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How Do You Make Money with PiggyVest – Complete Guide To PiggyVest 2021

How Do You Make Money with PiggyVest 2024– Is PiggyVest approved by CBN?

Would you like to know how to earn money on PiggyVest by saving money? This post will show you how, and answer some questions like Is PiggyVest approved by CBN? How does PiggyVest work? How to register and so on.

Formerly known as a piggy, PiggyVest is an online platform that helps people save money to achieve their goals. The platform also allows people to invest their money in various ventures and get up to 25% return on investment for just 8 months or more. Saving yields up to 13% interest. They are widely regarded as the largest online savings and investment platform in Nigeria.

There are several ways to save. You can save as an individual or as a group. You can save with a friend, with your husband or wife, you can save with anyone. The website and app are very popular in Nigeria. All the little money you waste every day, week, or month can turn into a huge amount if you save it. Saving for the rainy days is a good habit.

How Does PiggyVest Investment Work?

PiggyVest works this way: You have a financial goal that you want to achieve. It could be to start a business, pay rent, or whatever. Maybe you just want to save a million naira, ten million nairas, or more. You create an account on PiggyVest and start saving. They pay you interest of up to 13% on your savings. You can save daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want. There is an option to save automatically. For example, you may decide to save between ₦50 and ₦20,000 or more each day. Set the amount you want to save and it will be automatically debited from your account every day.

You can also choose to save weekly. For example, you decide to save 1,000 to 50,000 per week or more. You can also set it up and the money will be debited from your bank account every week. The same applies if you want to save monthly.

However, if you prefer to save when you want without money being automatically debited from your bank account, there is also an option. It is a so-called QuickSave. You choose when you want to save. Just go to the app or website, log in, and save. However, you want to save.

You can also choose to save with a friend, family, spouse, or a group of people. You have to agree with the people about how much you want to save and for how long. Then start saving! Once it reaches the date you set, the money is transferred to every account of everyone who saves.

When you save, there are very few withdrawal dates in a year. The reason is to keep you disciplined. But you can withdraw at any time outside the withdrawal date with a penalty.

There is an option to block money. If you have the money you don’t want to touch it. Maybe it’s for house rent, school fees, business, or whatever. You can lock it in and get 13% interest paid out to you in advance.

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One very good thing about this platform is that you can invest money. Many startups need capital. You can look them up and choose the one that is good enough for you and invest. It’s very easy. Just a few clicks and you’re done. You can start investing for as little as ₦3000!

Imagine all the 100, 500, ₦1000, or even more that you waste every week or month. If you save or invest them on this platform, you will be amazed at how much you earn in a year plus interest!

Is it safe to use PiggyVest – Is PiggyVest approved by CBN?

Is PiggyVest approved by CBN? It is safe to save or invest money on this platform. They are duly registered as PiggyTech Global Limited – RC 1405222. In early 2018, they acquired a microfinance bank and its license. They are also a registered cooperative called Piggytech Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited, with registration number 16555.

All the money saved on this platform is stored and managed by AIICO Capital, the leading wealth management company in Nigeria, registered and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Your card details are also saved. The data is not stored on their website. They partner with Paystack, a leading Nigerian payment processor that is PCI-DSS compliant to process your data. The site is extra secured with an SSL-encrypted connection.

How to Register on Piggyvest

Registering on PiggyVest is very easy.

Follow the instructions here;

  • Visit the Piggyvest website here
  • Click on the “Create a Free Account” button
  • Fill in your Information and click “Create a Free Account”
  • You can download the PiggVest app if you prefer, or you can create an account on the website. However, to enjoy the best experience of piggyvest, I recommend you download the piggyvest app. It’s available to both Android and IOS devices.
  • Login after verifying your account and setting up your withdrawal information

How To Save Money On PiggyVest

Follow these steps to save money on PiggyVest:

1. Create an account

The first step is to create an account. Creating an account is very easy. All you need is your phone number, password, and name. Click here to create an account.

2. Choose your savings option

Once you create an account. There are various savings options. There is PiggyBank, Safelock, and Target Saving. Choose which one suits you. You can read more about each of them below.

3. Set up your data and start saving

If you choose Piggybank, you have to set how much you want to save automatically and whether this is daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also decide to save manually whenever you want. For Safelock, set how much you want to lock and when you want to record. For target savings, set how much your target is. Invite friends if you want to join and choose a recording date

How To Invest Money With PiggyVest

Follow these steps to invest money with PiggyVest

1. Create an account

The first step is to create an account. The process is very simple. Click here to create an account

2. Navigate to Invest

Once you are in your piggyVest account dashboard. You will see many options on the screen. Click on invest or ‘invest for the future. That is it.

3. Assess investment opportunities and invest.

You will find various investment opportunities there. Click on whoever you want and invest. The minimum amount you can invest in most opportunities is N3000. Some are more.

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How do you make money with PiggyVest?

