5 Best iPad POS Stands for Business on Amazon

5 Best iPad POS Stands for Business on Amazon

What are the best iPad POS stands for the business you can buy on Amazon? The days of cumbersome point-of-sale terminals are gradually fading and being replaced by simpler, more mobile, and more robust systems. One of the most interesting gadgets that have found its place at the Point of Sale is the iPad.

More and more small business owners are turning to the iPad as their preferred POS device. And with great POS apps, it works great so far. When you set up an iPad as a POS gadget, you need the perfect iPad POS stand.

If you have or are considering using an iPad outlet for your business, you may have considered where it will be placed. There is now a wide variety of iPad POS stands on the market. We’ve rounded up five of the best iPad POS stands.

1. HecklerDesign Windfall iPad Air Stand

The Windfall iPad Air Stand is one of the most stylish iPad stands that fits perfectly in a POS. It’s the minimum support that fits anywhere. With multiple options to choose from and a range of turn/swivel/slide options, you can customize the stand to your liking.

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One benefit of having Windfall support for iPad acting as POS stand for your iPad is that you can easily connect most card readers to your iPad. The ports are generally very accessible – and most importantly, the wires can be hidden to make sure the POS system looks professional.

USP: Compact and elegant design


  • WindFall Stand for Kindle HD7 combines sleek aesthetics with a sturdy, secure construction
  • High-quality steel cut and uses tamper-resistant screws to secure your Kindle HD7.
  • Avoid cable clutter by routing your Kindle’s power cable through the backplate of the WindFall stand
  • Smoothly pivot and rotate your point of sale between cashiers and customers with the pivot table
  • Secure your POS system with the Kensington Click Safe Cable Lock Anchor.

2. Displays2go iPad POS Stand

The iPad POS Stand with Tilt & Swivel Stand is one of the most flexible POS stands for your iPad. Compatibility indicates iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4th generation. Thanks to the rotatable stand, you can rotate your iPad 360 degrees. That’s total flexibility.

Support is also minimal, with no extra accessories to worry about. You can put a card reader, charging cable, etc. With silicone corners on the stand, there will be no scratches on the iPad when you rest it on the stand.

USP: Improved viewing angle


  • Designed for use on the counter or a table
  • Comes with a tablet sleeve that protects your tablet; mounted on the support. Orients in portrait or landscape mode and hides the home button.
  • Designed for heavy traffic and use; Made from commercial aluminum in a white finish.
  • Compatible with iPad 2-4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy 10.1″ and other 10″ Android tablets.

3. Cashbox iPad POS Stand

Unlike most of the stands, you’ll find on this list, the Cashbox iPad POS Stand is a throwback to the old cash registers. It is made of wood and comes with all the bells and whistles of a traditional POS. An effective addition is an iPad support for the entire installation. This probably isn’t something most people looking for a minimal, simple, and effective POS stand will look for, but it’s a sight to behold.

You can put a lot of your modern gadgets in it (including calculators and keyboards and the like). You also have four wood options to choose from. It also supports all major card readers including Square, PayPal Here, Intuit GoPayment, iDynamo, etc.

If you have enough space for a large POS stand and you want to display something big, the Cashbox iPad POS stand is a perfect fit.

USP: elegant design

4. Squareup POS Stand for iPad

The Squareup iPad POS Stand is one of the simplest POS stands you can order. It’s also one of the cheapest, at only about $99. It hasn’t been tweaked for specificity, but it easily fits most usage scenarios. It’s also specific to Square, meaning you’ll need to use Square’s services to process the payment. If you are then this is a perfect position to go.

You don’t need an extra square card reader if you have this bracket (because the swipe is built into the bracket).

USP: Durable construction


  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Clear rates, fast transfers
  • Powerful point of sale software that fits your business
  • Free Ecommerce Site with Square Online
  • Flexible and adaptable

5. AboveTEK iPad POS Stand

There are many ways that “AboveTEK” can be a worthy choice. Firstly, this POS stand is designed for tablets from 7 to 13 inches. So you can even use it with your latest iPad Pro.

Made of high-quality aluminum, this POS stand has a refined finish that gives it a professional look. The 360-degree rotatable design allows you to position your iPad at the viewing angle you want. And with the non-slip base, it stays stable while holding your iPad.

USP: 360-degree rotatable design


  • One size fits all
  • Stylish, stable, and modern design
  • easy to customize
  • Everything has a positive side
  • The ultimate lifehack

That’s it, friends! So, these are the best iPad POS stands.

What is your best iPad POS stand choice?

Now that you’ve checked out our favorite POS stands, let us know which ones look promising for your needs. And if you know the names of other useful stands worth including in this collection, please share your thoughts about them.

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