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OPPO A93 Ultra-Sleek Design, Price and Spec Reviews

OPPO A93 Ultra-Sleek Design, Price and Spec Reviews

A few days ago, #OPPOXLaycon launched the latest OPPO A93 in Nigeria. OPPO A93 introduces trendy technology that makes your style stand out with an ultra-sleek smartphone case. This means you get the very latest AI portrait photography features packed into a truly premium design, along with features that make life more efficient and keep up with the pace of your lifestyle. With the latest generation of the OPPO Aseries, OPPO A93 in Nigeria lets you enjoy your life effortlessly.

We will talk about the OPPO A93 Price in Nigeria, Specs Review of this phone and Pros and Cons on Oppo A93 in Nigeria.

OPPO A93 Specs Review

The A93 boasts premium features such as 6.43 inch Super AMOLED display with dual perforation, 108 MP ultra-clear image, in-display fingerprint, 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage (expandable up to 512 GB), 7.48 mm ultra-slim design, 6 AI Portrait Cameras (rear-48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP, front – 16 MP + 2 MP), 4K video recording with video stabilization and slo-mo options, 4000 mAh battery + 18w fast charge, MediaTek Helio P95 and above all runs on ColorOS 7.2 based on the recent Android 10

Oppo A93’s statement was released.

“The A-Series is designed so that the trendsetting generation can get a quality smartphone that suits both their life and personal style, and with a sleek design that you won’t be afraid to show off outdoors,” said Nengi Akinola, Marketing Manager, OPPO Nigeria Designed based on research among local consumers, the OPPO A93 ticks all the right boxes for a phone with AI cameras for breathtaking portrait photos and advanced charging technology to ensure that your phone doesn’t get in the way of your lifestyle. A93 in Nigeria meets the high expectations and values ​​that our ambitious users hold dear, both in form and style. “

OPPO A93 Display &  Design Review

Hold OPPO A93 in hand and show it to your circle of friends as it is designed with a 7.48mm ultra-thin case that slides easily into a pocket and jacket without the bulge, or neatly into a small bag or clutch that gives you a premium experience like no other.


To ensure that users are completely immersed in their content, the OPPO A93 display with 6.43 ” dual perforation comes with a brilliant FHD + Super AMOLED display with a large screen-to-body ratio 90.7 %. The screen uses Mini Dual-Punch Holes with the smallest camera diameter of this price segment of the only 3.7mm. It maximizes the phone screen’s real estate so you can fully enjoy your video game, and every detail in your recording can see.


OPPO A93 also introduces Shiny Matte, which sees the shimmers’ return and brilliant rays of light that users enjoyed with the latest A-Series phone. But with OPPO A93, the design has been updated with not only a premium feel that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes, but now also fingerprint resistant due to popular demand. Shiny Matte uses a brand new optical coating technique that increases the coating’s depth from 250 nanometers to 400 nanometers, accentuating the refraction of light while enhancing the colors. OPPO A93 comes with a glossy, matte texture in three colors. Magic Blue shows a unique mix of blue and purple colors that reflect a new color from every angle. Matte Black is a color that exudes prestige and is inspired by high-end cars. Metallic White provides a refreshing white color that will penetrate shades of pink at certain angles.

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OPPO A93 Camera Review


OPPO A93 Ultra-Sleek Design, Price and Spec Reviews

Under the hood, OPPO A93 has a camera powerhouse designed to give you the skills to take photos like a pro. With a set of six AI portrait cameras embedded in OPPO A93 Camera in Nigeria, you can post photos of yourself to show the best of yourself with easy-to-use portrait photography and video stabilization features.


The front of the phone features a Dual Cam that makes it easy to show off beautiful selfie portraits that use hardware-level processing to add a bokeh effect to your photo. In fact, with Dual Lens Bokeh, you are not only equipped to take portrait selfie photos, but the feature has also been upgraded to support both videos and multiple people in the shot. With software-level AI processing, a person’s finest details, including their earrings and hair, are accounted for and won’t fade in the final images.


AI Portrait Color lets you capture fashionable urban street style photos or travel photos from a new perspective by making portraits stand out with color. AI Portrait Color mutes the background colors black and white, while the natural colors of the person or a group of people in the photo are enhanced with AI. To capture you at your best moment, OPPO A93 comes with photography features that ensure your natural beauty and facial details are preserved in the final shot. AI Super Clear Portrait guarantees that even the finest facial details, such as your eyebrow, are clearly displayed or can even be reconstructed. Simultaneously, AI Beautification 2.0 presents custom beautification features tailored to the local user’s beauty preferences and automatically detects existing makeup, such as lipstick, and then displays custom effects.

