June 1, 2023
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OPPO R15 Design confirmed by ads, notch included
Oppo R15 has entered the news as he says it has a notch like the design on the front, identical to the one we saw on the iPhone X. Previous leaks and rumors have reported the same similarity of features. However, the latest leak today confirms that the Oppo R15 will arrive with a notch, but smaller. The notch can have a single camera sensor with a few sensors needed.
In the new Chinese ads of OPPO R15, it gives us all a very good idea of what to expect when it comes to your design. OPPO has recently launched the first snapshot for OPPO R15 and R15 Plus, and with this advance, the company has shown a representation of the device, and with that, has confirmed that the OPPO R15 will have a notch in the monitor. Well, these two new ads report more or less the same thing, while giving us a good overview of the phone.
The two ads have a festive theme, and it’s obvious that OPPO is targeting younger generations with these ads. It is not uncommon for advertisements to be published in China even before a certain phone is announced, which is why these two advertisements appeared. If you take a closer look at the device shown in these advertisements, you will see that the rear of the OPPO R15 looks a lot like the back of the R11. There are two cameras on the back of the OPPO R15, and a fingerprint reader is also placed with the company logo. The device is metal, while you can see its red and black variants in the ads provided. The levels are very thin in the OPPO R15, and the notch is considerably smaller than that of the iPhone X, although it still distracts a lot.
It goes without saying that the back of this phone also looks like the OnePlus 5T since the OnePlus 5T is almost identical to the OPPO R11 in terms of design. The screen of the OPPO R15 has rounded corners, and the design as a whole is very similar to the OPPO R11, it would be difficult to differentiate the two phones if it was not for the notch in the OPPO R15. Now, according to a rumor that has emerged earlier, the OPPO R15 will feature the 64-bit 64-bit Helio P60 processor from MediaTek, a processor that was announced a week ago. It’s a little surprising because OPPO generally uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips for their R-series smartphones, but we’ll see what happens. The OPPO R11 was announced in June of last year, but since OPPO has already begun to annoy and promote the OPPO R15, it is likely that the OPPO R15 will be launched before June, just like his brother “plus”.