How can you make money with Piggy Vest in Nigeria? There are 3 main ways to make money with Piggy Vest in Nigeria

  • SAVINGS- Earn up to 13% annual Interest from saving annually
  • INVESTMENT- Earn up to 25% Returns on Investments annually
  • BONUS-Referral programs – click here now to sign up for free and get 1000 credited to your account Instantly! (when you deposit a min of ₦100)

PiggyVest Features

There are several functions as explained below:


PiggyBank is, as the name implies, the PiggyBank on PiggyVest. That saves you money. If you intend to save money personally to achieve your goals, then this feature is for you. Do you remember all the money you wasted on those pointless things? As small as it is, you can save it here. You also get a great interest in it. In 1 or 2 years, that little money will be big!

If you save ₦100 every day, that’s 36,500 a year plus interest it can add up to 40,000. If you save ₦5,000 each month, that’s 60,000 a year plus interest it can add up to over ₦67,000.

And if you decide to save ₦20,000 of your paycheck every month, that’s 240,000 a year plus interest that can take it to over ₦270,000

You can save as long as you want. The longer you save, the bigger the money and the higher the interest.

You can automatically save money every day every week or every month. The money is automatically debited from your bank account. If you don’t like that, no problem, because there is a feature called Quicksave. Quicksave allows you to manually save money whenever you want. If you choose the quick save options, you will need to log in to the app or website to manually save whenever you want.

You can pause your savings at any time and continue later. If you have no money to save for a month, no problem, you can pause the savings or use Quicksave.

You can also choose to increase the amount you save. Everything is in your hands.

You can withdraw money directly from your PiggyBank. But to encourage discipline, there are very few shooting dates per year.

  • Every March 31
  • All June 30
  • Every September 30
  • Every December 31

You can also change this date yourself

Investify (Investing for the future)

Investify is one of the features of PiggyVest that helps people invest in low-risk investment opportunities. These investment opportunities are examined and approved by the company. Each investment has its own protection. If you are concerned about it being insured, read before investing as each investment opportunity has different insurance coverage.

With just ₦3000 you can invest and get up to 25% return on your investments. Interest is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the investment.

You can trade your shares at any time or liquidate your investment at any time

While these are third-party investments. However, PiggyVest does due diligence for approval. And they provide additional capital protection. You should read any investment carefully before investing.

There are several investment opportunities in agriculture, real estate, fixed-income assets, and more.

Safelock (locking Funds)

Safelock is a feature on Piggy Vest that allows users to lock up money until a specified time. You earn up to 13% of the money you lock up. It works like a fixed deposit.

It’s very easy. For example, if you need to pay ₦300k over a year for your house rent or your children’s school fees, or maybe you just stumble upon some money, you can use a safe lock to lock the money in until you need it. That’s to avoid spending it. Just set the amount you want to lock and how long you want to lock it.

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The interest is paid to you in advance. Once the time you set it, the money will be released automatically for you to use. You can have many safe lock accounts.

The minimum amount you can lock in is ₦1000.

Target savings

Goal Saving is a feature that allows users to save money by themselves or with friends and family or with a group of people to achieve a particular goal. For example, you plan to start a business within 12 months. You can create a target savings account to save for that purpose only. You can also invite others to save. Once you reach 70% of the target, you can withdraw for free on your set date. Target savings yield 10% interest.

If you are planning a trip with friends. You can create target savings for it. Invite your friends and you can all start saving. The minimum duration you can set is 30 days.


PiggyFlex is the main account where all your interest, savings, and targets are deposited. From here you can withdraw or transfer money to other people.

For example, the money you save on your PiggyBank is sent here when you withdraw money. Same as those on your investment, safelock, and target savings.

You can withdraw money directly to your bank account at any time from here.

PiggyVest interest rates

The platform pays you interest when you save money with them.

  • 10% per year on core savings (Moneybox Savings)
  • More than 13% per year on SafeLock
  • 10% per year on both target and group savings

PiggyVest Points

The point is a system that rewards customers for saving with the platform. You earn points to save and you can convert points into money.

How many points you earn depends on how much you save. Here’s a breakdown:

  • N2000 – N4999 = 1 point
  • N5000 – N9999 = 2 points
  • N10000 – N49999 = 10 points
  • N50000 – N99999 = 25 points
  • N100000 and above = 55 points

The value of each point is N10. That is 1 Piggy Point = N10.

PiggyVest Customer Service

Here are the details of the customer service:

Customer service phone number

  • The PiggyVest customer service phone number is 0700 933 933 933

Email customer service

  • The customer service of Piggyvest is

PiggyVest mobile app

The PiggyVest app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store and App Store. You can also click here and download what suits you.

PiggyVest Headquarters Address

The head office address of Piggy vest is at 16 Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

PiggyVest website

The website is

PiggyVest Login

You can log into your account at any time via the app or website. All you need for Piggyvest login is your email address or phone number with your password.


Piggyvest has revolutionized the way Nigerians save and Invest is the first digital savings app in Nigeria.

Since its launch in 2016, it has become a staple in the Nigerian fintech industry by providing people with ample opportunities to save, invest, and earn money safely and without fear and with almost guaranteed ROI.

Piggyvest offers one of the best interest rates you can find on the market, but that doesn’t mean there is no competition.

There are other great apps for saving and investing in Nigeria such as Cowrywise, V by VFD, Rise Vest, Bamboo, Chaka, Trove, etc. What other Nigerian investment apps do you know or use? Let us know in the comments below.

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