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iPhone Software Updates - Paperweight Creators

One of the few things you can count on is that Apple will release a new iPhone each year, a new and improved model with the one you bought. Once a new role, they classify the old as obsolete and dysfunctional. So, contrary to popular belief, they do not put the iOS 10 update on your iPhone 5 to improve it. “Planned obsolescence” is the term that many people use to describe Apple’s decision to send problems to update all previous models to cause problems with batteries, opening without application, connectivity and other problems. These updates will make your phone slower and, with enough update on an older model, will be obsolete.

There is no reason not to need four to five years of your iPhone before switching to another one. They are well developed, quality phones designed to last. However, these updates can reduce the life of two or three years. Therefore, anyone with a working phone below the iPhone 7 should ignore the signals; In the perfect way, you should always be on iOS 8 or 9 for the iPhone 5 and 6 series. The software that came with your phone works great.

Also remember that when you update, you will not be able to send it back. Apple tries to keep you informed in many ways. One of the tactics that your phone sometimes asks for the password, but written in small prints that automatically make it update the phone shortly after the morning. Below, a smaller button to disable this automatic update is the only way to prevent it. Another way, even more, difficult to avoid, is that developers are updating popular apps like Facebook and Snapchat to fit the latest iOS, which creates a difference between your operating system and the app. To continue using it, you probably need to update your system. Wait as much as possible, then stop using the application, or update, but inform about your choice.

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The bottom line is that if you update an older model, you can make a clipboard. The battery and charging ports can be serviced, like other things, but repair shops cannot be done big on an updated phone because many times the phone is missing only new batteries or charger. Find out what you’re doing with your phone and pay attention to the effect of buying a new phone slightly modified each year.

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