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Why Google and Android Device Makers Need to Focus on Security Updates

Android Security

Stagefright problem represents a real threat to millions of Android smartphone users, Google is under pressure to regularly issue security updates. Stagefright failure is known to be the worst error discovered Android and disrupt 950 million devices. The scientists who work in mobile security has increased public warning, leaving Google pressurized working precisely on this issue.

A few years ago, researchers, Imperium issued a warning against the Android operating system. They claimed to have seen the major concerns about security in the middle of the Android operating system. It is believed that the decision is so intimate that allows hackers attacked nearly a billion mobile phone by simply sending a viral MMS message. In fact, it can even affect your smartphone, even if the user does not open the message. The code in the message is so malicious that will allow the hacker has complete control of the device without the owners’.

Some sources added that according to a team of researchers to correct the problem will require that the devices have firmware updates that you can reconfigure the entire operating system. Google, Android manufacturers are also preparing to meet the serious problems. Google has already started working on this issue for their Nexus. Google will also coordinate its Android partners patches.

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Google said it is aware of how serious the failure Stagefright. However, company spokesman also added that the critical error has been identified in older devices, and to his knowledge, had not been influenced. Adrian Ludwig, chief engineer for Android security, revealed that 90% of Android devices support ASLR technology that provides protection against the problem.

Another ad Ludwig revealed that the smartphone and Nexus guides receive monthly security updates, and each product is supported by Google for two or three years. All repairs that Google releases are available on the Android Open Source Project.

Android device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony are also in line to tighten their security concerns following patches published by Google. Samsung and LG also spoke about their intention to provide users with the monthly security updates.

Although the recent unrest due to security problems in Google attracted strong criticism, it should be noted that three years ago knowing the device manufacturers for Google Android issues that must be addressed. If companies act on these changes or not, they can be controlled by Google.

At a time when Apple will provide real competition for Android, has become almost a requirement for Google and its partners in Android devices are a well-coordinated security system that can help break the perception that Android phone offers fewer phone Apple safety.

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