Samsung Galaxy A50 Reviews, Price And Spec
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Samsung Galaxy A50 Price and Review: Samsung’s Most Valuable Mid-Range device

Samsung has taken a significant step forward in its fight against Chinese competition in the Indian market with The Galaxy M series of phones earlier this year. The Galaxy M20 was a kind of masterstroke on Samsung’s budget line in terms of what is offered for the price and the company now shifted its focus to the mid-range with the Samsung Galaxy A50. How much is Samsung Galaxy A50 Price in Nigeria, India, and the USA? This Samsung Galaxy A50 Review will reveal all you need to know about the Samsung a50 price in Nigeria and Galaxy A50 Specifications.

Like the Galaxy M20, the Galaxy A50 is well equipped for the asking price (₹ 19,990, or $ 292), undercutting the Galaxy A7 (2018) that Samsung released a few months ago with smaller specs but A slightly higher price than the Samsung A50 Specification. It is the first Galaxy fingerprint sensor phone under the monitor and comes with other impressive features like the new Exynos 9610 chipset, a large Super AMOLED display with small panels, and triple rear cameras.

Do all the Samsung A50 specifications come together to make the user experience attractive? Fasten your seatbelts and keep reading to find out!

Samsung A50 Price Review: Design and Display

The Galaxy A50 looks quite similar to the Galaxy M20 from the front. The notch in the top center of the screen is slightly rounder than the M20 since the Samsung Galaxy A50 reviews have an Infinity-U display and not an Infinity-V display, but the difference is insignificant. On the back is what Samsung is calling plastic, which is plastic that looks like glass. The plastic does not make the A50 look cheap on the hand, and it’s not too heavy either.

The back has gradient coloration, and our black review unit gets rainbow-like patterns that make it look Impressive. The rear also has a triple rear camera configuration with the three Sensors stacked vertically, the same as the Galaxy A7 (2018) or A9 (2018). The use of one hand is quite easy thanks to the small panels around the Super AMOLED display of 6.4 inches, but like all devices with such large screens, you will need to move the A50 in your hand to reach all corners of the screen in a Use by hand.

The Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy A50 is quite impressive. It has all the usual suspects you expect: Bright colors (but not very vivid), high levels of brightness, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles. The notch is not very intrusive, and you’ll be ignoring it in no time, whether you’re watching a video or playing. What will shut you down most is the chin size below the screen compared to the rest of the frames. This helps make the on-screen navigation keys less uncomfortable to use, but Samsung certainly has room to make that chin smaller on future devices.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Reviews -The Fingerprint Reader In Optical Display

When I installed the fingerprint sensor on the screen on the Galaxy A50, I felt it was not slower than the Galaxy S10 + ultrasonic sensor. My opinion changed after a few days, though. The fingerprint sensor on the A50 turns on when you touch it, but despite registering my finger tapping the sensor in every way and saving multiple Copies of the same finger, I came across a lot of errors. Worst of all, it sometimes told me to keep my finger on the sensor a little more, just to tell me that there was no match after I did that.

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Dry fingers seem to be a problem for these fingerprint readers, be they optical or ultrasonic, and like someone with dry hands, I had a hard time making the A50 fingerprint reader work for me in one go. And I do not think people should keep their fingers hydrated just so these new fingerprint sensors can do their job properly. Physical fingerprint sensors have become so perfect at this point that these sensors on display seem like a step backward.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with facial recognition, and with the Lift to wake feature from Android Pie, facial recognition was my biometric method of choice. However, facial recognition does not work with applications as it is not an official biometric feature on Android. Therefore, you will have difficulty with the fingerprint reader in apps that offer fingerprint recognition as a form of authentication. You may have less trouble if your fingers are not as dry as mine, but my personal experience makes me want Samsung to return to the capacitive fingerprint sensors and place them on the side of the device.

Samsung A50 Price and Availability In Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Nigeria is 105,000 naira. The smartphone is a midsize device that has high-end specifications.

