How To Register Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card Or ATM?

How To Register Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card Or ATM? Are you a new customer of Zenith Bank and want to transfer money as quickly as possible, but something is holding you back? You do not know how to register zenith bank transfer code without debit card. I think I’m right

Or are you already a customer and have forgotten the USSD code for the Zenith Bank mobile transfer? I’m sorry about that. But worry less. I’m sure I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to register zenith bank transfer code without ATM Card here.

With the Zenith bank transfer code, you can now easily make transactions with your mobile phone without a debit card or ATM.

I think you need the shortcode to proceed with your next transfer. This post will show you the Zenith transfer code without a debit card.

Follow the guidelines below.

How To Register Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card

To be frank, I don’t think it’s possible to register Zenith Bank transfer code without debit card or ATM card. So, will will be showing you how to register zenith bank transfer code now.

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The Zenith bank USSD code makes it easy for you to quickly execute small to large transactions. Instead of going to the bank or nearest point of sale (POS) to make transfers stress-free.

Imagine standing in line for a long time to withdraw or transfer N5,000. Only a little cash.

The new system puts an end to that. Yes, with the USSD code you can now bank from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone.

How to register Zenith bank transfer code without ATM Card? It’s entirely possible to transfer money, airtime, or data using your phone, but for that to work, you need to do something.

What is it? You need to register your mobile number to activate Zenith Bank USSD code transmission on your phone.

Now follow the steps.

How To Register And Activate Your Transfer Code.

  • Turn on your cell phone. It doesn’t matter which device you use (Android or iPhone).
  • Dial the speed dial number (*966*00#). Open your phone dialer and dial *966*00# with the phone number you used to open an account.
  • Enter the 4-digit code. You will see the 16-digit number on your debit card. Enter the last 4 digits.
  • Create a transfer PIN. After entering the last four digits of your debit card, you will be prompted to enter a new PIN.
  • Now is the time to secure your account and transactions.
  • Enter the PIN again. Here you have to confirm the previously created PIN code. Re-enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • You have successfully registered and activated your number for Zenith EazyBanking.
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Confirm the activation. At this point, you should receive a text message from your bank with your account balance information.

This is a sign that you have done well. You can visit here to know more about Zenith bank account activation.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code To Another Bank

If you want to transfer money from your account to another bank user, it’s very easy. Yes, now that you’ve successfully linked your account to your phone, it’s time to start transactions.

  • Dial *966 * Amount * Account Number #. For example, dial *966*1000*5268300010# to transfer N1000 to 5268300010.
  • Choose The Bank.
  • Confirm the recipient’s name.
  • Enter the PIN.

It’s that simple.

Zenith Bank Transfer Limit

There are conditions to the use of the Zenith EazyBanking code. One thing is the transaction limit, which is the highest amount you can transfer to someone daily.

Transfers of airtime are allowed up to a maximum of N3,000 per day.

For money transfers, you can send up to N100,000 per day.

Do this before contacting Zenith Bank Customer Service.

Conclusion – How To Register Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card

In the past, anything related to banking could be very daunting. But today everything has changed. You can now make many BIG transactions with just a few taps on your phone screen.


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