How To Check Original Tecno Mobile Phone?

How To Check Original Tecno Mobile Phone? There was a time when Tecno was not a recognized (popular) brand and there were so many fake phones and batteries on the market. Tecno changed the way they make their phones and packages, started making phones on the Android OS and everything changed.

TECNO became the primary dual-sim mobile phone brand to enter the African market and they are doing amazingly in the Nigerian smartphone market.

Building his smartphones on the researched and depending on the Android platform and keeping the costs low has contributed to the popularity of Tecno Androids in Nigeria and all over Africa. If you are in a completely tight price range and are trying to enjoy mobile technology that until now has been exclusive to the middle class and the wealthy, then you can now buy one of the brand new Tecno Android phones and feel it.

Now that some bad guys know that Nigeria is one of the top markets for Tecno merchandise, they have started scamming a few consumers by selling fake Tecno Androids to them.

To counter this, Tecno cellular has created a website for a real battery test and a real cell phone test for Tecno Androids.

How To Check Original Tecno Mobile Phone and Batteries?

Now many people use the Tecno phone with pride unlike before. This has led to many other phone brands such as Infinix and Innjoo on the rise. They are also all very cheap.

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Using the VC, serial number, and IMEI number of your Tecno phone, you can now verify that your phone and battery are authentic. Understanding an authentic Tecno smartphone

  1. Go to
  2. Enter and place your IMEI code and VC code in the provided field.
  3. you will get a response saying whether the phone is true or not.

How To Check Original Tecno Mobile Phone?

As much as Tecno tries to make original (real) smartphones, there are fraudulent companies that mainly make fake phones and batteries from Tecno. Now how do you check if the Tecno phone you bought is original or fake? It is very easy to see this by looking at the package, the seal, the phone itself, and more. Verifying the authenticity is not easy when it comes to Tecno batteries and other phone batteries.

I mentioned a few parameters that you can check to see if your Tecno phone is original i.e. manufactured by Tecno Mobile, but they are not easy to detect. They can still be imitated, so I’ll show you the main means of verification – from Tecno Mobile itself.

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How To Check Original Tecno Mobile Phone?

  • Visit the Tecno Mobile website at
  • In the Genuine Phone Check portal, enter IMEI in the first column.
  • Then place the VC in the second space.
  • Finally, click the send button to check if your phone is genuine

Where to get IMEI and VC from your Tecno mobile?

You will see the IMEI numbers on the container of your Tecno smartphone. After you unpack it, you will see the IMEI variety and VC after you might remove the battery from the smartphone.

In addition, you can get your Tecno’s IMEI numbers by dialing *#06# for your Tecno. It shows two serial numbers as it is a dual SIM Tecno.

To Realize An Authentic Tecno Smartphone Battery

  1. Visit
  2. Enter and post your VC code in the appropriate field.
  3. You may get a response stating whether the battery is genuine or not.

How To Check The SN Code Of Your Tecno Battery?

Remove the battery from your Tecno smartphone, look at it spherical and you will see the S/N: on it.

Now you can honestly buy any TECNO mobile phone or battery without fear of buying a fake product. I think you would love the battery one because it is hard to get an original battery on the market.

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Today the whole thing on the market is authentic, even the fake products are simply called unique products in case you get them from the primary source of the product.

Thanks to TECNO and this post on how to check the original Tecno mobile phone, you no longer have to worry about fake mobile phones or batteries.

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