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how can you tell a fake Samsung S9
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How Can You Tell a Fake Samsung S9 To Avoid Getting Scammed

How can you tell a fake Samsung S9? We’re going to show you how you can recognize the original Samsung Galaxy S9 in this post today. There are now more and more counterfeits on the Internet. There is no need to go far on the web to offer the Samsung Galaxy S9 at unbeatable prices.

If you’re in the market for a new or used Samsung Galaxy S9, you might want to know if it’s a real one. So that you know whether your Samsung Galaxy S9 is not a fake, we give you a few tips and techniques. We will first take a look at the techniques to verify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy S9. In a second step, we will see how can you tell a fake Samsung S9 to prevent you from buying fake.

How can you tell a fake Samsung S9?

To determine if a Samsung Galaxy S9 is real and not a clone, you can use one of the solutions below.


The rendering of the original S9 is great. It has a capacitive Super AMOLED touchscreen with high resolution and 16 million colors. The glass protection is Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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But with the clone, the screen resolution is much lower, with no gorilla glass protection and certainly no capacitive touchscreen.

Most of the time the display is just improved and too bright, the curved glass edges of the original are also much more to the side than on the clone.


For some odd reason, the fake Samsung S9 is heavier than the real one. I think they want you to feel that the harder it is, the more confident you will be.

The weight of a real S9 is 163 grams.

Check The Phone Packaging

This is one of the easiest points to check if the Samsung Galaxy S9 you are seeing is not a fake. It cannot be denied that the smartphone box is often visible on the Internet or during the purchase. We, therefore, recommend that you compare it with the original packaging, which you can easily find on the Internet. Check that the box is free from defects and that it matches the original.

Check The Settings Of The Samsung Galaxy S9

Another great way to find out if the Samsung Galaxy S9 is real is to check the smartphone settings. Undeniably, you’ll find a page called About Phone on every phone. You can find this page in the settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and then under the System tab. On this page, you will therefore find 2 tips with which you know whether it is a real Samsung Galaxy S9. The first index is the model number. The second is the Android version. So you have to make sure that these two tips fit together.

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The IMEI code is a code specific to each phone. If you can get the IMEI code for the device you have, you will know which phone model it is. To know the IMEI of the Samsung Galaxy S9, you need to enter the following code on the keypad: * # # 06.

If you have it, you just need to enter it on the website: to get your answer. Learn how you can block stolen phones using the IMEI code here.

Restart the SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 in recovery mode

Another way on how can you tell a fake Samsung S9 is by restarting the phone via recovery mode. There is a difference between restarting a genuine Samsung Galaxy S9 in recovery mode and a fake one. If you reboot a fake Samsung S9 in recovery mode, there is no doubt that it will be in Chinese or Russian.

How To Avoid Buying A Fake Samsung S9

Beware of attractive prices

If the price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 you found is extremely attractive, it could be a fake. It cannot be denied that smartphones sold for several hundred euros are rarely offered at half price. Find out the price of a new Samsung Galaxy S9 and don’t mind deals that are too good to be true.

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What Platform Do You Buy For Your Samsung Galaxy S9?

We also recommend that you exercise caution depending on the platform. It is undeniable that we often find fake Samsung Galaxy S9s on used sales platforms. If you buy from one of these websites, ask for proof. The IMEI of the smartphone, for example.

Is There A Warranty?

The warranty of a device is proof of authenticity. When you buy your Samsung Galaxy S9 on the internet, make sure that you have a warranty on the device. If you buy a used device, request the purchase invoice. The latter is undeniably often proof that the phone is true.

You should make sure to understand this how can you tell a fake Samsung S9? So that, you will be able to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy S9 Original and the fake Samsung S9. You can learn how to spot fake iPhone 11 here.

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