How to block GTB ATM card in 4 Easy Ways?

How to block GTB ATM card in 4 Easy Ways?

How to block GTB ATM card? Most people use google to search for how to unblock my GTBank ATM card, how to block GTB ATM card on mobile app or how to hotlist GTBank card, and we’re writing this post to show them how to block GTBank ATM card. We will also show you the USSD code to block GTB ATM card.

Lost or stolen ATM cards can be quite inconvenient and often carry great risks as they can lead to fraudulent activity. It would be the right choice to warn your financial institution and block these cards. As a GT bank cardholder, you can lock your card and do it in no time.

The bank makes various resources available to carry out these tasks at a suitable time. So you can skip the long queue to pass your complaints in the bank lounge and have your card blocked everywhere.

When should you block your GTBank ATM card?

Guarantee bank ATM blocking; Debit or credit card can be for various reasons, including misplacement or loss of the ATM card, theft or theft of the ATM card, and if another person uses the ATM card for a transaction that did not originate from you. and so on.

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These events mentioned above can happen once or even frequently and so you should have easy access to block or list your ATM when this happens.

Requirements To Deactivate Your GTBank ATM Card On The Phone?

Check out below what you need before you block your GTB ATM card:

  • The mobile number linked to your GTBank account
  • GTBank Transfer PIN
  • Any cell phone that can make calls
  • Strong network signal.

How to block GTB ATM card?

There are several ways to block a GT Bank ATM. Most banks work with the analog hotlisting method, where you have to go to the nearest bank to file a complaint and fill out forms. It gives room for fraud and other malicious acts on your account because it takes longer for the block to take place.

Therefore, the Guarantee Trust Bank, which is the most technologically advanced, has fast and effective solutions, especially when it is not easy to access the bank or during the weekend through shortcodes, USSD code to block gtb atm card, etc.

You can block your escrow debit or credit card in the following ways;

  1. Text message
  2. USSD Codes
  3. Internet banking/mobile app
  4. Calling card services

1. How to block GTB ATM card with SMS?

It is quite easy to hotlist your GT bank ATM card by SMS shortcode.

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Send HOTLIST and ACCOUNT NUMBER (especially NUBAN ACCOUNT NUMBER) to 08076665555.

You must text from the phone number associated with that bank account and you will be charged an SMS fee.

After sending this SMS, your ATM and your account will be blocked. This would be seen by a confirmation text message from the bank.

2. How to block GTB ATM card with USSD Code?

In its recent message to its customers, GT Bank stated that its customers could use the popular USSD code *737# to lock down their accounts in the event of compromise by fraudsters who prevented access.

To block your account with USSD code *737#,

  • Dial *737*51*74 on any mobile number in Nigeria and your bank account will be blocked for free.
  • After dialing, you will need to enter the phone number used when registering your account and your PIN 737.
  • After that, your account will be blocked and restricted for all transactions, including debits and transfers, and your ATM card will be blocked.

To unlock the account, call the GTB, GT call center, or visit a GT Bank near you.

3. How to block GTB ATM card on Mobile App/Internet Banking

Follow these procedures to block your GTB ATM card through internet banking.

  • First, you need to apply for online banking using your bank details on your bank form.
  • Log in to GT Bank’s online banking portal at with your correct details (username and password).
  • Click the menu button and select “Cards and Checks”.
  • Click on “Maps” in the left menu panel.
  • Click on “Map Hotlist”
  • Enter the correct card number.
  • Specify the reason for offering tickets.
  • Enter answers to predefined security questions.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • Enter your “Token Code”.
  • Click “Continue” to complete the process.
  • Your debit card will be blocked immediately.
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4. How to Block GTBank ATM card by calling GTB card services

Blocking your ATM card with GTbank’s card calling service is easy. It only requires you to call card services through their numbers depending on the lost card.

For debit and credit cards, call 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 0700GTConnect and request the deactivation of your ATM card, which is about to happen.

Blocking your ATM card is quite useful as it prevents misuse of your account. Well worth the effort that hotlisting dooms your card and renders it useless forever, even if it is lost and found later.

Therefore, a new card will be created for you by the bank and any transaction or payment arrangement with the old card must be reversed.

Are you new to GTBank and don’t know how to check your account balance? Learn How To Check GTB Account Balance On Mobile Phone here.


Locking your ATM card is instant and once locked with the USSD code to block gtb atm card, your card will be deactivated immediately.

If you contact GTBank customer service, it will also be deactivated immediately.

That’s all we have for you in this guide. Make sure you follow each step closely. Would you like to block your GTBank account? Learn how to block my GTBank account with 737 here.

Conclusion – How to block GTB ATM card in 4 Easy Ways?

Blocking a GT Bank ATM card just got easier and simpler with the help of simple online banking procedures, using mobile SMS and cell phone numbers, USSD codes, and much more. So you don’t have to pressure yourself if your card is lost or stolen. Just follow the above procedures.

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