MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 Days Code

What is the MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 Days Code? Mtn data plan comes in different forms but today we are going to look specifically at the MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days code. MTN is undoubtedly the leading telecommunications network in Nigeria but you can agree with me that their data plans must be quite expensive over the years.

Data is indeed oxygen, it is a need that must be satisfied. Just like finding food to eat, everyone needs to find a way to get data regardless of the condition.

Ever wondered how to buy data no matter how broke you are? lol, that’s to tell you how important data and the internet are. I can’t even imagine the world without data and the internet.

MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 Days Code

Despite this, MTN Nigeria is not helping businesses with their exorbitant prices for data plans, which has caused many users to flee to other telecom operators in an attempt to get cheap and affordable data plans.

However, the launch of the mtn 2gb bi-weekly plan has brought many smiles to our faces. I have to admit this is a good step in the right direction and we hope to see more of this from mtn.

This post will show you the MTN 500 for 2GB code to subscribe and stay connected online.

You can imagine a situation where you are surfing the Internet and a message comes from MTN Nigeria that your current data plan has been used up.

I understand that sentiment which is why I bring the MTN 2GB for 500 Naira code that gives you more value for less money spent on airtime. Now follow the instructions below correctly to activate it immediately and also learn how to use 500 to get 2GB on MTN.

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So in this post, we are going to see the mtn weekly and biweekly data plan and MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days code. I have a special gift for you at the end of this post, make sure you read to the end to receive it.

How to Activate MTN 500 For 2GB For 14 Days

In recent times, mtn Nigeria has introduced many data bonuses and promo offers such as the mtn 200 for 1 GB for 7 days 2021, mtn 200 for 2GB code, mtn 500 for 2 GB, and many others.

These data plans provide the added value of data to give you the best experience on the web. The mtn 500 naira data plan for browsing comes in two forms, we have the daily and weekly (14 days) 500 naira data plan.

With only 500 Naira, you will enjoy days and even weeks of more value from your data. This data is usable on all devices, Android, tablets, iPads, iphone, modems, etc. You can also collect and refresh them when they expire or are exhausted.

MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days Code

The mtn 500 for 2GB that we are going to look at first is the one that is valid for 14 days (2 weeks). It is also in the group of the mtn 200 for 1 GB for 7 days that we talked about earlier, in this case, you get 2 GB of data for only 500 naira which is valid for 14 days. However, this plan is selective and doesn’t really work on all sims, but don’t worry about that as we’ve already covered how to qualify for this plan.

MTN 500 For 2Gb For 14 Days Code

So cute, you get a whopping 2 gigabytes for just 500 nairas of airtime. See how to enable it below:

  • First, top up your MTN line with at least N500 credit.
  • Then dial *121*1# in your phone dialer app. Or dial *121# and select “MTN Data4Me”.
  • You can also dial *131*1# and select the 2-day data plan.

The alternative code for mtn 2GB for 500 for 7 days is *131*65#

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How To Subscribe to the MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days; Alternative method

  • Dial *131*65#
  • You will be presented with a list of data plans for which you are eligible.
  • Select 4 for a 2GB biweekly subscription: cost N500
  • Press Send

Further details of the data plan including validity data will be sent to you. To check the data balance, dial *131*4#.

Below are other mtn 500 data plans that you may like, these do not require eligibility.

MTN 500 Naira for 2GB / Mtn 4GB for 500 Naira

This mtn data plan code is for 500 naira, but you know the best part? you also get an extra 2GB data bonus! if you have a new sim making it a total of 4 GB for only 500 nairas. Wow, this is huge and calls for a party!

This is called the 100% data offer for new mtn 4G sims and is valid for 6 months. I remember using this data offer a few months ago with so much anger and excitement because I was so mad at mtn for putting up with this for too long before allowing it.

Well, that was before I discovered the mtn 200 for 1GB. The above mtn data plan remains one of the best data plans that you can subscribe to, below is the code for the 500 naira mtn data plan.

For all heavy file downloaders like me, this is the best deal for us. You can also use this data to watch YouTube, stream songs/videos, play HD games online, chat with your friends, and even browse.

Okay enough of the talk, if you have your mobile device with mtn sim and of course, you have 500 naira airtime then

  • Call *131#
  • Select 1 – Data Plans
  • Select 1 – Day Plans Plan
  • Select 5 – N500 for 2GB
  • Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renew or One Time

That is it! you will be notified of your successful activation of the data plan. Further details of the plan, including your additional 2GB bonus, will be sent to you shortly after. (bonus only for new mtn 4g sims)

The only downside to this plan is that it is only valid for 2 days after which the unused ones will be terminated, but another good side is that you can roll over unused data when you auto-renew.

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The remaining data will be added to your next subscription if you set it to auto-renewal. And you can subscribe as often as you want. If the 2-day 500 naira mtn data plan is not right for you, there is another one for you to try.

500 Naira Mtn Data Plan – Weekly

This mtn data plan code gives you 750 MB that you can use for 14 days (2 weeks) for only 500 nairas. If you are an honest data user and don’t have too heavy files to download or stream then this plan is best for you.

To activate this subscription, dial *131#

  • Select 1 – Data Plans
  • Select 2 – Weekly Subscriptions
  • Select 2 – N500 for 750 MB (2-week subscription)
  • Select 1 or 2 – Auto Renew or One Time

That is it! you will be notified of your successful activation of the data plan and you will also receive more details about the plan. Bonuses for new sims will still be applied.

Special gift

Oh, do you think I would go without dropping this special gift? it would be very selfish of me to enjoy this alone, take it now.

Dial *121# with your new or old mtn sim, select MTN Top Deals 4ME, then select the special offer you like and flex as if you own the internet. You can also check out how to get 1GB for N200 on mtn.

Conclusion – MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days

That is the weekly and bi-weekly mtn data plan code for 500 naira and MTN 500 for 2GB for 14 days code, choose one that suits you, at least it is affordable. If this post was helpful to you, show a little appreciation by sharing this mtn 500 for 2gb for 7 days code with your friends using the share buttons on this post, it will go a long way, see you soon!

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