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The OnePlus 5 Is Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

The OnePlus 5 Is Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary
Of course, OnePlus 5 is a powerful level of phone hardware for the flagship. However, it is not a revolutionary offer as was its original predecessor. In terms of brute force, the OnePlus 5 games and even outperforms other flagship initiatives of 2017. However, looking beyond the pure specifications, OnePlus 5 has very few new features offered. It has a very similar to its industrial predecessor design, OnePlus 3T and other badges of the past such as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. The screen is disappointingly low resolution compared to the competition, they are starting to offer more than 500 screens PPI. There are also different from the latest iconic features such as a retina scanner, stereo speakers or the incredibly popular frameless screen.
All this makes OnePlus 5 in an uncomfortable limbo situation. While in previous years, OnePlus ship emblems promised a “no commitment experience” can not say the same for OnePlus 5. Of course, significant commitments were made to keep the price low. As such, the new OnePlus is no longer an “insignificant killer,” as it is a replacement badge.
Creep price is hurting OnePlus
The original One Plus One was praised for its immense value proposition; It was as good as other flagship initiatives that day, but it costs almost 50% less! However, prices have gradually increased OnePlus phone after each iteration. The One Plus One retail of $ 299 at launch. The OnePlus 2 retail at $ 329. OnePlus OnePlus 3 and 3T retail prices increased further by $ 399 and $ 450. This trend continued with OnePlus 5, which now costs $ 479. As a result, it is much closer to Price of its flagship Samsung Galaxy another competitor S8, which is about $ 750.
Does that mean that OnePlus bow to the realities of the smartphone market and business challenges? To remain profitable and continue to innovate, they had to raise prices. As it has been expanded in recent years, they have also had to spend more on things like customer service and R & D. However, they do not have the big budgets of companies like Samsung and Apple, they are unable to include new innovative features that These companies are cramming their flagships.
In its current version, the company’s motto – “Never settle for” – is no longer accurate. OnePlus 5 is a compromise; There is no doubt about it. However, this may not necessarily be a bad thing.
OnePlus market
Despite its history of offering incredible value for money, OnePlus could not crack the list of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in terms of smartphone shipments. This is not, however, a fair comparison because OnePlus is a relatively new company with a limited presence in the world. Although OnePlus has a stronger presence in countries like India. Unfortunately, even in India, OnePlus has remained out of the top 5 from the fourth quarter of 2016. The gradual rise in prices means that in a price sensitive country many Indian consumers are being priced out of OnePlus’ flagship products. In a market where the budget and mid-range segments dominate sales, OnePlus is operating in the premium segment.
Of course, OnePlus needs its newest flagship to succeed. However, to do this, OnePlus must embrace its new identity. The OnePlus 5 is no longer a killer phone star but still offers a good value proposition. It has top of the line specs without many of the bells and whistles plus spring boasted by other flagship initiatives today. Meets budget niche of consumers seeking a premium phone something. Undoubtedly, it remains one of the best smartphones in its class but does not compete with the above, such as Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone in July S8.
We just have to wait and see if the industry and consumers approve this new direction OnePlus seems to be heading.

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