March 30, 2023
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How to Download Subtitles from YouTube
Many videos on YouTube contain subtitles or subtitles in different languages, and if you want to download this video, you should probably download subtitles. You can download simple subtitles and transcribe with 4K Video Downloader.
As a result, you get srt. file compatible with most video players or modern video files with built-in submarines. Follow these simple steps to download the video with YouTube subtitles.

How to Download Subtitles from YouTube

  1. Download and install the 4K Video Downloader application. It is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  2. Copy the video link from the browser.
  3. Set the type of subtitles in Preferences, you can have a separate srt file or embedded subtitles. If you want to insert subtitles in the video, go to Preferences and check the option “Insert video subtitles if possible”.
  4. Press the “Paste URL” button in the 4K Video Downloader application.
  5. Choose the quality of the video, specify that you want to download the subtitles, and select a language. After that, click on “Download”.
  6. Then wait for the download to complete and play the downloaded video.

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