Does Dollar General Take WIC?

In this article, we have the answer to Does Dollar General Take WIC? With around 17,260 stores in 45 states, Dollar General is one of the largest retail groups in the United States.

Dollar General is one of the largest retail chains in the US with more than 17,260 stores in 45 states. It has grown into a retail giant by opening modest stores in rural areas of the United States to primarily serve low-income customers.

Meanwhile, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) benefit helps women, infants and children meet their nutritional needs across the country, and WIC cards are recognized by most major retailers.

You may be wondering, “Does Dollar General Take WIC?” because it is a focal point for most low-income families. I’ve found that out so far!

Does Dollar General Take WIC in 2022?

As of 2022, only a small percentage of Dollar General stores in the United States accept WIC. You can purchase WIC-eligible groceries at these stores using your WIC digital card, paper checks, or coupons. You can also apply for WIC from Walmart, CVS, or Target.

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Read on to find out which Dollar General stores accept WIC in Michigan, what you can buy with your WIC benefits, and if other grocery chains accept WIC.

Which Dollar General stores accept WIC?

Although WIC is a government program administered in all 50 states, not all Dollar General stores can accept WIC funds as payment. For example, general dollar number 0001 in Ada, Oklahoma, and general dollar number 16483 in Myrtle Creek, Oregon both accept WIC.

However, your designation as a WIC Approved Retailer may change in the future. You can find out which location you can use WIC at Dollar General by using our helpful online WIC dealer location tool.

You can also use Dollar General’s lookup tool to call a store near you and inquire about accepting WIC benefits.

What WIC-enabled items are available?

WIC-eligible items can be purchased at any WIC-approved Dollar General Store (or elsewhere):

  • Grain and grain products
  • Dairy products (yogurt, milk, and cheese)
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Canned fish
  • Dried beans and peas
  • Whole grain bread
  • Eggs
  • Juice
  • Ripe legumes

Although all states have access to the same list of WIC-eligible items, no state is required to provide all.

Find out which items are eligible for WIC at Dollar General and other retailers in your state by contacting your state agency.

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How do I pay for WIC-eligible items at Dollar General?

You can pay for your WIC items in several ways. However, you must have a WIC digital card, paper checks, or coupons to pay for WIC-eligible items at grocery stores like Dollar General.

Digital maps are the standard method used since October 2020. After all of your WIC-eligible items have been verified, swipe your WIC card at checkout and enter your four-digit PIN to confirm the purchase.

Please note that you must store your WIC items separately from your other belongings. If you don’t, you risk having to pay for groceries that aren’t covered by your WIC benefits.

What other retail chains accept WIC?

Other supermarket chains that accept WIC benefits at most of their locations, in addition to the few dollar general stores in the United States that accept WIC, are:

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Cv
  • Kroger
  • Goal
  • Publish
  • Wavy pig
  • Saves a lot
  • Food delivery
  • From
  • Whole grain food

Most of these retailers mark WIC-eligible items so consumers who want to take advantage of their WIC benefits can easily find them.

Where can I use WIC in Michigan?

Where To ShopAddressCityZip CodePhone 
Grocer: These vendors sell food and standard formulas.
1910 FOOD MARKET2203 West Holmes RdLansing48911(517)-887-0404 
AIRPORT PARTY STORE4209 N Grand River AveLansing48906(517)-321-3207 
BABES PARTY DEPOT1024 Lake Lansing RdLansing48906(517)-485-5801 
CARLS OF DIMONDALE142 East RdDimondale48821(517)-646-0188 
DON PANCHO MARKET2120 S. Cedar StLansing48910(517)-599-3029 
DRSD PARTY STORE1300 E Main StLansing48912(517)-374-4046 
EDGEWOOD SUPER LIQUOR815 W Edgewood Suite B BlvdLansing48911(517)-393-4444 
ERIC’S MARKETT838 N PennsylvaniaLansing48906(517)-944-2260 
GENE’S QUICK SHOP3127 Turner StLansing48906(517)-482-5739 
KROGER #852443 Mall CtLansing48912(517)-332-2090 
KROGER #8872495 Cedar St Ste 1aHolt48842(517)-694-4119 
KROGER #8901550 W Lake Lansing RdEast Lansing48823(517)-351-9361 
LOUIE’S PARTY STORE1931 S WashingtonLansing48910(517)-484-5381 
M9 PARTY STORE3912 S Mlk Jr BlvdLansing48910(517)-887-0101 
MARKET FRESH FOODS5016 S Martin Luther King BlvdLansing48910(248)-361-1881 
ONE STOP FOOD MART1245 E Grand River AveLansing48906(517)-484-8386 
ROMARIO’S PARTY SHOPPE300 W Grand RiverLansing48906(517)-482-7988 
SAVE A LOT #450233222 S. Martin Luther King Jr. BlvdLansing48910(616)-530-4517 
SAVE MORE MEAT MARKET5030 S. WaverlyLansing48911(917)-618-1066 
TOM’S FOOD CENTER #971619 W Grand RiverOkemos48864(517)-490-9503 
VALLARTA SUPER MARKET312 Willow StLansing48906(517)-267-9999 
VALULAND # 19671609 W Mount HopeLansing48910(616)-878-2000 
VALULAND #19623800 W Saginaw Suite #2 StLansing48917(517)-323-6879 
VILLAGE PARTY STORE2601 E Kalamazoo StLansing48912(517)-372-8944 
VONS FOOD MARKET3434 Pleasant GroveLansing48910(517)-882-2981 
WEST SAGINAW PARTY STORE2823 W Saginaw StLansing48917(517)-321-3891 
WESTLUNDS APPLE MARKET2301 E Grand RiverLansing48912(517)-482-3900 
The grocer with Pharmacy: These vendors sell food, standard formulas, and special formulas.
KROGER #7934884 Marsh RdOkemos48864(517)-347-0100 
KROGER #8886430 W Saginaw HwyLansing48917(517)-886-1060 
KROGER STORE #884921 W Holmes RdLansing48910(517)-393-6622 
MEIJER #210730 E Saginaw HwyGrand Ledge48837(517)-622-6868 

Conclusion: Does Dollar General Take WIC?

Does Dollar General accept WIC? – Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Dollar General locations accept WIC, and your approval status is subject to change.

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For this reason, you should check online or call ahead to see if your local Dollar General accepts WIC. You can also use your WIC card at other grocery stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target.