iCredit Loan app - How do I apply for an iCredit loan?

iCredit Loan app – How do I apply for an iCredit loan?

iCredit Loan app – How do I apply for an iCredit loan? iCredit is an online loan service in Nigeria that offers flexible and secure loans ranging from N1000 to N50000 with no long lines, no long waiting times, and no collateral or guarantors. You can just run the whole process from start to finish on your smartphone and get a loan in your bank account in less than 5 minutes.

iCredit makes loan decisions by simply using your phone information, including your SMS history, to verify your identity and build a credit score.

How do I apply for an iCredit loan?

Obtaining an iCredit loan can easily be done online by:

  1. Install the iCredit Loan app using the steps below.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Fill in the basic information and submit the form.
  4. If you meet the credit status, you will receive the loan directly into your bank account.
  5. Your loan limit increases if you repay the loan on time.

The whole process should not take more than 10 minutes.

Download iCredit Loan App: Download the iCredit Loan App to your mobile device (iOS and Android)

You can download the iCredit Loan app from your mobile device app store like Google Play Store or Apple App Store as it is the most remarkable and safe app store.

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Download iCredit Loan App: App Features

  • Ability to check if you can get the best instant personal loan products available.
  • Request a mini loan immediately.
  • Easy refund options through Google pay, paytm, debit cards, Net Banking, UPI.
  • Keeps you updated on loan repayment and loan account details.
  • EMI verification, maturity date, and personal loan replication dates.
  • OCR technology to read AADHAR loan card numbers.

Download iCredit Loan App: Download the iCredit Loan App to your mobile device (iOS and Android)

  1. Visit your official mobile app stores, such as the Apple app store for iOS users or the Google Play Store for Android users.
  2. In the search input box, type the keyword for the app, in this case, “iCredit Loan app” and tap Enter.
  3. This will load an app page, tap the app with the correct name.
  4. This action will open a detailed page about the iCredit loan app, tap the install button to install it on your mobile device.

Types of Loans Available in the iCredit Loan app

  • Mortgage
  • Direct personal loan
  • Mobile phone loans
  • Sustainable consumer loans
  • Loans against guarantee
  • Car loan
  • Loans on two wheels
  • Travel loans
  • Medical loans
  • Mini money loan
  • Credit card loan

iCredit Loan interest rate

The interest rate offered on your loan should be between 5 and 30% per month, with an advertised one-time interest rate between N1000 and N6000.

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Example showing the total cost of the loan:

  • If you apply an amount of ₦ 4,000 on March 22, 2021, with a total loan of 91 days (45 days 1st installment and 46 days 2nd installment).
  • You will receive the loan amount of 4,000 yen on March 22, 2021.
  • The due date of the 1st installment is May 5, 2021 with a value of 2,000, interest 90, and origination fees of 810, the repayment due is 2,000 + 90 + 810 = 2,900
  • The due date of the 2nd installment is June 20, 2021 with a value of 2,0002,000, interest 46, and origination fee of 414, the repayment due is 2,000 + 46 + 414 = 2,460
  • Total depreciation must be 1st installment with overdue depreciation 2,900 + 2nd installment with overdue depreciation ₦ 2,460 = ₦ 5,360.

Note: Expect both loan amount and loan stability to be significantly lower as individual interest rate, loan amount, and loan stability are calculated based on the applicant’s credit score and credit quality. Have a good credit score and repay the loan on time to qualify for higher amounts. Find out why loan applications limit money for new borrowers and how you can increase your loan limits.

Benefits of iCredit Loans

  1. Loan amount up to ₦50,000
  2. 5 minutes online loan approval
  3. Unsecured loan. Free registration. Calculating the loan limit is free.
  4. revolving credit line
  5. Easy loan in three steps
  6. Get a revolving credit limit

Revolving credit means that iCredit lends you a larger amount each time you pay off your previous loans. You only need to pay off your loans on time to be eligible.

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Is iCredit Legitimate or Scam?

The iCredit loan is legit. Many customers testified that they got a loan from them. Read reviews from other customers on Google Play. However, this app will call your contacts and embarrass you if you default on your loan. iCredit needs permission to access your phone’s camera, location, storage, and contact list. The requested content is to provide KYC information (some of which is required to determine your creditworthiness) due to the lack of a centralized address verification database in Nigeria.

What happens if I default on my loan?

Delays in the repayment of loans automatically lead to a rate of 2% per day. It is therefore recommended not to exceed the best-before date. Paying back the loan on the due date gives you access to larger loans. Late payments affect your ability to obtain later or larger loans. If you are late with your payments, they will report to the First Central Credit Bureau. The First Central Credit Bureau blacklist may affect your ability to borrow from other lenders.

Eligibility for loans

  • The loan is exclusively for Nigerian citizens or Nigerian legal residents.
  • You must be between 20 and 60 years old.
  • You must have a verifiable source of monthly income.

iCredit Customer Service Number

To contact customer service,

Please call +2348021810034support@goodicredit.com!

Email: support@goodicredit.com

Office Address: 9 Oluwole Omole Street at Esomo Street at Toyin Street Ikeja. Lagos Ikeja, 100001, Lagos, Nigeria

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