[MTN New Code] All Latest MTN Data Cheat Codes – How to Get MTN 120GB Free Data Cheat in Nigeria?

The latest MTN data cheat passes into broad categories, the latest MTN data cheat codes 2024 and MTN cheat code for free calls. I will show you the latest MTN cheat code 2024 for free browsing first and then move on to the charging aspect.

Unlike most of our previous Airtel free browsing cheats, this MTN data cheat does not require a VPN app. The procedure to get this latest free browsing cheat is simple and does not support any technical in using the latest MTN cheat code for data 2024.

Before starting the process, it would be good if you encrypt data. You may also want to know more about the Mtn beta talk and MTN Yafun Yafun call rate.

Latest MTN cheat for free data 120 GB – MTN Cheat 120GB

MTN cheat for data is not new, but this mtn cheat 120GB that will give you 120 GB of data, I bet you have never seen anything like it. Trust me, you will enjoy this latest MTN cheat for free data and later for free voice calls.

As I mentioned before, this MTN-free data cheat does not require a VPN. Unlike most of Airtel’s previous free browsing cheats, here you just have to choose a USSD code.

Okay, let’s just go ahead and activate our first MTN cheat 120GB free internet data code. To activate your first free internet data, follow my guide below and you’ll be up and running with the latest MTN cheat in no time.

  • Go to your phone’s dialer
  • Open and dial *131*7*5*1#
  • A pop-up message is displayed
  • You are asking to subscribe to 50 GB of data for N20,000
  • Select and reply with 1 to accept the data offer
  • Then press the send button to activate the latest MTN cheat
  • You must now enter your MSISDN
  • Now enter your MTN mobile number and send it
  • Shortly after sending, you will receive an error message that your subscription failed
  • Don’t worry, just *131*4# to check your MTN balance
  • Then you see that your 120.00 MB is fully activated and ready for use

I think that was easy and sweet right? yes, it was, enjoy the latest MTN data cheat while it lasts. If this trick doesn’t work for you, I have another that currently works for all MTN users, including you.

Just try the following MTN Free data code, I’m sure it will work fine. You still read about mtn free browsing code, mtn free internet, mtn WhatsApp cheat, mtn cheat 120GB, and the latest mtn cheat 2021.

Mtn Data Cheat 2022/2023: How to Get Free Data on MTN

How to get a free mtn data cheat code. This trick is very simple and doesn’t require Airtime users to subscribe to anything or get the tunneling app working. A simple code is enough to activate the free 900 GB.

Oh! less I forgot, this MTN data cheat code is for all MTN users worldwide. Find the procedure below.

MTN data cheat code requirements:

  1. Your Nigerian MTN SIM card with no data or airtime.
  2. Android, iOS, or computer devices
  3. Configuration Settings


To get free data, dial MTN data cheat code *131*7*5*1*1# repeatedly to collect it. You get 120GB and repeat the process to keep accumulating your data and get as much as you want. Note: This post is for educational purposes only! You are responsible for your actions and their use.

MTN Beta Talk Cheat Code for Free Data

  • How to Activate Latest Unlimited 0.0kb mtn beta talk cheat 2021 for Free Browsing
  • Migrate to mtn call beta or pulse (BT to 131)
  • Download the VPN app at
  • Install the app
  • Select mtn unlimited server (server list)
  • Select Unlimited Tweak mtn (Settings List)
  • Finally, click Connect and enjoy unlimited browsing
  • Remember that you don’t need data and airtime as this works like a hammered VPN setup.

Latest MTN Free Cheat – Call Cheat Code

This is not like the regular MTN cheat you have seen on other sites. You can manipulate the MTN beta talk bonus to your advantage, all you need to do is top up a large amount to start your latest MTN cheat.

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Since beta talk gives you a bonus and allows you to use your bonus before using your main credit, we will cheat them. Before we get started with this cheat, you need to buy a new or old MTN SIM card and migrate to MTN beta talk.

Latest MTN Data Cheat 2023

This 2022 mtn data cheat is not like others, this cheat requires you to download a VPN app. The VPN is not what gives you free internet access.

The VPN covers your tracts and helps you browse anonymously to avoid detection by the ISP. Don’t worry just yet, it’s not a big deal. I will now walk you through the entire configuration process.

Before I get into the setup process, please note that you will need to download a VPN app.

