who has applied for a refund that the claim has been granted, and the refund will be paid to the user shortly via direct deposit, check, or mail.

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Should I Be Concerned About Tax Topic 152 2024?

Not really. It’s fine to have the IRS tax code 152 on your transcript. If you have any questions, please contact your IRS representative for assistance. You can also contact a tax specialist for more information.

As we said before, don’t worry. Wait for a while for the system to update.

Tax Refund Information 152

I understand why users ask if the tax Topic of IRS 152 is good or bad because the first time they see it on the tax statement it can cause a sudden hiccup, but there is nothing to worry about for whatever reason.

If you didn’t request a refund through Where’s My Refund, you’ll see the refunded item 152 on your tax statement.

Why Does My Refund Say It Is Still Processing?

Your refund says it’s still being processed because the IRS is working on it. You have to wait for the processing to finish to see what happens next.

For tax-related questions, you should contact one of the IRS representatives for assistance.

For some of you, the message may be “your tax return is still being processed”.

You can also contact a tax specialist to help you with any problems you may encounter when filing your tax return or requesting a refund.


IRS code 152 and tax Topic 152 are not bad things. You shouldn’t be making the 152 2022 tax issue good news and you should be happy, even if it’s a generic term that doesn’t indicate the exact time or date you’ll receive your refund.

What Does Tax Topic 152 Under Review Mean?

Tax Topic 152 does not mean that it will be revised at all, but in the real sense, it simply means that your claim for refund has been awarded and will soon be paid by certain things that could prevent the refund.

From my observation, it appears that when a user sees tax refund information from Topic 152 on their tact transcript after requesting a refund, it means that the request has been granted, and hence the message for tax Topic 152 2022 appears on their tax statement.

Why have my bars disappeared in the WMR (Tax Topic 152 no bars 2024)

This is a system error caused by the IRS website being overloaded with traffic and no longer able to process requests.

If your tax Topic 152 no bars or is probably stuck in a bar or your whole bar disappears don’t panic or get a headache because it means nothing and with or without a bar you will receive your refund.

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One of the main causes of bar disappearance or lack of bar is usually caused by the IRS website becoming overloaded with traffic and lagging due to the overload.

Even if you run out of bars or you probably only have one bar left, you’ll still receive your refund as long as you’ve seen the Tax Refund Information Notice 152 on your tax statement.

To keep track of the status of your refund, I recommend logging into your tax account and tapping View my statement. Once you have received code 846, it means that you will receive the refund on the date indicated.

What prevents you from not receiving your refund?

The main issue a person will face, whether or not they will be able to receive a refund after seeing the tax refund information item 152 on their tax statement, is when a creditor shows up.

If you are a debtor, you should not cause a creditor in full with a court order that can eliminate all repayments that should have been paid to you.

It happens and I’ve seen it happen a few times, especially if you owe a large amount. Sometimes the debtor keeps a small amount for household expenses that don’t even come.

It’s good news to see the IRS Tax Refund Information Notice 152 on your tax statement and you should be happy about it, but if you’re a debtor, think twice, especially if a creditor has a warrant against you.

Seeing the tax topic 152 refund information message on your tax statement won’t be a problem because you now know what it means and what the message is trying to tell you.

IRS Codes

IRS transaction codes, as well as IRS code 826, are used to indicate the stages of processing and evaluation of returns.

The codes indicate the history of actions and how to document them in the master file, which can be one of the IRS’s many electronic tax return verification and processing systems.

To track taxpayer returns, the IRS uses several separate master files.

  • IMF, or individual master file
  • BMF or Business Master File
  • EPMF or Employee Plan Master File
  • IRM, or Return Information Master File
  • IRAF or Individual Retirement Account Master File

Codes on a taxpayer’s statement will reflect the sequence of events that occurred after the return was received and processed.

It could indicate actions that were rolled back while the return was being processed. Codes in most cases should mean nothing to the taxpayer.

The IRS uses the numbers and letters to track changes in tax returns from year to year.

A typical example of IRS codes is the tax refund information on the transcript.

Remember that IRS tax Topic 152 good or bad, the answer is right, because seeing the message on your tax statement simply means you’ll get your refund quickly as requested.