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You can buy it from this link* with just 90,000Naira.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In Slot Nigeria

Samsung A50 price in Slot Nigeria is 95,000 naira. The smartphone is a midsize device that has high-end specifications.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In India

Samsung Galaxy A50 price in India starts from Rs18, 490. The smartphone is a midsize device that has high-end specifications.

What Is Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera

The Galaxy A50 comes with a triple rear camera configuration that includes a primary 25MP lens, ultra-wide 8MP lens (123-degree field of view) and a 5MP depth sensor. It is a similar configuration to the Galaxy A7 (2018), only the main camera is a 25MP sensor and not a 24MP sensor, and the picture quality has not changed as a result. The main camera takes good pictures with lots of natural light but fails in low-light scenes. The detail is blurred in low-light conditions, and if there are too many artificial lights around, the phone may also overexpose the photos.

The ultra-wide camera is the star of the show here, allowing you to capture much more in a single photo. However, pictures taken with the ultra-wide sensor are different from those taken with the main rear camera. The lower resolution means you can not zoom in too much, and as the ultra-wide lens has F2.2 aperture (the main camera is F1.7), it does not take useful shots in the dark. Fortunately, Samsung added the option to manually change the exposure of the scene before taking huge shots, even if there is no autofocus, something that was lacking in the Galaxy A7 (2018) and Galaxy M20.

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The third rear camera is the 5MP depth sensor that allows Live Focus images (bokeh). It does a good job most of the time, but the background blur may seem artificial, possibly due to the disparity in the resolution of the primary and depth cameras. Live Focus photos were taken during the day usually go well, with enough separation between the subject and the background. Things can get overexposed in daylight, though. Nighttime Live Focus photos also tend to be useful, but the phone may not be able to add the bokeh effect without enough light, which is expected.

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The front camera can also take pictures of the Live Focus. It is a software trick that is excellent in wide light conditions and not so bright, although the camera tends to soften the face a bit if there is not enough light. As for regular selfies, the same thing applies: you get lots of detail in daytime shots and a softer output indoors and low light.

What Software Does Samsung Galaxy A50 Is Using?

The Samsung Galaxy A50 (along with Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A10) is Samsung’s first non-flagship device that comes with Android Pie and Samsung’s One UI out of the box. And it’s also the latest version of One UI 1.1, the same as found in the Galaxy S10. A user interface 1.1 supports the Google Digital Wellness feature, which tells you how much you use your phone every day and lets you set alarms and counters to let you know that you’ve used the phone or a specific application in excess.

The A50 supports Bixby Voice, although it does not have a dedicated Bixby key. Samsung is now allowing users to assign the power button to start Bixby Voice, and it’s a smart move. After the power button is mapped to Bixby, the power options to reboot or shut down the phone are moved to the status bar, with a power switch next to the Settings button. This is exclusive to Android Pie, but it is not yet known if Samsung will bring it to mid-priced and budget phones that earn Android Pie in the future since the Galaxy A30 do not own it despite running the Android Pie outside from the box.

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Other features of the Samsung Galaxy A50 include the UI Night Mode, Always Visible View, Secure Folder, Dual Messenger, One-Hand Mode, Game Launcher, Blue Light Filter, and Navigation Bar gestures. You get gesture options like Wake up to wake up and Twice to turn on, and Samsung was also pretty quick with the software updates in the short time the A50 is on the market. It was one of the first Galaxy phones to receive the March security patch, for example, although the improvements in fingerprints and cameras that Samsung mentioned in the updates do not seem to have made much difference.

What Is Samsung Galaxy A50 Performance?

The Exynos 9610 within the Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s most powerful Exynos chip for mid-range phones. It has four Cortex-A73 cores with a 2.3GHz clock for heavy-duty and four Cortex-A53 cores with a 1.7GHz clock focused on efficiency, along with the Mali-G72 GPU. The Exynos 7904 / Exynos 7885 that has phones with technology like Galaxy M20 or Galaxy A8 (2018) had only two Cortex-A73 cores, so the 9610 is better equipped to handle tasks like games. And that makes the difference.

