Xiaomi Is Working On The Camera Technology Under The Display With One Big Difference

A Xiaomi patent was granted for a phone camera under the display with one difference: it can also be used as a rearview camera by rotating it.

The Chinese telephone company filed for the patent in February 2020. The documentation was subsequently published in April this year. It describes a flip camera that rotates in a future Xiaomi phone to work for both selfies and rear photography.

The concept that LetsGoDigital has found and then renders is quite impressive and can have several different implications.

If you use the same camera unit but rotate or rotate, you can technically use the same sensor for front and rear shooting. Other phones allow this too, but usually use a mechanical tilting system attached to the outside of the phone.

The second big advantage of an internal rotating camera (bar means that the screen can stay clear of holes) is that theoretically all camera lenses can be used from behind. Laser autofocus is also mentioned.

Until now, under-display cameras have not been very convincing in terms of image quality – not least because there is a display between the outside world and the lens, even though it is transparent. Hopefully, Xiaomi will work with the flip technology on a better implementation of the zonal display blur.

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We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.