The Xiaomi Mi 11T Could Come Up With Two Innovative Upgrades To The Defeat iPhone 13

The smartphone market has not stood still for long and we are excited to see what the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11T has to offer – in particular two innovations that would put it on an equal footing or ahead of any other device on the market.

Under-display cameras and UWB

According to the well-known tipster Digital Chat Station on the Chinese social network Weibo (via PhoneArena), a future Xiaomi flagship will offer both an under-screen selfie camera and ultra-wideband support (UWB) to stand out from the crowd.

This on-screen camera is a rumor we’ve already heard about future Xiaomi phones, and the technology is also said to be coming to phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22. You can even get under-screen selfie cameras on smartphones these days — they just don’t work that well.

As for ultra-wideband support, the short-range communication protocol is built into newer iPhones and is the main technology offered by the Apple AirTags. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Xiaomi is planning some tracking devices of its own.

Choose Your Flagship

The original leak suggests that these features are coming to a Xiaomi phone this year – which leads us to think that the Xiaomi Mi 11T is the most likely beneficiary, as the successor to the Xiaomi Mi 11 comes out around September.

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On the other hand, Xiaomi could decide to postpone the implementation of under-screen cameras and ultra-wideband until the Xiaomi Mi 12 is ready. That particular phone won’t hit the market until early 2022 if Xiaomi sticks to its usual schedule.

It’s really a matter of when not when: On-screen cameras and UWB are two of the hottest pieces of smartphone technology right now, and Xiaomi isn’t usually shy about bringing the latest features to their phones as soon as they’re available.

So where is the iPhone 13?

The upcoming Apple phone will no doubt have some form of ultra-wideband so it can fully support the AirTags, but we don’t expect Apple to roll out in-screen selfie cameras for a while.


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