Since NCC has given approval to major telecom operators in the country to block unregistered numbers or lines that have not been properly registered, MTN, Glo, Airtel, and Etisalat/9mobile have since embarked on the massive blocking numbers of sim registration failure. In fact, it was for those who failed to comply with this request from NCC which made them fine MTN recently for having more users with failed sim registration.
Many people have complained that their lines have been recently banned by these network operators.

Unlock MTN Glo Airtel 9mobile/Etisalat Online

At the beginning of last month, a large number of people were barred throughout the country who monitor the offices of these telecommunications operators in order to meet the deadline for the registration of their lines.
But if you notice that one of your active lines has been recently barred and you want to unlock it without going to the headquarters of MTN, Glo, Airtel, or Etisalat, which in most cases are far from home and require you to Pay Huge Transport fare Before you can get there, do this to unlock your line;
  • You do not have to go that far to unlock your line
  • Visit one of these mini telecommunication points closest to you where the SIM cards are stored; even those who usually stay under the umbrella will be fine
  • Give them N100 and ask them to re-register their line. (Note: Registration is free)
You will be surprised that after an hour of re-registering your line, your blocking numbers or barred numbers will work again.

How To Activate Barred 9mobile Sim

Your 9mobile sim card can be barred for two reasons, either by failed registration or trying unsuccessful or wrong recharge card pin more than 3 times. If your 9mobile was barred due to the later (wrong pin), you can wait for 24hrs and it will be automatically unbarred. Or, you can contact 9mobile customer care to explain your problem.

To Activate Barred 9mobile Sim due to failed NCC registration, you should just visit any 9mobile registration outlet and re-register your Etisalat line to activate your barred sim card.

How To Unbarred The Airtel, Etisalat, GLO, And MTN Line Whose Charging Is Prohibited

As soon as you enter a wrong charging PIN on your Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, or MTN line more than three times, you will be automatically banned from charging. While most people think the ban is permanent, I would like to tell you that it is only temporary. If your airtel Me2U transfer code was barred, you should read how to unbarred airtel Me2U here.

Without much ado, I’ll show you how to unlock the Glo, 9mobile, Etisalat, Airtel, and MTN line that shouldn’t be charged.

Call Customer Care

1. The first reasonable call to action is to call the customer assistant help desk and tell them to unblock your line, but we all know it can be a waste of time as it takes forever for your call to be answered. Sometimes you could spend a whole day trying to reach the help desk. Instead, try the alternative method. Here is how to contact 9mobile customer care.

Wait For 2-3 Hours

2. This is the most effective method as no effort is the worst to loosen your line. Wait a few hours, say 2-3 hours, and your MTN line will automatically unbar. If you still cannot charge your line after 3 hours, you should wait until after 12 noon, but this usually does not happen in most cases.

You have now successfully unbarred your MTN line charging. Help share this message with your friends and spread the knowledge.