How To Check My Glo Number in Nigeria 2022

Have you ever needed your GLO line but don’t know how to check my GLO number in Nigeria? Relax, we will show you how to check the GLO number on your phone, it’s very easy and instant.

Not knowing your glo phone number is a common problem among Nigerians especially if you have multiple glo sims. Generally, people don’t see the need to memorize their glo numbers, especially if it doesn’t serve an official purpose.

In addition to your glo not being your mainline, you may have other glo lines that you use for different purposes, and you may be wondering how to check glo number of those lines. Back in the day, people often check their glo sim packages to get their phone number or to call a close friend or customer service and request their own glo number.

But you can’t really trust those methods especially if you urgently need your glo phone number and also don’t need to take your glo sim pack everywhere but with this simple method, I’ll show you that it is not is necessary to always have your SIM package with you.

By just entering a simple code to check Glo number 2020, you will always know how to check my glo number on my phone, any time of the day, stay tuned.

4 Ways on How To Check My Glo Number In Nigeria

Below are 4 working methods you can use if you want to know how to check my glo number 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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How To Check Glo Number 2020 – Call Or Text A Friend

The first and easiest method should be clear. All you need to do is recharge your Glo line with airtime and use this line to make a call to a friend. If you have two mobile phone, you can call the 2nd line and you’ll be able to view your GLO line on it.

Also, for how to check my glo number with sms, you can simply check your GLo number with SMS by sending SMS to your friend or second phone number. If you don’t have have card on your phone,you can make use of “Please Call me back” service.

How To Check My Glo Number With Code – *777#

You can easily view your Glo number by dialing the USSD code to check glo number 2020 *777# and your glo number will be given to you.

How To Get Glo Number With Code – Step-by-Step

  • Dial * 777 #>
  • Select 4 (My Tarrif Plan plan)>
  • Select 3 (My number).
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And you can view your GLO number.

How To Check My Glo Number Using USSD Code – *135*8#

Another method we can use to check my glo number is using USSD code. This how-to check glo number using ussd code is similar to Method 2 above, but here you simply choose a different USSD code that will reveal your Glo number to you.

How To Check My Glo Number Using Ussd Code – Step-By-Step

  • Launch your phone dialer app and call the number below to get your Glo phone number.
  • Dial * 135 * 8 #

And it is that easy to use the USSD code method. Let’s take a look at the last method below.

How To Check My Glo Number Using Glo’s Official Website in 2022

If you’re using an Internet-enabled device, this is probably an easy way to get your Glo number using your browser. All you need to do is visit the following web address.

Once the page has fully loaded, you should be able to see your phone number in the top right corner of the page.

At the end of the day, there are several methods you can use to find out his Glo phone number. Please use one of the methods outlined above so that you can feel more comfortable verifying your Glo phone number.

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And last but not least

Here’s how to check your glo phone number; you have no other excuse for not knowing your glo phone number. No matter how many GLO SIM cards you have, you can always check and know the phone number of all your Glo SIM cards using any of the above methods. if you’re in Ghana, check this post to know how to check my Glo number in Ghana.

If this post was helpful to you then do well to share it with your family, friends, and relatives using the share buttons in this post so that they also know how to check, retrieve, view, and check your glo phone number. If you’re an Airtel subscriber, you can use this method to check your Airtel number.

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