  • Go to the google play store
  • Search and download 24 Clan VPN pro
  • Install now and wait for the installation to complete
  • Open the app
  • After installation, tap the app to connect
  • If it doesn’t connect, we need to do more configuration
  • Click on the settings icon “choose server” or “none”,
  • Then select any tweak servers

How to load the latest MTN cheat

To migrate, simply dial *123*2*1# or text the word BT to 131 to migrate. Now charge MTN line between 1,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira range.

What if you charged N5,000? Do the math! You get an N12,000 airtime bonus. After your top-up and you get your bonus, you can now call as you like, make sure to complete the bonus before moving to the next step (very important) for the latest MTN cheat.

Now, after charging, you can start calling and make sure to complete the bonus. After you get the bonus, you need to migrate from beta talk to MTN Pulse.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2023

The new 2023 MTN free browsing cheat is not quite a free MTN data cheat, but it is very cheap. This new MTN free browsing cheat allows eligible MTN subscribers to subscribe to 1GB of data at a cheaper rate.

I think that must be a bit gratifying to hear that you can get 1 GB of data for only #200. I have been using this cheat for a while now and it still works 100% you too can start using it today.

This process involves collecting MTN #50, and #50 internet data 4 times to make 1GB. If you want to activate this mtn free browsing cheat for 1GB then follow my steps below……………….

  • Open your phone
  • Dial *131*25#
  • Now #50 will be deducted from your airtime
  • Soon you will get 250 MB
  • Dial the code 3 more times to receive more data
  • Now you can enjoy your 1 GB which is valid for 7 days

This free MTN data code is still working now, so try everything you can to enjoy it too. The process is simple, just choose the code 4 times and you will get 1 GB, that’s all, if this doesn’t work I’ll say

MTN Data Cheat Codes 2023

MTN data cheat codes 2022 is not an internet trick in itself. Rather, this is a compilation of MTN cheat codes for free browsing, voice calls, and other important USSD codes.

Please note that this is not a tutorial, but a compilation of shortcodes. These codes will help you complete most of your daily MTN tasks and operations.

You can call it MTN shortcode library or USSD code library. So let’s get started if you ever want to perform a task and you forget the code, the table below will help you.

Here are steps to activate the latest free browsing mtn cheat code

  • N50 gives 250 MB/3 days. Dial *131*25#
  • N100 gives 250MB/3 days. Dial *131*65*1#
  • N200 gives 1 GB/7 a day. Dial *131*65*2#
  • N1000 gives 4 GB/30 days. Dial *131*65*3#
  • N0.00 gives 120 GB/30 days. Call *131*751#
  • N1000 gives unlimited calling Dial *123*2*1#

At the time of writing this article, all this free call and data cheat code works 100%. If you try any of the MTN data cheat codes that suit your budget and purpose, make sure you enjoy these browsing cheat codes while they still work.

Cheat Code for MTN Data Bundle

This is not a cheat code for the MTN data plan, but a tip on how to manipulate the MTN data plan system to your advantage, as I am doing now. Trust me, this trick is cool, but it’s not free, so MTN does charge you some fees.

This is approximately MTN 2GB for a #500 biweekly subscription. This method I am going to show only works on NEW MTN SIM cards that are less than 3 months old.

I will advise you to get a new MTN SIM card and register it if you want to enjoy this as well. So if you don’t have a new SIM card, get it now before you go ahead.

If you already have a new MTN SIM card, let’s move on to activating the latest MTN cheat.

To get started, follow the guide below:

  • Buy a new MTN SIM card
  • Register and activate the sim
  • Recharge now #500 naira airtime
  • After charging the card
  • Dial *131*1*1# and send
  • You will be presented with a new window to select a biweekly plan you want
  • Comment with 5, that’s the 2GB for #500 plan that is valid for 7 days
  • After that, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to auto-renew or not
  • Choose whether you renew or not and send
  • You will then receive a 2 GB data balance with an additional 4 GB of data as your MTN Yafun Yafun bonus
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Note: the MTN Yafun yYfun bonus is valid for 7 days instead of the 2 days for which you use the 2GB. After the validity of 2 days, you can no longer use the remaining 4 GB balance.

Now the trick comes in, just top up another #300 airtime and subscribe to a weekly MTN data plan then your 4GB will be rolled over. That’s all hope you will enjoy it.

MTN Data Cheat Codes for Cheap Data Bundles

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy cheap data bundles on MTN, there are several cheat codes you can use to get more data for less money. Here are some of the most popular MTN data cheat codes:

MTN Data Cheat for 20 Naira

With this cheat, you can get a whopping 75MB data volume for just 20 Naira. To activate it, recharge your MTN line with at least N20 airtime, then dial 13110# and select the 75MB for the N25 data package when the pop-up appears. The bundle will be activated instantly.

