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The Motorola Moto G4 and G4 Plus Review; Just Review


Right now, I don’t think the Moto G line needs any presentation. With the first Moto G in 2013, Motorola truly went past what was thought to be possible in a mid-go smartphone. By then, purchasing a $200 smartphone usually implied getting some Samsung or LG telephone with a name no one had ever known about, and specs that left much to be desired. The Moto G showed that you could make an Android telephone with an HD display, great execution, a great form, and great battery life at a cost under $200.

Motorola has iterated on the Moto G in the years since the first model. The second era saw an increase in the display size, yet in every single other respect, it was the same telephone as the first. The third era Moto G was the place Motorola gave a significant increase in execution, while also knocking up battery life and including remarkable features like water resistance. At the season of its release, I prescribed the 2015 Moto G to anybody searching for a balanced Android smartphone at a cost around $200.

As one more year comes and goes, we get another version of the Moto G. As the mid-extend smartphone advertise gets increasing aggressive, there’s more pressure to enhance a telephone every year as opposed to shipping a basic upgrade like the second era Moto G was. This year Motorola, now claimed by Lenovo, has gone for a strategy of segmentation. I am personally not an enormous fan, as to me, the Motorola telephone line was described by its simplicity, with there just being the Moto E, Moto G, and Moto X. In any case, having sub-models inside the Moto G line allows certain higher evaluated models to include extra features top of the standard extras like more storage and RAM.

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For this review, I’ll be taking a gander at the Moto G4, as well as the Moto G4 Plus. Motorola also sells the Moto G4 Play which isn’t a piece of this review, and it represents a less expensive alternative with lessened specifications that are similar to those of the 2015 Moto G. Underneath you can see the specs of both the Moto G4 and G4 Plus, with last year’s Moto G, tossed in for comparison.

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