How To Borrow Data On 9mobile – 9mobile Borrow Data and Airtime Code

How to borrow data on 9mobile? In a situation where once you search and get information from google or text your loved one and end up running out of data. Don’t worry, there is good news for you direct from 9mobile and other telecom companies in Nigeria, now you can borrow data and pay it back later.

9Mobile customers who top up at least N500 monthly can now borrow data on Etisalat by simply dialing *665*amount#.

9mobile Borrow Data Code – How To Borrow Data On 9mobile?

To borrow data/MB from 9mobile with more credit, follow the steps listed here.

  • You must check your eligibility for the Morecredit service and the total amount you can borrow by calling *665*3# or texting ‘STATUS’ to 665 via Message/SMS.
  • After receiving a notification that you are eligible, dial *665# again and select an option between “Borrow Airtime” or “Borrow Data” depending on your choice.
  • Now select “Choose Loan Amount” and you will see options that display the list of values ​​to choose from.
  • Typically, the amounts you can borrow from 9mobile Morecredit are N50, N100, N200, N500, N1,000, N1,150, and N2600.
  • Choose the correct loan amount and click Submit.
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Note: You can also use the same method to borrow airtime from 9mobile by dialing *665*[Value]# or sending “value” to 665. For example, call *665*50# or send “50” to 665 to order N50 borrowed.

Another Method Of How To Borrow Data On 9mobile?

You can also borrow data from Morecredit by dialing *665# >” Loan Data” or you can borrow the credit first and then proceed to sign the data using the normal data signing method.

For every loan you borrow, you pay a 15% fee, for example, if you borrow N50, you will receive N42.50.

Your calling credit can be refunded by topping up on the same telephone number or via bank topping up and also when someone has transferred the calling credit to you or VTU.

How To Borrow Airtime From 9mobile?

You can borrow airtime from your 9mobile SIM by dialing *665# and the network will display the amount of airtime from your 9mobile that you are eligible to borrow.

9mobile users are eligible to borrow airtime from N50, N100, N200, N500, N1000, and N2000 via SMS and 9mobile USSD code.

9mobile / Etisalat interest rates

There is a 15% service charge that applies to all airtime and data borrowed from 9mobile.

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You pay 15% service costs for the Airtime value of the loan or the borrowed internet package.

How to qualify to borrow data and airtime from 9mobile

Yes, anyone can easily borrow airtime and data, but here are some of the requirements for you to be eligible to borrow airtime or data on Etisalat/9mobile.

  1. Be an active user or subscriber to your 9mobile SIM card
  2. Charge at least up to N1,000 every month
  3. Make sure you don’t have any outstanding data loan balance with 9mobile
  4. If you have borrowed data from 9mobile before, always pay on time to increase your data loan limit.

How To Repay Loan Balance On 9mobile?

You can pay for the call credit with top-up card vouchers or an e-top up.

Note: Your loan balance is automatically refunded from your main account balance when you top up your line.

The 9mobile borrow data code and the Etisalat borrow airtime code are convenient and easy to use. Do you want to check your 9mobile borrowed airtime and data balance? Check our post on how to check 9mobile borrowed airtime and data balance.

How To Borrow Data On 9mobile Without Paying Back?

In order not to waste your time, there is no way to borrow data or airtime from 9mobile without paying back. So, if you are looking for how to borrow data on 9mobile without paying back, you must be ready to destroy your 9mobile SIM card or ready to dump your SIM card to stop recharging it.

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Can I Use Borrowed Airtime To Buy Data?

Can I use borrowed airtime to buy data? Yes, you can buy data with your borrowed airtime.

Conclusion – How To Borrow Data On 9mobile?

For every credit or loan, you borrow, be aware that you will be charged on your next top-up, so don’t be surprised. If you also find it difficult to borrow credit or data on 9mobile, please use the comment box and we will respond as soon as possible.