Types Of GTB Loan Code And How To Borrow Money From GTBank in Nigeria

What are the Types Of GTB Loan Code And How To Borrow Money From Gtbank? GTBank has a wide range of offers to get a loan in Nigeria to suit personal and business needs. You may be confused about choosing the right fit.

That is why we have made this complete list of all available GTB loans and how to get one. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Types Of GTB Loan Code And How To Borrow Money From Gtbank

1. GT Salary Advancement – GTB loan code

This is a GTB loan that offers you up to 50% of your monthly salary upfront. It is only available to private companies and government employees who have their payroll with GTBank. We have a post going into GTbank’s advance salary.

Borrow a GT Salary Advance from GTBank GT

There are 3 different ways to request a salary advance from GT Bank. They contain:

  • Use the GTBank online banking platform
  • Use GTB loan code – *737*8*2#
  • Visit a GTBank or ATM branch

2. Advance GTBank school fees (GTBank student loan)

Also known as a GTBank student loan, it is a GTB loan that gives you the ability to pay the school fees for your child/community. One of the main prerequisites for accessing this loan is that the institution must be located in Nigeria.

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This loan facility is available to employees of private and public organizations who have their payroll at GT Bank. This post provides a detailed overview of the Student Loan Facility.

How to borrow a GTBank student loan?

  • Complete and submit an application form and an employer commitment form
  • Take care of the tuition bill and loan insurance
  • Make sure your Final Personal Benefit is in GTB and is domiciled.

3. GTB Quick Loan – GTB loan code

The quick loan is a GTB loan for both salaried employees and self-employed persons. The GTB Fastening offers you the opportunity to receive and repay cash instantly over 6 – 12 months at an interest rate of 1.33%.

How to borrow a GTB loan using the GTB loan code?

  • Use GTB Loan Code for Quick Loan – *737*51*51#
  • Use any of GTBank’s online and mobile banking platforms

4. GTBank MaxAdvance Loans

The GTBank Max Advance Loan is a type of GTBank loan that provides loans to selected employees of private and public organizations who have their payroll at GTbank.

5. GTBank MaxPlus

MaxPlus is a GTB loan that gives you a larger line of loans and a convenient repayment schedule. This is only available to Platinum GTbank customers whose payroll account is established with the bank.

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6. Computer Acquisition Schedule

This is an NYSC loan program that provides loans to current NYSC members to fund the purchase of their mobile devices. These Corps members must have their waiver account with GTBank and the loan repayment must be completed within the year of service.

How to apply for the computer acquisition program?

  • Fill in the application form and send it
  • Submit an Employer undertaking form
  • Show proof of domiciliation of your NYSC allowance with GTBank.

7. GTBank mortgage

GT Mortgage is a Nigerian mortgage loan that provides loans to customers whose salaries or business accounts are residents with GTBank to help them own their homes.

Requirements for the GTBank mortgage

  • A completed application form
  • The title document of the accommodation
  • Letter of offer for the sale of the property from the seller
  • Get an appraisal from the recognized real estate appraiser at GTBank
  • Search report from the legal department of GTBank

8. GTBank Premium Advance

This is a revolving overdraft that will be placed on your Debit Naira MasterCard.

Requirements for receiving a premium advance from GTBank

  • Make sure you are already a platinum customer
  • Your average monthly salary must not be less than N 1 million in the last 6 months
  • Your annual turnover must not be less than N 10 million
  • Your salary account in the last 3 consecutive months must have been kept at GTBank

9. GTBank travel advance

The Travel Advance is a loan from GTBank that is geared towards the travel needs of its customers with salary accounts domiciled at the bank. This loan is available for servicing your plane ticket, hotel reservation, airport pickup and transfer, tours, and events.

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10. GTBank Motor Insurance Premium Finance

The GTB car loan enables salaried employees and companies with a GTBank account to pay their car insurance premium in advance and spread the repayment over 12 months.

GTBank loan calculator

The GTBank Loan Calculator is a web application that allows you to calculate the amount of your loan payment. The loan disbursement depends on the type of loan and its interest rate.

To use the loan calculator, enter your loan details (amount, interest rate, term). After that, the calculator will help calculate your monthly payments, total payments, and total interest payments.

A loan calculator is an invaluable tool. It enables you to make a more informed decision about which loan package will suit you best.

Conclusion – GTB loan code

Hope this article on GTB loan codes and GTB loan types was helpful. Now you can easily find the right loan that you are qualified for. We have also made it easier for you to apply. Read more about GTB loans.

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