MTN Data Cheat Code for 50 Naira

This cheat code gives you 200MB of data for just 50 Naira. To activate it, ensure you have at least 50 Naira airtime on your MTN line, then dial 13125# and subscribe to the 200MB for the N50 package.

MTN Data Cheat for 100 Naira

There are several cheat codes and tricks that can get you more data for 100 Naira on the MTN network. Here are two of the most popular:

  • MTN Cheat Code 100 For 1GB: Recharge your line with at least N100, ensure you’re using an MTN 4G LTE SIM, then download the myMTN app and register or log in to your account. Click on “Data Offer,” scratch the cards until you find the 1GB package, then click “Buy Now” to activate the subscription.
  • MTN Cheat Code 100 For 500MB: Recharge with at least N100 airtime, then dial *121# and select the “Data4ME” option. Choose the 500MB bundle that costs 100 Naira. Note that this cheat only works for some selected customers and is more likely to work on 4G SIMs and older SIMs.

MTN Data Cheat for 200 Naira

To activate this cheat, you need to have a 4G SIM or a very new SIM. The activation is also based on luck and eligibility. MTN picks the SIMs it wants to delight with the bonus, and only those SIMs are eligible. If you’re eligible, MTN will send you an SMS with the activation code 567140. You can also dial 131205# or *121# to check if you’re eligible for the cheat.

These are some of the popular MTN data cheat codes that can help you enjoy more data for less money. Note that cheats and hacks are not officially supported by MTN and may have adverse effects on your phone or network connection.

MTN 500 Naira Cheat Code

Similar to the MTN 1GB data hack, you can activate this cheat code for the MTN 500 Naira package using the MTN mobile app. Follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Make sure you’re using an MTN 4G LTE SIM.
  2. Download the myMTN app and register an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. On the dashboard, select “Data Offer.”
  4. Scratch the cards one by one until you find the 5GB package for N500.
  5. Recharge your line with at least N500 airtime.
  6. Go back to the myMTN app and click “Buy Now” to activate the subscription.

MTN 120GB Free Data Cheat

This is the first and hottest MTN-free data cheat on the list. It’s an MTN Awuf data promo that has been around for a while and offers 120GB of data for free. Follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Ensure you have an MTN SIM card with airtime, an Android device, iOS, or PC, an active data plan, and you haven’t dialed the USSD or sent an SMS for today’s date.
  2. Dial *343*5*0# and select option 7 to get an MTN-free data code.
  3. Enter the code 1211*1# to receive your 120GB of free data. Note: This cheat code may get blocked at any time. Dial each code with an MTN line that has never been given free data before. Also, text “promo” to 131 (or 686) to check if your SIM card is eligible.

MTN Data Cheat for New SIM If you’re a newcomer or just got a brand new MTN SIM, you can enjoy free data using the MTN activation bonus. After registering and activating your new line, you will receive a message confirming you have received the N1000 SIM Activation bonus. Additionally, since new MTN SIM cards usually come with a default tariff plan that gives a bonus, you can also get free data on your first recharge.

MTN New SIM Cheat Codes and Data Hacks

If you’re looking for ways to save on your MTN data plans or get free data, then these cheat codes and hacks might come in handy. For new MTN SIM users, here are some cheat codes that you can try:

  • *121# for TopDeal4ME offer
  • *567*140# for 1GB 200 Naira offer
  • *131*10# for cheap MTN 20 Naira cheat
  • *131*205# for cheap MTN data cheat for 50 Naira package

Note that these codes are mainly intended for 4G SIMs.

Meanwhile, if you want to double your data for free, then you can try the following:

  • Purchase a new MTN Yafun Yafun SIM and register it
  • Buy a data bundle and get it doubled once activated
  • Or dial *121# and select “Data4ME” to see if you have the double data offer available.
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Aside from these, there are other ways to get free data from MTN:

  • Join the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan to get a free data bonus on every recharge.
  • Join the MTN Pulse to get free night browsing data.
  • Activate the Opera app to get 1.5GB free monthly data on MTN.
  • Join MTN Beta Talk to get a free data bonus every month.

MTN Data Cheats and Hacks for New SIMs

If you just got a new MTN SIM and want to maximize your data plan, then you might want to try these cheat codes and hacks:

  • *121# for TopDeal4ME offer
  • *567*140# for 1GB 200 Naira offer
  • *131*10# for cheap MTN 20 Naira cheat
  • *131*205# for cheap MTN data cheat for 50 Naira package

For those who want to double their data, you can purchase a new MTN Yafun Yafun SIM, register it, and buy a data bundle to get it doubled once activated. Alternatively, dial *121# and select “Data4ME” to see if you have the double data offer available.

