Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone

Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone

If you are going on a camping trip with friends, you do not need to carry the bulky digital camera you. With improvements in technology, our smartphones now have a very good camera. This eliminates the need for expensive DSLR, better suited to professional photography. However, you may be surprised by the amazing images that smart camera is able to capture.

But only have a camera with the highest megapixel is not enough because you also need to know some basic tricks of photography. An application of the integrated camera on most Android phones are responsible for some of the main features of the professional cameras. In this article, learn how these features can be used to make professional photos from your Android smartphone camera.

1. Use a different picture modes for different images. 

The camera pre-loaded on your Android phone comes with several different picture modes, you can choose according to the image you get when you click on a picture of someone you can select the portrait mode will this will keep the focus on the lock face. For example. If you take a picture of a landscape or landscape, you can easily use the landscape, etc.

2. Use the burst mode, you’ll see this feature in most of the smartphone’s camera. 

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We often try to take into account things going for a second, like fireworks, raindrops falling on the leaves, and so you’ll miss these short films if you can not wait to stop by a nanosecond, the explosion mode can help. Every time you want to click on a picture like this, you need to press the shutter button (pressing the button) to the camera; it will continue to shoot for a few seconds later, you can choose the best short later.

3. Avoid using the optical zoom:

Optical zoom is available in any Android application default camera. You can zoom in by pressing the volume keys up or using two numbers (pinch zoom). In fact, you should avoid using optical zoom because it crop the image object zoom in and you can not show up if you find that the pixels are damaged. It is always better to take a picture without zoom in if you want to zoom in on a particular subject, you can crop the image once it is in your gallery.

4. Use the HDR mode: in some of the latest smartphones with flash,

You will find automatic HDR. HDR only works if you can not see the original color image as you shoot against the light. When HDR is enabled in your camera, you have 3-4 different images of a single object with changes in different light and eventually combine all these images so that the final image having a better quality of the original color image. So if you’re shooting against the light, you should ensure that the HDR is enabled or automatic mode. On some Android smartphones, you can keep both normal and HDR image so that if you find a better image size, you can go.

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5. Press the object if you take a close-up: from your smartphone,

You can take good close-ups of flowers and other objects. Getting a thunderbolt, press the main object for focus and you get a very detailed picture.

So you can use your existing smartphone camera to take better pictures. main camera device generally available to all Android camera.

If you find some of the missing features cameras on your smartphone, you can search for the best Android camera apps in the Google Play Store using the application, you can also add effects to make your amazing photos.


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