I have tended to test some edge games on every new budget and Samsung midrange phone, and two particularly heavyweight titles are Batman: The Enemy Within and Life is Strange. I chose these games because they are game ports for consoles and Windows PCs, and therefore put the phone in the right rhythm. Batman: The Enemy Within has always had trouble running on non-flagship Samsung handsets with Full HD screens, but that’s finally not the case anymore. Life is Strange is not yet totally smooth, but it’s certainly more playable than on Samsung’s Exynos 7904/7885 chipset phones.

Unfortunately, the A50 does not have the best performance in day-to-day use. It works well for the most part, but I found some stuttering and delays here and there, especially after unlocking the phone. It might not be that bad in the variant with 6GB of RAM, but the variant of 4GB of RAM I tested could do with some optimization. I was frankly surprised given the specifications of the Exynos 9610. Again, not too bad, but the overall performance could have been better. Oh, and the A50 never seems to get too hot, which was a bonus.

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What Is Samsung Galaxy A50 Audio And Call Quality

The Samsung Galaxy A50 receives a single background speaker that is quite loud in a small room but not loud enough in busy areas. There is virtually no bass, and the high frequencies (treble) can be a bit too strident at times. The included headphones are also not great. Samsung has equipped the same headsets we see on the company’s Galaxy J series phones with the A50, so they’re as basic as possible. You have Dolby Atmos support for wired audio and Bluetooth, and allowing this to result in a higher volume and a slightly better separation between the left and right channels.

Network calls and reception worked as expected. The A50 had no problem connecting to LTE networks in both SIM slots and was able to pick up a signal even in low reception areas. The calls made on the device came clear, but the call volume should have been higher, especially since Samsung also removed the extra volume option for calls on their devices with Android Pie.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Reviews -What Is Samsung Galaxy A50 Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy A50’s 4,000 mAh battery does a great job of letting you go through a full day of heavy use. With light to moderate use, you can easily arrive the next afternoon before needing to charge the phone. Always On Display reduces the total usage time in a few hours, but still makes you spend an entire day. And that’s with two SIMs on the phone. Unique SIM users can see better battery life.

The phone has fast charging support and comes with a fast charger included in the box. I have found that the fast load speeds are a bit slow during the 0% load, but the total loading time from 0 to 100 is approximately two hours, which is the same as the stroke. You also get Samsung’s standard power-saving modes, none of which felt necessary to use during the period when I had the A50 as my primary device.

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Samsung A50 Price In Nigeria – Conclusion

The Samsung A50 price in Nigeria, as well as the Galaxy M20 is not great in any way other than the Super AMOLED display, but the overall package is right for the requested price (₹ 19,990 or $ 292) for a Samsung smartphone. Samsung continues to be the only manufacturer to offer ultra-wide budget cameras in the mid-range and the Samsung Galaxy A50 has excellent battery life and comes with Android Pie and Samsung’s latest UI features and features.

In my opinion, the biggest misstep is the fingerprint sensor on the monitor, which does not match the accuracy and consistency of the capacitive fingerprint sensors. The Galaxy A50 also crashes into the day-to-day overall performance despite the Exynos 9610 chipset, which is quite powerful under the hood. The rear cameras could also make improvements in low light conditions, and this ultra-wide camera could have a higher megapixel count, although none of them is a breaker.

If you can settle for a weaker processor, an LCD, and Android Oreo, the Galaxy M20 can be purchased for much less. The M20 also offers a 5.000 mAh battery. The same goes for the Galaxy M30 that Samsung recently announced, which has a Super AMOLED display like the A50. And both M-series phones have a physical fingerprint sensor mounted on the back, which is an advantage over the fingerprint reader in an optical display. However, if you are unwilling to compromise and do not want the latest technology and software, the Samsung Galaxy A50 price in Nigeria is a good choice that does not harm the bank.

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