Latest MTN Data Cheat Codes
Latest MTN Data Cheat Codes

But if you want to get free data from MTN, then you can try the following:

  • Join the MTN Yafun Yafun tariff plan to get a free data bonus on every recharge.
  • Join the MTN Pulse to get free night browsing data.
  • Activate the Opera app to get 1.5GB of free monthly data on MTN.
  • Join MTN Beta Talk to get a free data bonus every month.

MTN Free 500MB Cheat

Obtaining free 500MB on MTN is no longer an easy task. Previously, MTN offered free data bonuses where users could receive up to 500MB of free browsing data every month. However, the offer is no longer available, except for those who search for data cheats. We’ve found a new way to obtain the package, now referred to as the MTN free 500MB cheat. But it is no longer as simple as it used to be, as a VPN is now required to activate the MTN free 500MB cheat.

Requirements: An active MTN SIM card without airtime. The SIM card should be able to activate the cellular network. Download the necessary VPN (link will be provided later).

To obtain 500MB of free data on MTN, follow the step-by-step procedure outlined below:


  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the UT Loop Pro VPN.
  2. After downloading, install and open the app.
  3. On the app, there are two types of tweaks. Click on the second tweak.
  4. Tap on “NGA|MTN 500MB/Day.”
  5. Choose any location you like or leave it on “Auto Select.”
  6. Finally, click on the “BEGIN” button to activate the cheat and start enjoying free browsing with 500MB on MTN.

Additionally, there is an MTN free browsing cheat that requires zero data balance, airtime, or data bundle to use and activate. This cheat allows you to browse the internet completely for free using your MTN SIM card.

Checking Data Balance

One of the most common tasks for MTN subscribers is checking their data balance. With the right code, you can do this in seconds:

MTN New Code to Check Data Balance

  • Dial 1314# and press the call button.
  • You will receive a message displaying your remaining data balance.

Checking your data balance has never been easier. Say goodbye to wondering how much data you have left!

Recharging Your Account

Running out of airtime can be frustrating, but with MTN’s new codes, you can recharge in a flash:

MTN New Code to Recharge

  • Dial 555PIN# and press the call button.
  • Replace “PIN” with the 16-digit PIN on your recharge card.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once your account is credited.

No more scratching cards or typing long codes. Recharge with ease using this simple MTN new code.

Activating Night Plans

If you’re a night owl who loves staying connected after hours, MTN has you covered with night plans. Here’s how to activate them:

MTN New Code to Activate Night Plans

  • Dial *406# and press the call button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to choose your preferred night plan.
  • Enjoy discounted data rates during the night!

Now you can browse, stream, and chat to your heart’s content during the late hours without worrying about data costs.


FAQs About the MTN New Code

Now that you know the basics, let’s address some common questions about the MTN new code:

1. Is the MTN New Code Available to All MTN Subscribers?

Yes, the MTN new code is available to all MTN subscribers in Nigeria. Whether you’re a prepaid or postpaid customer, you can use this code for various services.

2. How Do I Set My PIN for the MTN New Code?

Setting your PIN is simple. Follow these steps:
Dial 35510000# (0000 is the default PIN).
You will be prompted to change your PIN to a 4-digit code of your choice.
Confirm your new PIN.

3. Can I Change My PIN After Setting It?

Absolutely! You can change your PIN at any time by dialing 3551oldPINnewPINnewPIN#.

4. What Happens If I Forget My PIN?

No worries! If you forget your PIN, simply dial 35510000# to reset it.

5. Are There Any Charges for Using the MTN New Code?

MTN does not charge you for using the new code. However, standard charges for the services you activate using the code will apply.

6. Can I Use the MTN New Code for International Services?

The MTN new code is primarily for domestic services within Nigeria. International services may have separate activation codes.

7. How Do I Recharge Another MTN Number Using the MTN New Code?

To recharge another MTN number, dial 3551recipient’sPhoneNumberamountPIN#.

Conclusion Latest MTN Cheat Code for Data

This tutorial is all about the latest MTN cheat code for data and free unlimited calls. To check your MTN cheat balance, dial *556# and wait for a second or two.

That’s all about MTN cheat code for data and for free calls. If you still find something difficult to understand, please use the comment box to let us know. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media as well. Thanks!!! For reading the latest MTN cheat.