How To Know My Number Etisalat Egypt – 3 Sure Methods

How to know my number Etisalat Egypt? For some reason, we used to forget our mobile phone number while we need it urgently. At that time, we do rely on Etisalat Egypt’s shortcodes to come to our rescue.

There are many reasons you may need how to know my number Etisalat Egypt, but no matter the reason you need it, I will show your 3 good methods on how to view my number Etisalat Egypt.

Method 1: Call Nearest Person To You

This method is easy and straightforward but it has flaws. If you want to use this how-to know my number Etisalat Egypt method, you must have credit on your phone, if you don’t have it won’t work.

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to check my Etisalat number in Egypt by calling the nearest person.


  • Step 1: Have enough credit
  • Step 2: Dial your friend number from your phone
  • Step 3: Write down your own number from your friend’s phone screen.

As you see, it’s very easy and straightforward, but what if you don’t have calling credit? That’s what will lead us to 2nd method.

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Method 2: Use Etisalat “Please Call Me”

You can’t use method 1 because you don’t have credit on your phone? No problem here is another way out without credit.

Step By Step – How To Know My Number Etisalat Egypt

  • Step 1: Type *100#, and press the dial key
  • Step 2: Choose number 1
  • Step 3: Enter the 10-digit mobile number you wish to request a call from
  • Step 4: The receiving party receives an SMS with a call me back request message
  • Step 5: Retrieve your mobile phone number from your friend.

For shortcut – Type on your mobile *111*(10-digit mobile number)#, and press the dial key.

As you can also see, this method is free but it has flaws as well, what if your friend is not using Etisalat Egypt carrier? You won’t be able to send a call me back request because it works only for Etisalat to Etisalat. That will lead us to the last and flawless method on how to know my number Etisalat Egypt.

Method 3: Using USSD Code #132# For How To Know My Number Etisalat Egypt

We already mentioned 2 methods for you to check your Etisalat number in Egypt but they seem to have drawbacks, but with the shortcode from Etisalat that you can use in Egypt to check your number, you have total control with no help of anybody or friends.

The #132# is the code for owner identity on Etisalat Egypt carrier. If you dial this code, you’ll be able to view all your information, including your mobile number.

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Step by Step to use #132# short code:

  • Step 1: Dial #132#
  • Step 2: Copy your mobile number

As you can see, this method is very easy and straightforward if you want to know your Etisalat Egypt number. You don’t need call credit and you do not need your friend numbers.


You can use any of the 3 methods above to view your Etisalat number in Egypt. To avoid unnecessary worry in case of emergency, store your number on your contact list on phone or write it down where you can access it easily.

We hope you find this how to know my number Etisalat Egypt guideline helpful. If so, help us share the post with your friends and family.