How To Borrow Data On MTN in Nigeria 2022?

You can not only borrow airtime on MTN Nigeria. You can also borrow data. If you run out of data and don’t have the money to buy a new one right away, you can borrow and repay it later through the XtraByte service.

There are several ways to borrow data on MTN Nigeria. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities below;

MTN Borrow Data Code

You can borrow data on MTN Nigeria by using MTN borrow data Code. Below are the steps to borrow data using this procedure;

  • Dial *606#: Grab your phone and dial the USSD code *606# and wait for a list to appear on your screen so you can make a choice. Before doing this, make sure that the SIM card in your phone is an MTN SIM card.
  • Select XtraByte: After choosing the USSD code and seeing the list, simply select XtraByte to proceed with the process.
  • Choose the desired data package: After you have selected XtraByte, the system will show you all the data packages that you are allowed to borrow. In that case, select your preferred data package to continue.
  • Confirm Transaction: After you have selected your preferred data package, the XtraByte service will send you a message with the data package you have selected and the applicable service fee. You must also confirm or reject the transaction. Just confirm to continue.
  • Receive your details: After you confirm the transaction you wish to perform, your details will be sent to your XtraByte account. Your main account will be debited with the package amount + service costs and you will receive a successful notification.

How To Borrow Data on MTN Using IVR Code – 606

You can also borrow data on MTN Nigeria through 606 IVR. All you need to do is follow the steps below;

  • Dial 606: Pick up your phone, dial 606, and wait for the voice prompt.
  • Select Language: After dialing the number and activating the voice prompt, the system will ask you to select a preferred language between English, Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba. Go ahead and choose a preferred language
  • Select XtraByte: After selecting your preferred language, the voice prompt will ask you to select XtraTime or XtraByte. Since you are trying to borrow data, just choose XtraByte.
  • Select the data package you want: After you select XtraByte, the voice prompt will read out all the data packages you can borrow. Choose the option that suits you best.
  • Confirm Transaction: After you select your preferred data package, the voice prompt will read out a message containing your selected data package plus the attached service charge.
  • You will then be asked to confirm the transaction. Go ahead and confirm.
  • Receive your details: After you confirm the transaction, your details will be sent to your XtraByte account. Your main account will then be debited from your main account with the amount of the data package lent plus the service costs. You will also receive a successful notification.

Eligibility to Borrow Data to MTN Nigeria

Not every user of the MTN network is authorized to use the XtraByte service. To be eligible for the service, you must meet the following criteria;

  1. You must have paid all outstanding XtraByte credit requests
  2. You must have registered your MTN number
  3. You must be a prepaid customer of MTN Nigeria
  4. You must have been using the MTN SIM card for more than 3 months to qualify
  5. You must have spent at least N200 monthly for at least 3 months
  6. You must have between N0 and N75 in your main account

What are the service costs?

When borrowing data from MTN Nigeria, keep in mind that you will have to pay a service fee. But how much do you get billed? Well, the information gathered shows that for every data package you borrow from MTN Nigeria, you will be charged a 15.36% service fee (including VAT). The mentioned service costs are settled with the data package that you have borrowed and your main account is debited with the package amount plus the service costs.

How much data can you borrow from MTN Nigeria?

The amount of data that a person can borrow from MTN Nigeria depends on the profile of the client.

Several factors, including how much data you load regularly and how long you’ve been on the web. When you start your loan application, you will be presented with the smallest and highest amount of data you can borrow.

When must the loan be repaid?

When you borrow data on MTN Nigeria, you are expected to repay the loan on your next top-up. This means that the next time you charge your phone with Airtime, the airtime equivalent of the borrowed data will be immediately debited from your account. Learn how to borrow data on mtn without paying back here.

Is it possible to transfer borrowed data?

The obvious answer to this question is, “No!” You cannot transfer data that you have borrowed from MTN Nigeria to another MTN number. However, you can share your data with someone else if you purchased that data in the normal way.

Is it better to use borrowed airtime to buy data or just borrow data?

The answer to this question depends on you, the customer who wants to take out a loan. If you need both airtime and data and you don’t have the money to buy it right now, you’ll have to borrow airtime from the network, buy some data with it, and save the remaining airtime for calls you need to contact.

However, if you only need data, it is better to borrow the data directly without borrowing airtime first.

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