How To Fix Not Recognized and Partial Fingerprint Detected Android

How To Fix Not Recognized and Partial Fingerprint Detected Android

The new era of technology has produced many Android devices with fingerprint sensors that make them affordable and available. These devices are fingerprint protected, so only your fingers can unlock your Android device once it’s set up.

This article is not about the availability of a fingerprint sensor on an Android device, it is about solving the Fix Partial Fingerprint Detected Android issues that you are likely to encounter while using that device.

Everything went perfectly in the beginning until your fingerprint sensor decided to show some errors. Sometimes your fingerprints are rejected with the error message “Not recognized” or “Partial fingerprint Detected”, preventing you from accessing your smartphone.

You may panic or make plans to replace the sensor, which can be completely damaged if not attached properly. Drop your mind! Instead, follow the steps below to troubleshoot fingerprint not detected or Partial Fingerprint Detected issues on Android.

Possible Causes Of Fingerprint Not Detected Problems

  • Fingerprint sensor damaged
  • The fingerprint sensor is wet or dirty
  • Change in fingerprint pattern (maybe due to physical skin damage such as roughening from chilblains, chemicals, calluses).
  • Disable the fingerprint setting.
  • Phone update, (Updating to a newer or higher version may also cause a problem)
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Fixing Partial Fingerprint Detected Android

If you noticed the fingerprint issues after a system update, then it is believed that some apps that control the sensor are not updated perfectly. Reinstall the previous update to see if the problem persists.

Clean up registered fingerprints and perform a new registration process. Make sure to wipe your fingers well so that the fingerprints are registered correctly.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Navigate to Security > Lock Screen & Fingerprints
  • Delete previously registered fingerprints,
  • Run a new registration process and save the settings.

If the problem persists, clean the fingerprint sensor on the front or back of the device with a soft cotton ball (moistened with alcohol).

If after all these attempts the Partial Fingerprint Detected Android or Note Recognized problem persists, it is recommended that you go to a phone repair shop near you

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