Google app becoming destination, not just a search engine

lady typing

The Google app is taking a new step away
from its original purpose — search —
toward giving you information the company
thinks you might want.
The app offers a search bar above a stack of
“cards” that present information tailored for
you, such as weather forecasts, news
headlines and a map showing where Google
thinks you parked your car. With an update
that arrives on Android-powered phones
Tuesday and on Apple iPhones “soon,” Google
said, the app is getting a new look coming.
The new Google mobile app splits those cards
into two sections, “feed” and “upcoming,”
you can reach by tapping a button at the
bottom of the screen. Feed is for updates
like sports scores and news headlines about
musicians you like. Upcoming is for personal
information Google thinks you’ll want to
know like package delivery details and traffic
jam warnings.
In other words, the new app is more of a
destination unto itself, not just a search box
leading somewhere else. The new app is
emblematic of Google’s effort transform into
digital assistant for anything in your life.
The Google app for Android splits cards into
two sections, a feed (at left) and personal
upcoming information.
The more you’re willing to let Google pry into
your life — retrieving airplane flight details
and package shipment details by reading your
email, for example — the more helpful the
app can be.
You can actively tell Google what you’re
interested in, too. The settings menu offers
a customization option, and for people in the
US, a special card will appear that lets you
tell Google what you’re interested in.