Full Details of the Airtel SMART Trybe tariff plan

Airtel SMART Trybe tariff plan
Full Details of the Airtel SMART Trybe tariff plan
The Airtel smartTRYBE plan seems to be the culmination of all Airtel smart and savvy deals with its fantastic campus data agreements, unique nightly navigation features, affordable data rates, and calls, and more.
The Airtel smartTRYBE is a product that allows the customer to enjoy the best data packet, the call rate for all networks and even the night navigation for their favorite movies, shows, and songs.
To make things more interesting, Airtel’s smartTrybe pricing plan gives you, as the Airtel network customer the freedom to call all networks with the same call rate.

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What the plan offers

Airtel smartTRYBE has one of the most fantastic calling rates of all Airtel’s tariff plans. At only 11k / sec, you can make calls to all networks.
Subscribers can enjoy gigantic data from 1 GB to 500 NGN, which can be used for one week (7 days).

Airtel TRYBE data packages are cheap on all Nigerian campuses. Airtel grants 30% additional data when you purchase any package above 500 NGN.
Airtel smartTRYBE is Airtel’s only tariff plan that allows subscribers to navigate at night at really affordable prices. With only 25 NGN, you can get 500MB to navigate from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Also, each Airtel smartTRYBE subscriber is automatically eligible for a free weekly benefit of 15 MB. Users receive a bonus of 5 MB for the first charge of 100NGN and 10 MB for the second charge of 100NGN, totaling 15 MB per week.

How does the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan work?

Airtel’s smartTrybee tariff plan is a complete package that includes the data and rate at which you make calls

The call rate on Airtel smartTRYBE is only 20 Kobo/sec in the first 50 seconds and 11 Kobo/sec in the rest of the call to the entire network, and also grants 30% additional data when you purchase any package above 500 Naira.
The customer still has the chance to enjoy a very cheap data package for a night-time plan.
To sign up for Airtel smartTRYBE, dial * 312 # to activate.

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Call rates and data plans Airtel smartTRYBE

Airtel smartTRYBE is a really cheap tariff plan. Local calls in this plan fetch 20k / sec in the first 50 seconds, and subsequently, the call rate is 11k / sec. International calls to destinations such as US / UK / India / Canada / China are charged at 20k / second, while standard rates apply to other destinations.

Airtel smartTRYBE Data Package

Besides, the TRYBE plan has 5 data packages: Easy, Android 1.0, BB Unlimited, Android 2.0, and Android 2.5 with prices 500NGN, 1000NGN, 1500NGN, 2000NGN, and 2500NGN, respectively.

The data permissions for each of the packages mentioned are 750 MB, 1.5 GB, 3 GB, 3.5 GB, and 5.5 GB respectively, but interestingly, subscribers on any campus in Nigeria can enjoy data additional 225MB, 450MB, 920MB, 1.05GB, and 1.5GB. respective abovementioned packages.

Except for Airtel’s easy-to-use smartTrybe package that is valid for only 14 days, each of the other data packages mentioned above is valid for 30 days. You can buy any of the data packets by dialing * 141 #, and you can check the balance of your campus data by dialing * 140 #.

Activating Airtel smartTRYBE night-time plan offers

  • Dial * 312 # and select 1 to “migrate” to SmartTrybe!
  • Dial * 312 # and select 3 to view the Trybe Night Browsing offers.
  • To sign the N25 for Airtel’s 500MB nighttime data plane, press 1
  • To sign the N200 for Airtel’s 1.5 GB nighttime data plane, press 2
  • The plan is valid from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.
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How to enable smartTRYBE N500 for the 1GB offer

  • Dial * 312 # and select 1 to “migrate” to SmartTrybe!
  • Dial * 312 # then select 2 to enroll in the Airtel N500 1GB data plan
  • The plan is valid for 7 days

Benefits of the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan

Even with the best deals, you can get links and data on the Airtel smartTrybe tariff plan, customers can still enjoy offers like
  • Free 15 MB every week
  • Night Browsing for only 25 Naira for 500MB and 200 Naira for 1.5Gb from 12h to 5h.
  • The call rate is the same as for all networks.
  • NB: Night Plan is only open to customers who are in Airtel’s smartTrybee tariff plan.
  • Grants 30% additional data when you purchase any package above 500 Naira

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Airtel smartTRYBE FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about Airtel smartTRYBE and the answers to them. You may find some of them useful.
1. What is the SMS rate for Airtel smartTRYBE?
SMS on-net: N4 / SMS
SMS out of network: N4 / SMS
International: N15 / SMS
2. Is there a migration fee?
a) The first profile migration is FREE on the network
b) Only a FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days
c) N100 migration rate to be charged to customers on subsequent migrations.
3. Does the Airtel smartTRYBE subscribers enjoy the benefits of Family and friends as well?
No, all calls are charged at an equal rate regardless of the network provider.
4. Who can use Airtel’s smartTrybee tariff plan?
The Airtel smart premier can be used by all new and existing prepaid customers on the Airtel network.
5. Can I transfer benefits in the night package if I do not consume them fully?

No. The benefits of the overnight package are only valid until 4.59am. Any amount not consumed until then will be lost.