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How To Screenshot On A Samsung Tablet

How to screenshot on a Samsung tablet? So you buy a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet for your school or are working on making your notes more digitized and efficient. You use your Android tablet with pride until one day your friend or colleague asks you to share a specific part of your notes. You can of course send them a whole document. But wouldn’t it be smarter to just screenshot a specific section that takes your question into account?

This all sounds great in theory, but what if you don’t even know if your tablet can do this? Don’t worry, we’ve all been through this at one time or another. There are so many different Samsung and Android tablets with such a wide range of features that it’s no wonder someone can get confused. In this article, we’ll show you the most popular ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet or any other Android tablet.

What is a screenshot?

Screenshots have been around since the first smart handheld devices. A screenshot is a type of screenshot in which, by pressing certain buttons on your mobile device or tablet at the same time, or by using a special screenshot application, an image is formed that captures what is displayed on the device’s screen.

How To Screenshot On A Samsung Tablet

  1. Open the content you want to capture. This can be anything from texting or social media to images or apps.
  2. Locate the power switch and volume buttons on your Samsung tablet.
  3. Place a finger on the tablet’s power switch. Don’t press the button yet; put your finger on it.
  4. Place another finger on the tablet’s “volume down” button, gently as you did with the power button.
  5. Short press the power button and the “volume down” button at the same time.
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If done correctly, your Samsung tablet will take a screenshot of the content on your screen. You can view the screenshots in your tablet’s photo gallery and send them to others or post to social media from there.

There are several other methods on how to screenshot on a Samsung tablet, but this method is the only one that works on all types of Samsung tablets. Now that you are an expert, try it for yourself. There is much for you to share.

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet – Using Palm Swipe

1. Know when to use this How to screenshot on a Samsung tablet method. On some Samsung Galaxy tablets, you can enable a setting that allows you to take a screenshot by swiping your hand across the screen from right to left. This feature is not available on all Samsung tablets and you cannot use it when your tablet’s on-screen keyboard is displayed.

2. Swipe from top to bottom on the screen. This will bring up the Notifications drop-down menu.

3. Tap the Settings icon. It’s in the top right corner of the drop-down menu. This will open the Settings app.

4. Tap Advanced Features. It’s on the left side of the screen. The Advanced Features menu opens on the right side of the screen.

5. Tap the white button “Swipe Palm to Capture”. It’s on the right side of the screen. The button should be blue, meaning you can now slide your palm to take a screenshot.

  • If this option is blue, the “Palm swipe to capture” feature is already enabled.
  • If you can’t find the “Palm swipe to capture” option, your Samsung tablet cannot use this feature to take screenshots. Try using the buttons on your tablet.

6. Navigate to the item you want to capture. Open the app, screen, or page you want to take a screenshot of.

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7. Make sure the keyboard is not displayed. The “Palm swipe to capture” feature only works when the tablet’s on-screen keyboard is not active. You can remove the keyboard by tapping a non-text field anywhere on the page.

8. Place the tip of one hand on the right side of the screen. You can use both hands, but you need to place the tip of your pinkie on the right edge of the screen.

9. Move your hand to the left at an even speed. This will make your tablet take a screenshot; you know a screenshot has been taken when the screen zooms out slightly.

Your tablet may also vibrate or make a confirmation sound.

10. View the screenshot. After taking the screenshot, you can open it in one of the following ways:

  • Notifications menu – Swipe from top to bottom on the screen and tap the Screenshot notification.
  • Gallery – Open the Photo Gallery app, tap the ALBUMS tab, tap the Screenshots album, and tap your screenshot.

How To Screenshot On A Samsung Tablet – Using The Screen Recording App

1. Download the Screenshot Easy app. If you can’t use the buttons on your tablet or slide your palm, you can download a free app to take screenshots:

  • Open your Android image titled Androidgoogleplay.png Play Store.
  • Tap the search bar.
  • Simply type in the screenshot.
  • Tap Easy Screenshot in the results menu.
  • Tap INSTALL.

2. Open the simple screenshot. Tap OPEN in the Google Play Store or tap the camera-shaped Easy Screenshot app icon in your Android app drawer.

3. Tap ALLOW when prompted. This allows Screenshot Easy to access and save the photos.

  • You may be prompted to start capturing. In that case, tap CANCEL before continuing.

4. Tap the gray “OVERLAY ICON” button Image titled Android7switchoff.png. The button will turn blue, indicating that a camera-shaped icon will appear on the tablet screen, even if the Screenshot Easy app is minimized.

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5. Touch RECORD START. It’s a blue button at the top of the screen.

6. Tap START NOW when prompted. This activates the screen recording function for Screenshot Easy.

7. Navigate to the item you want to capture. Open the app, screen, or page you want to take a screenshot of.

8. Tap the camera icon. It should be in the top left corner of the screen. Doing so will take your screenshot and after a few seconds, the screenshot will open in the Screenshot Easy application.

9. Save your screenshot. Once the screenshot is open, you can save it to your tablet’s Gallery as follows:

  • Tap ⋮ in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Save.
  • Tap Save As.
  • Tap Android when prompted.
  • Tap SAVE when prompted.

10. View your screenshot. You can find your screenshot in the “Downloads” folder of your tablet’s Gallery app:

  • Open your tablet’s Gallery app.
  • Tap ALBUMS at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the Downloads folder.
  • Tap your screenshot to open it. It may take a few seconds for the screen capture to appear in full quality.

11. Deactivate the screenshot icon when you are done. When you’re ready to disable the screenshot icon, open the Screenshot Easy app again and tap STOP CAPTURE at the top of the screen.

Typically, an ad will play after the screenshot icon is disabled. You can skip the ad by minimizing or closing the Screenshot Easy app.

How to screenshot on a Samsung tablet – Conclusion

These are the most popular methods for How to screenshot on a Samsung tablet. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.



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