What to Expect From the iPhone 8

What to Expect From the iPhone 8

Apple expects that next year will release the next generation iPhone.

New iPhone 8 in, if the rumors are true, it is a different size and feeling.

Indicates the source DigiTimes reports that Apple will bring three models of different sizes in the market. They are 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8 inches. Mobile phones have to be issued in the second half of 2017 years.

The mobile phone curved screens, such as the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge.

Tech own giant expects to sell a lot of new releases. It is expected that approximately 60-70 million units sold in just a larger version.

Some people believe that smaller versions called 7s and 7s Plus what Apple did in the previous lines.

The iPhone 8 may be a special edition of 10 years, as the company introduces a special phone, which is intended for ten milestones.Many journalists who are following this space, say, the iPhone 8 is an OLED display. Demonstrations are given by Samsung.

Screens can be made of plastic instead of glass. Some believe that the circular OLED display style circular includes sensors for things such as gesture recognition.

Article PCADVISOR Britain gave Robert Scoble, strategic techniques are known who posted on Facebook, the phone screen to clear glass, in which holograms can be placed in the real world, such as Microsoft HoloLens. It is a new kind of interface to pop the headphones. The headset is a sensor that.

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Quotes to indicate the battery source and the antenna are hidden around the edge of the screen. Apple is responsible for some of the components, even if most of the chips that form the phone is in the box / at the bottom of the phone.

The article refers to a patent free phone without cables. This technique may include a display, which utilizes the same pixel is capable of lighting (e.g. an OLED), a flexible surface arranged between the breaks.

Other rumors include a report that Apple is throwing a house system, which brings fingerprint recognition technology under the display.

Both CNET and Apple Insider say Apple iPhone comes up with 8 steel.

New Japanese color Stuka iPhone is also, according to the Japanese side Makotacara. This is in addition to the usual black, jet black, gold, silver, and gold enriched.

The camera is considered a continuation of the lens setting. Business Insider reported Apple has thought about the integration of augmented reality (AR) application with the camera.

Other predictions include a new line of phones can be wireless charging. You can also remove the physical home button.

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Another possibility is the face and/or iris. Safety may include biometric data of fingerprint image and perhaps the thief who stole the phone.

Some people say that Apple creates the e-SIM card, which will replace the currently used SIM card. Benefit gives the user more flexibility in roaming and eliminates the need for a specific SIM cards for each operation.

Prices are still in recess, but many believe that one or all of the so-called iPhone 8 will be a series of phone Apple’s highest price for the time being.
Apple rarely missing the presentation of a new phone and a new series of iPhone 8 is something that looks techniques of the world’s greatest hope.

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