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Does Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 supports reverse wireless charging?

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Does Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 supports reverse wireless charging?
Wireless charging is a feature that has grown in popularity over the years, but it seems to stay here. For phones that support 20W high-speed wireless charging, such as the Xiaomi Mi 9, wireless charging is not as slow as before. Some smartphones pack an interactive wireless charging coil so you can charge accessories and other smartphones wirelessly. Late last year, Huawei became the first brand to ship smartphones with wireless charging (see the featured image above). Earlier this year, Samsung adopted the PowerShare feature of the Galaxy S10 series and saw evidence of the MIUI beta build that the Xiaomi may be next. Future Xiaomi Mix 4 is most likely to be a candidate for this new feature, but it has not been confirmed yet.

Does Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 supports reverse wireless charging?

Kackskrz, an XDA Junior Member of the Xiaomi.EU Custom MIUI Team gave us advice on adding wireless charging strings to the recent MIUI beta with a reliable chip star. These strings strongly suggest that Xiaomi is working on a configuration that allows reverse wireless charging. The setting description states that the user “charges other devices wirelessly using his or her phone.” In addition, it will automatically turn off if charging does not start within 90 seconds to reduce unnecessary power consumption.
Currently, the only Xiaomi smartphones that support wireless charging are Xiaomi Mix 2S and Xiaomi Mi 9, but wireless charging of other devices is not supported. 91Mobiles cites recent comments by Xiaomi product director Wang Teng Thomas and claims that the following Xiaomi Mix 4 supports wireless charging faster than the Xiaomi Mi 9. Charging support, this reverse wireless charging feature, developed by Xiaomi, is likely to end with new devices. We’ve been tracking Xiaomi’s flagship product code “Hercules” for several months, but it could be Mi Mix 4. Reverse wireless charging capability for development, so we can not say for sure if Mix 4 supports it.
As Xiaomi finished all MIUI Global beta builds at the end of June, these strings can only be found if you have unzipped the recent MIUI China beta builds. We will keep an eye on future MIUI beta builds to see if this feature is being developed.

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