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How To Activate/Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding in India

How To Activate/Deactivate Airtel Call Forwarding in India
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Airtel recently launched a PAN India project to provide VoLTE services across the country to provide uninterrupted calls to its users. And as the company works to expand its network coverage, there are instances where the network becomes overloaded due to a large number of active users at any given time, causing a bad signal.

To solve this problem, Airtel users usually rely on the call forwarding or forwarding feature to avoid missing important calls by forwarding them to an alternate phone number. If call forwarding is not working for you, you can use call blacklist/blocking, learn how to prevent unwanted calls.

Users also choose to use this service as sometimes they can’t deal with any network situation. However, this is not a free service and Airtel charges every minute as an outgoing call. So, if you have enabled call forwarding and are not sure how to stop call forwarding in airtel, here is a guide on how to disable call forwarding in Airtel for Indian users.

How to Deactivate Airtel call forwarding?

If at any time you want to disable the Airtel call forwarding service, you can easily do so by disabling the call forwarding feature activated via your phone settings.

Go to Settings> Call> Advanced Settings> Call Forwarding.

After entering call forwarding, you can see these four options:

  • Always ahead
  • Forward if busy
  • Forward if unanswered
  • Forward when out of range.

If you are not sure which one activated you, you can open them individually and “delete” the phone number entered in the field. This disables the relay service.

However, if you can’t find this feature or if you’ve activated the service with a divert code, you can deactivate it by dialing the codes below.

Disable forwarding with Airtel forwarding code in India

  • Disable call forwarding when the phone is not answered: ## 61 #
  • Disable call forwarding when the phone is unreachable: ## 62 #
  • Deactivate call forwarding when busy: ## 67 #
  • To disable all types of diversions: ## 21 #

* Please note that you simply need to call the number above as it comes from the Airtel mobile number for which you wish to cancel the service and press the call button.

How to activate call forwarding in Airtel

Now that you know how to turn off call forwarding in Airtel, you may have to turn the service back on in the future or you may never have used call forwarding before. That’s why we will show you step by step how to activate the forwarding service if you are an Airtel subscriber.

First of all, you need a handset with a call forwarding feature. Activating Airtel’s call forwarding service can be done directly from the phone settings section.

Go to Settings> Call> Advanced Settings> Call Forwarding.

Follow the simple steps mentioned above by searching for “Settings” on your phone and navigating to “Call”. Now search for “Advanced Settings” and select “Call Forwarding”.

Most handsets are equipped with this function and allow you to activate call forwarding and waiting simply by activating this function through the settings; However, your phone may not have this feature.

Furthermore, the browsing process can sometimes be difficult for many users. And if it does, we have another simple process.

Activate call forwarding with the Airtel forwarding code

For users who have trouble navigating the above steps, their best option is to use this method which works with Airtel’s forwarding code. You need to dial a forwarding code from your Airtel number and enter the 10 digit phone number you wish to forward calls to. The following are the different options available to activate call forwarding in Airtel for India Users:

1. Call forwarding code for “Forward always”:

  • ** 21 * <10 digit number> – This code is used to forward all incoming calls to your Airtel number or to forward them to another number.

2. Call forwarding code for “No answer”:

  • ** 61 * <10-digit number> – This code is used when the call is not answered.

3. Call forwarding code for “Busy”:

  • ** 67 * <10 digit number> – This code is used if your number is busy.

4. Call forwarding code for “Unreachable”:

  • ** 62 * <10-digit number>: This code is used if the number is unreachable, is out of range, or if is disabled.

This call forwarding code only works for Indian Airtel users, if you want to know how to activate or deactivate call forwarding on your phone from another region, you can check our other post here.