How To Configure Message Center Number for MTN, AIRTEL, 9mobile & GLO

This article will show you the MTN Message Center number, Airtel Message Center number, 9mobile message center number, and GLO Center Number with step by step on how to set up SMS service numbers if you’re not able to send messages on your phone.

This List of SMSC numbers will cover different countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, etc. This post will include how to set up SMSC numbers on Android and iPhone.

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What Is A Fixed Message Center?

Message Center is a web-based console that allows you to view and manage messages quarantined as spam. Depending on the settings your administrator selects, the Message Center may also contain a list of messages delivered to your non-Gmail inbox.

SMS isn’t going anywhere, no matter how popular Social media Applications become. I know this because you probably stumbled upon this article while trying to find a solution to a common problem of not being able to send SMS because of incorrect or deleted mobile SMS center Numbers.

Why My SIM Is Not Sending Messages?

One of the reasons why your GLO SIM is not sending messages may be because of the wrong glo sms service center number or a deleted GLO Center Number. The same thing can happen to 9mobile, Airtel, and MTN sms service center numbers, they may be deleted unknowingly.

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If the sms service center is not correct, you won’t be able to send messages on your phone. We have articles that show you how you can set or edit sms service center numbers on your Android phone.

Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, And MTN Nigeria Message Center Number

The SMS Center number is responsible for routing outgoing Messages to your service provider. It can be located in Messages > Option / Settings on most Android phones.

If your SMS service center number has been edited or deleted for any reason, please choose the correct values for MTN, GLO, 9mobile, and Airtel Message Center Number in 2024 below.

MTN Message Center Number Nigeria

Airtel Message Center Number Nigeria

9mobile Message Center Number (Formerly Etisalat)

  • The 9mobile message center number (Etisalat) is +2348090001518 and the center name is 9mobile

GLO Center Number In Nigeria

  • The GLO message center number in Nigeria is +2348050001501 and the center name is Glo

Some devices allow you to enter multiple message center numbers, give them a name for easy identification, and choose one as default. Do you need how to configure the SMS center number on Android? Check Here.

MTN Message Center Number Uganda

  • MTN Message Center Number Uganda is +256771100020.

Airtel Uganda Message Center Number

  • The Airtel message center number in Uganda is +25675010004

Message Center Number For MTN Ghana

  • The MTN message center number in Ghana is +233244500000

MTN Message Centre Number In South Africa

MTN has different message center numbers for both contract and prepaid customers.

  • MTN message center number For Prepaid customers: +27831000113
  • MTN message center number for Customers with MTN contract: +27 831 000002 (5 zeros)
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How To Change The SMS Center Number On Android To Fix Message Sending Fail:

Many are wondering how to change the SMS center on Android mobile. This is why we provide the full process below.

  • First of all open the messaging app from your mobile, click the Menu button, and go to Settings, Go to More settings, or Advanced settings.
  • Scroll down to find the SMS center number. Enter the correct SMS center number available above.

So, guys, this is the way to easily change the message center number on your Android phone. You will only find these options in the standard messaging app on your phone.

Set SMSC Via The Secret Phone Menu

This method works for the most part – it’s the method most recommended by all experts. Personally, it didn’t work for me. When I try to add my provider’s SMSC number to the correct field, the menu returns a “failed” error. This was whether I converted the SMSC to PDU or not. So, if this method doesn’t work for you either, try the following.

  • Open your dialer.
  • Enter the number * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • A menu will open. Select “About phone”.
  • Scroll down to SMSC and tap “Update”. This should automatically attempt to set up your SMSC number correctly.
  • If it doesn’t work (“Update Error”), you can try setting it manually.
  • SMSC update error.
  • Enter your provider’s SMSC number in the SMSC field.
  • After entering the SMSC number, tap “Update”.

If you don’t know your provider’s SMSC, you can consult a list of global SMSC numbers for the most popular providers by country. However, these lists may be out of date – it may be best to contact your carrier to get the correct SMSC number.

If you receive an “Update Error” when adding the SMSC manually, many users recommend converting the SMSC number to PDU format. This hasn’t worked for me, but I’ll list the steps in case it works for you.

  • Visit this website – Online PDU Encoder and Decoder.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where it contains a field to convert SMSC to.
  • Clear all text in the “Recipient” fields and the message box above the “Convert” button.
  • Enter your SMSC number in the SMSC field and click Convert.
  • The box on the right produces a series of letters and numbers. You need the first 16 digits on the second line (highlighted in our screenshot).
  • Enter this PDU number in the SMSC field and try pressing “Update” again. If it still doesn’t work, try adding a + sign to the beginning of the PDU number. If the problem persists, try the next method.
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Reset The SMSC In Another Phone

If nothing has worked for you so far, some people report that they can fix the problem by setting the SMSC in another phone and then reinserting the SIM card into the problem phone.

Take out the SIM card from your device and paste it on another phone. Even an old Nokia should work for this.

Find the SMS / SMSC settings on the other phone and set them correctly. It is important to remember that SMSC settings are not stored on a phone but on the SIM card itself. Then the correct SMSC configuration will be transferred when you bring it back to your regular phone.


I hope this helps you resolve problems with sending SMS successfully on your phone; if not, please speak to a customer care agent.

Here’s how to contact the Customer Care Center at MTN 180. Glo is 121. Etisalat is 200 and Airtel is 111 to find more about MTN, GLO, 9mobile, and Airtel Message Center Number.

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