Enjoy Power of AI Super Night Portrait

To enable you to capture the best portraits in low light, AI Night Flare Portrait is an OPPO-exclusive feature that combines the bokeh effect and lowlight HDR algorithms to create artistic photos that add beautiful night flashes to portrait photos that are made against the background of city lights. It’s a photo you can’t take with any other phone. If you want to take a selfie at night, AI Super Night Portrait ensures that your selfie results in a brighter and clearer image even in low light. On top of these features that will add a professional flair to your photos, the third generation of Ultra Steady Video allows you to film a vlog while walking down the street effortlessly, but ensure that you shoot stabilized, clearer, and sharper videos. Ultra Steady Video uses a hardware-software solution that combines the electronic image stabilization algorithm with a built-in gyroscope in the front camera, so you can capture the moment on the go or even on the go without the jittery footage.

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OPPO A93 introduces ways to optimize your phone’s battery life during the day or while you sleep. AI Night Charging uses AI Learning through machine learning to learn the user’s sleep habits and charge the phone exactly to 100% when waking up from sleep. Worst case scenario, if you don’t have a battery charger during the day, Super Power Saving mode optimizes the last 5% of your battery life by making the screen black and white while running only six predetermined apps.


OPPO A93’s optimized user experience starts with the powerful MediaTek Helio P95 AI chipset, 8 GB memory, and 128 GB storage, which can be expanded to 512 GB through a 3-card slot. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. OPPO A93’s anti-lag algorithm can detect and erase data that causes memory errors, reducing stutter, and freezing chances. As an added benefit, reading and writing data into the file system becomes faster and more efficient. Improvements to the Memory Fragmentation feature reduce phone stuttering chances by up to 54% compared to the previous generation. Simultaneously, file read and write performance is improved by up to 28% Automatic database optimization.


Or if a device does not cause an interruption, but the circumstances of life, such as a phone call that comes in when your fingers are caked with batter or drenched in water, OPPO A93 has the perfect solution. Air Gestures allows you to take calls without touching the phone directly by simply waving your hand up to 20cm or even 50cm.


Simultaneously, ColorOS 7.2 makes it quick and easy to access information, starting with the Quick Return Bubble so that you can multitask on your phone. When you switch apps or screens, a floating balloon appears that keeps track of the status of the app or game, which you can return to later with a simple tap. With High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), you can even cast copyrighted HD shows to a big screen from the leading video and entertainment apps, including Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video.

Oppo A93 Price

As we mentioned earlier, the phone was launched in a single version: 8 + 128 GB, and the price was set at $ 325, which equates to 23,835 rupees – 5120 pounds – 1220 riyals – 125,000Naira. The phone was unveiled in Nigeria a few days ago and is expected to reach the rest of the same day. We don’t know the potential for launching it on the Egyptian and Arab markets shortly. Still, OPPO may resort to an alternative option to launch the original version of the phone, the F17 Pro, in several other markets in the coming months. But, this phone is already on sales in Nigeria, you should purchase it using Jumia Blackfriday in Nigeria Opportunity.

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OPPO A93 price in Nigeria is 125,000 naira (one hundred and twenty-five thousand nairas)


  • The AMOLED display is very distinctive and gorgeous, and it should be noted that this is not new to OPPO, which we have become accustomed to seeing phones in recent times, also excellent in terms of displays.
  • This screen allows users to have a great user experience when viewing multimedia, visual content, and games
  • The phone’s weight is very suitable, and you will have no problems carrying and holding the phone.
  • The screen brightness is excellent in high ambient light and sunlight.
  • Very stable software, smooth user interface, easy to use, and very responsive
  • An excellent processor in games, heavy daily use and comfortable operation of all programs, but some overheating and overheating, especially when playing some games that require high graphics, such as PUBG MOBILE
  • Plenty of RAM capacity and will give the processor an extra boost for powerful performance.
  • An internal storage space that is well suited to store all files, photos, etc. Although this is not enough, you can expand it by installing an external memory card.
  • An eye-catching rear camera, especially the main lens, which can take pictures saturated with color and full of detail
  • In fact, great video recording capabilities, but it is defective due to some shaking during filming and instability.
  • An excellent front camera that lets you click on beautiful selfies
  • There is a headphone port.
  • The fingerprint sensor works at high speed and can recognize a user’s fingerprint in fractions of a second
  • A gigantic battery that can provide for all daily needs and finish the day naturally as the processor makes a huge contribution to energy savings.
  • The colors of the phone are impressive.


  • It’s no good for a phone that isn’t cheap at all to be made entirely of plastic.
  • At least we expected the phone to come with glass on the front.
  • No protective layer is visible.
  • The lack of a distinctive fast-charging capability, that speed is widespread, and Oppo doesn’t have much to offer in that area.
  • The price of the phone is on the high side.


Market availability


OPPO A93 is now only available in all 36 states of Nigeria for N125,000 and can be purchased by visiting www.buyoppo.ng https://www.jumia.com.ng/mlp-oppo-store/ or an accredited dealership. You can also use Jumia BlackFriday Live Deal Offer to purchase this device. The OPPO A93 comes in Magic Blue and Matte Black colors, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, expanded up to 512 GB through a 3-card slot.

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